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ATX Television Festival Interview with Arielle Kebbel

I attended the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX June 6-9th. At the opening night Red Carpet event I interviewed Arielle Kebbel, who this past season on the CW was Vanessa Shaw on "90210" and Lexi Branson on "The Vampire Diaries." Kebbel will be hosting a new dating game show on the CW called "Perfect Score." In fact, last year at the first ATX Festival, I called Kebbel "The CW Girl" since she seems to make the network her home.

ATX 2013 Hart of Dixie Panel_Arielle Kebbel
ATX 2013 Hart of Dixie Panel Arielle Kebbel Photo by Michael McKinney

Preview This!: Hi Arielle, welcome back to the ATX TV Festival and Austin.

Kebbel: Thanks, It's great to be here. I am so excited.

Preview This!: So this season, you had a little fun on "90210."

Kebbel: I had a lot of fun on "90210."

Preview This!: Your character died on "90210," but unlike on "The Vampire Diaries," she really didn't.

Kebbe: I know. I am like the queen of flashbacks and is she really dead; that should be my name, the am I really dead or am I kind of sort of dead?

Preview This!: Was it fun to play the part of Vanessa because it looks like you had a blast on the show?

Kebbel: It was so much fun. She was such a great character to play.

Preview This!: You really must have had fun on the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" because you got to get back at Damon just a little bit.

Kebbel: Yes, the classic Lexi was back. There was this great moment between Lexi and Stefan that all the fans loved. You don't get a lot of those moments, so when they happen they are very precious and special. I was thrilled to get to have those moments again on the show with him.

Preview This!: I know the fans were enjoying that fact that for once, Lexi was just having a good time on that episode.

Kebbel: Yes, exactly! And hey, Bon Jovi, doesn't get any better than that! And I got to torture Damon a bit. That was so much fun to get a little revenge.

Preview This!: Now you have a dating game show coming up on the CW.

Kebbel: I do, It's called "Perfect Score" and it premieres Tuesday, July 16th on the CW Network, right after "Who's Line Is It Anyway." It's a dating game show that is a lot of fun. For those of you who remember the old dating game show "Singled Out," It's kind of a throwback to that type of show. It's going to be a lot of fun and I hope everyone tunes in.

Preview This!: So, should we expect Lexi to pop back up on "The Vampire Diaries" next season?

Kebbel: Absolutely anything is possible, especially in the world of "The Vampire Diaries."

Preview This!: All right, thanks Arielle and good luck with "Perfect Score."

Kebbel: Thank you so much!

"Perfect Score," hosted by Arielle Kebbel, is on CW69TV on Tuesday nights at 9 pm, right after "Who's Line Is It Anyway."

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