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Alternative Books To The Hunger Games

If you're experiencing The Hunger Games blues, then fear not, lovely readers, a solution awaits you. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a young adult novel, and at its core is a riveting dystopian premise. Looking for a book that you can't put down? One that cramps your fingers as you grip the cover? For a dystopian world you wouldn't want to live in? Then these YA novels should surely fill the absence. Here's the prescription:

Under the Never Sky

books at public libraryby Veronica Rossi – The protected dome of Reverie confines Aria to a world of technological advancement. When her mother goes missing, Aria goes beyond the walls to a savage world she's never known. Aria meets Perry, an outsider, and in order to survive, she must learn to cooperate with him, a guy whose lifestyle polarizes hers.

Why You'll Like It: The relationship between Perry and Aria is organic and extremely developed. No insta-love here. Their love-hate banter should keep you interested from start to finish.

Blood Red Road

by Moira Young – Saba lives in a desert wasteland where sandstorms plague her home. When her twin brother Lugh is captured, Saba vows to find him. On her quest, she encounters a handsome daredevil, rebel girls called the Free Hawks and a gambling town where spectators gather for a life-or-death ring fight.  

Why You'll Like It: Young writes in an original and refreshing style that may be jarring at first to some readers, but after a few pages, the slang and Western setting should leave you wanting more.

The Scorpio Races

by Maggie Stiefvater – Every year riders try to win the Scorpio Races. They must outrun their competitors, but more importantly, they must keep hold of their water horses long enough to finish. Not all riders make it out alive. Sean Kendrick is a returning champion who strives to win ownership of his favorite water horse. Puck Connolly has little chance of winning but is the first girl to ever try.

Why You'll Like It: The star of the novel is Sean Kendrick. He's unlike a lot of YA male leads, and for his quiet reservation and complexity, he is by far a reason to read. Closing this book is hard. Letting it leave you weeks later, is even harder.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

by Laini Taylor – Karou has no idea who she is. Blue hair actually grows out of her head. She speaks several languages, not all human. And she uses real wishes to fulfill her desires. Who is Karou?

Why You'll Like It: The novel is not simple by any means. The intricacy will leave mystery-lovers satisfied. Those who prefer highbrow literature with young adult undertones should enjoy Laini's beautiful, descriptive writing.

Already a fan of these books? Have suggestions of your own? Sound off below!

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