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Adele Teases 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' Video

By Hayden Wright

Last year, when all the information we had about Adele's 25 was a track list, one song's title quickly jumped off the screen: "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)."

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Was bitter, scorned Adele coming full-circle with gracious magnanimity? Was it a passive-aggressive dig at her ex? Now that we've heard and loved the album, we know that it's a little bit of both. As 25's next single, it also stands up as a bouncy radio-friendly track produced by pop impresario Max Martin. Today, Adele premiered a brief preview of the video, in which she stands imperiously in a great floral gown.

Last month at a concert in Stockholm, Adele gave some details on making the video:

“And, um, this is actually my next single,” she said of the song. “And I just did my video for it, I know, I did one single and I’m like ‘Thanks, bye. See you in ten years.’ I did want to do one for ‘When We Were Young’ — and we had an idea for it, but we couldn’t get it right and I was like ‘I can’t do any old video for ‘When We Were Young.' Because that’s like my favorite song I’ve ever written."

You're probably thinking, "cool story, Adele," but she buried the lead—in the "Send My Love" video, there will be dancing.

"But for this one we’ve got a really cool video, we did it on Monday," she continued. "And you’ll not believe it, but I’m dancing in it. Can you believe it? Lost all of my inhibitions. It was actually really fun, I’ve this great — actually I’m not going to give it all away because someone is probably filming this.”

See the teaser here:

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