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'Arrow' Poll: Who Will Learn Oliver's Secret?

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that The Huntress (Jessica De Gow) and Diggle (David Ramsey) will not be the only ones to discover Oliver's secret as the notorious vigilante this season. Guggenheim says, "We're wasting no time."

So who will be the next to learn about Arrow? The list keeps growing, but here's some names at the top:

Thea Queen: Oliver's little sister has been prying into his life since he first returned home. It wouldn't be such a big stretch if she happened to stumble in on him while he's all suited up.

Moira Queen: Could his mother find out? This seems to be a long shot since she's mixed up in some murky business concerning Malcom Merlyn, but you never know!

Tommy Merlyn: Oliver's best friend has been linked to Laurel, and Diggle has currently filled the role of Oliver's safety net and replacement best friend for those late nights fighting crime.

Laurel Lance: A definite contender. She's grown rather close to the vigilante -- more so than Oliver! Is it time for Oliver to share his identity with her?

Roy Harper: The character played by Colton Haynes has yet to be introduced, but by his name alone, he may be more connected in ways we haven't considered yet.

Also in the running: Detective Lance, Walter, Malcom Merlyn, Felicity Smoak or a minor character.

Share your speculations in the poll below about who you think will learn his secret and who you want to learn it.

-- Becca Ritchie

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