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Atlanta Police Search For Missing 19 Year-old Woman

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10)  – Atlanta Police (APD) are searching for a missing 19 year-old woman who traveled from Knoxville, Tennessee to Atlanta on February 4 and was last seen at the MARTA Five Points Station on February 7.

According to the APD report, on February 8 Nikki Haney reported that her adult child, Brooklyn York, was missing.

Haney said that she received a text early that morning from a new number saying that she needed to report her daughter (York) missing.

According to Haney, she called the number and spoke with a man who refused to identify himself, who told her that York had been staying with him and his mother and was with him earlier at the 5 Points Train Station.   He had tried to get York to stay with him, but he said that she refused and got on the train. After she left, he realized that York had left her phone in his backpack. He knew her passcode for the phone and found Haney's number and contacted her.

Haney sent a series of text messages to APD between her and York, as well as a series of text messages between her and the unknown man.  The texts from York she said that she was stuck in Atlanta, was sick, that the "guy" she came to Atlanta with had "flipped out" on her and that she needed money to get back to Tennessee. When Haney attempted to reply to York, she did not respond.

According to the police report, the unknown man forwarded a phone number for his mother.  APD Officer Alfred Hogan said he called the number and spoke to a woman who said she had not seen York since February 5, on Campbellton Road near Greenbriar Mall.  She identified her son as Demontez Caine.

APD contacted Caine who reported that he was with York at the 5 Points Station and that he and York had been hanging together for some time. He got on the train at 5 Points, but York refused and stayed behind. That was the last time he saw York.

Caine said that the man York traveled with from Tennessee had taken all of York's possessions and left her.

Haney contacted APD again and said that York had communicated with a cousin in Tennessee asking again for money, saying that the guy she was with had taken her stuff and told her to hit the street and make her some money.

If any information is known on her whereabouts, please contact 911 or the Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Unit at 404-546-4235 and reference case number 21-039-0635.



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