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8 Best Atlanta Foodies To Follow On Twitter

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Twitter is a great tool, even for those private individuals, as there is no requirement that you have to share. If you want to learn what and where chefs and foodies eat, following their Twitter accounts will have you salivating. You can also learn a lot about the inner workings of restaurants. Of course, the most useful Twitter accounts are those that let you know where and when your favorite food trucks will be serving their quick and delicious goodies. Read up on these Twitter accounts to eat right in Atlanta.

Richard Blais

In 2009, New York Magazine named Richard Blais the "Badest Effin Chef on Twitter." If you miss an episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," don't worry. He is known for blasting patrons and staff via his Twitter account. However, he isn't all about ranting. Blais also shares bits from his personal life and helps promote other chefs and charities.

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Ron Eyester

Don't be fooled by his Twitter name, Ron Eyester of Rosebud rarely rants on his account. But you can find out more about what he likes to eat, get some behind-the-scenes tidbits regarding life in a restaurant and stay in the know regarding foodie events. Chef Ron has a lot of expertise and is eager to share it with followers.

Eater Atlanta

As a follow up to the blog, @EaterAtlanta shares content related to restaurant opening and closings, hirings, restaurant reviews and popular menu changes. If you want to be completely up to date and even embrace the chance to work in one of your favorite restaurants, this is a source you will want to utilize.

Creative Loafing ATL

Creative Loafing provides a roundup of food-related tweets that have used #twEATing, making it a very good source for food events. The account also covers a broad range of topics from world news to quizzes about food. This account knows where to get the best information in Atlanta and modifies it into one spot, eliminating the daunting task of checking multiple sites.

Foodie Buddha

If you want great food reviews from a wise palate, then Foodie Buddha should make your list of foodies to follow. His Twitter followers can also expect funny quips and great Instagram photos of the foods he eats.

Yelp Atlanta

For feedback from a variety of unbiased, unpaid Yelp reviewers, follow Kathleen McNeil. She posts recent reviews that are particularly helpful or funny. This a great account to follow when you are wondering where to or to not go. It is also about 30 percent personal notes about her life as a foodie in Atlanta.

King of Pops

Although the quality of his desserts certainly played a part, effective use of his Twitter account helped King of Pops establish himself in this market. This particular account is helpful for learning about locations and menus for one of Atlanta's coolest treats: popsicles.

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Atlanta Street Food

Atlanta Street Food helps popular food trucks like @Yumbii and @WowFoodTruck keep their faithful followers up to date on locations and hours of operation. It also provides information for upcoming food truck operators or those who are just interested in the inner workings of this new industry.

Sebrina Bush is a freelance writer in Atlanta. She is covering Food & Drink. Her work can be found at

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