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Adele Nearly Gets Up-Staged By GRAMMY Crasher

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards went off without a hitch, but there was one close call that almost had an impostor stealing Adele's thunder. Luckily, Jennifer Lopez took charge.

Yes, J.Lo managed to stop a stage crasher from nearly accepting Adele’s award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

The man was Ukranian TV journalist and celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who is best known for earning a slap from Will Smith after kissing him on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black 3.  Sediuk told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t have a ticket to the awards show, but managed to walk into the Staples Center next to Katy Perry and sit in Adam Levine’s seat in the second row.

He didn’t plan to get on stage, but told the mag, “Adele is my favorite singer. So when I heard her name, I came up with the idea to go up on stage… I pretended this was an award for me and then I said, ‘Thank you, Adele.’”

Sediuk did actually manage to get a few words in before Jennifer pulled him away from the mic and shooed him off the stage. The reporter spent the night in jail and was charged with trespassing. He is scheduled to appear in court next month.

But don’t worry, it didn’t ruin Adele’s night. The singer was all smiles in the press room at the GRAMMYs and even gave a little insight to her follow-up to 2011’s 21, which she says is “not very far along at all.”

“I'm having lots of meetings,” she told Billboard. “I've been out of the loop really. I've been singing my baby nursery rhymes, so I don't really know what's cool and what's not.”

Adele has won a GRAMMY and a Golden Globe already this year. Watch the Oscars on February 24 to see if she can take home an Oscar for Best Song In A Film for “Skyfall.”

- Shannon Carlin,

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