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Ask An Atlanta Stylist: Putting Together Your Best Fall Look

Many fashion enthusiasts love the fall season because it’s the time to combine leather jackets with thigh-high boots or funky colored blazers with an offset pair of trousers. Fall is the time when your true fashion potential can and will be showcased. Layering and leather is a big part of fall and the greatest attempts to master these trends never go unnoticed. Mercedes Mclean is Atlanta's go-to stylist and is fully equipped to give advice on fall fashion looks.

Mercedes Mclean
el’Mod Styling
Atlanta, GA

Modeling was Mercedes Mclean’s first introduction to the fashion industry, which inevitability blossomed into styling when she was approached to be a personal stylist by a successful Atlanta entrepreneur. With that opportunity, Mercedes decided to create el’Mod Styling while modeling and going to school as a psychology major. A year in the making, she has built and developed el’Mod Styling by creating websites and videos and styling photo shoots. Not only does she strive to make clients feel and look great for all occasions, she also inspires positivity on the inside. See what she has to say about this fall's must-haves.

Always have a statement jacket and pair of heels/boots

You always need that pop of color and the best way to express that pop of color is by wearing a statement jacket and a pair of heels/boots. These items keep you chic, edgy and able to style a simple, yet fashionable outfit by pairing with a graphic shirt and jeans, skirt and sweater or any dress. It’s fall, but adding color is perfect for all seasons. Be creative. Your jacket color does not have to match your shoes.

Watch the runway

Today, it is so easy to keep up with the latest happenings of fashion week. Watch the runways shows virtually and take notes. This is a great way to single-handedly look at the season's trends and must haves and incorporate them into your daily wear. Whites, lace and geometrical designs are the style trends from New York Fashion Week. Though we may not be able to afford expensive clothing, by being knowledgeable of what is "in," we can find and style mock looks in our budget.

Leather your look

It seems as though leather has become the new denim. The durable and flexible material is being seen in the form of pants, skirts and shirts. Leather is a material that you can never go wrong with and honestly, the material spices up any look you are going for. Men, this tip goes for you as well. You need leather in your closet too. If you need a male to take note from, check out Kanye West’s leather looks.

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Use accessories to enhance your look

The great Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This is still relevant today since many people feel that the more you pile on, the better it looks. Accessories can make or break your look. Use them only to enhance and strive for effortless style. Adding a colorful scarf or hat, bold shades/glasses and a standout bag/clutch is really all you need. The trending gold belts are also a nice accent piece.

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