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5 Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas For Dad

By Jacqueline Runice

Mothers generally come out on top in the gift department because they're experts at dropping hints about spa days, favorite fragrances and fashion. Dads are wont to drone, "I really don't need or want anything," hence another holiday of sad socks and ties, logs of petroleum product masquerading as cheese and subscriptions to Popular Mechanics. Fatherly support often comes in under the radar, so watch his eyes widen when he opens a thoughtful, modern gift that's not only smart, but beautiful - one he never would have gotten for himself.

Feeling Good

As more Americans are working from home full and part time, a kitchen chair and laptop are a recipe for a stiff back, sore keister and grumpy guy. Dads adore practical gifts and you just want him to be pain-free, so get him an X-Chair. Choose among three options or the recently launched X3 by X-Chair. Dad will appreciate how SciFloat Infinite Recline technology increases blood flow as it allows him to remain in motion throughout the day. Tell him about the performance fabric technology that has never before been applied to office seating. He may even drag it to the office - it's that good. Check out all the five star reviews, specs and color options online.

Looking Good

Threads from the nearest department store say you waited until the last frantic minute. For something more proportionate to your gratitude for dad's existence, outfit him in something from QOR, a fashion line with cutting edge fabrics and technical details allowing him to ride his bike to the office, stroll at lunch and look sharp for drinks at the end of the day. Shop by activity such as the "Commuter" line that offers warm cashmere sweaters; odor control and moisture wicking shirts; and ultralight, wicking, quick-drying and anti-odor, static and wrinkle blazers. There are gym jeans, buttery soft stretch hoodies and richly colored tees he can wear all day.

Free Country makes quality lifestyle apparel that marries fashion with function at a great price. Whether dad is outdoorsy or just wants to look the part, he'll appreciate items like a durable 3-in-1 Systems Jacket that works for milder fall temps and arctic winter days by adding and subtracting inner layers and outer shells with brush fleece lining. Consider the Men's Torino Quilted Shirt Jacket imade from Microfiber fabric that's light enough to be packed in his bag so he'll love the utility and the looks.

Watch out! When you peruse Blundstone boots, you'll be tempted to order a pair for yourself, too. Gorgeous, sturdy kicks in a variety of styles from Chelsea, lace-up, round or square toe, leather, suede and more offer fashionable street style and a trendy edge with jeans or chinos and will take him from day to night, hiking or pounding urban pavement from winter to spring. We're not sure dads could get any cooler.

Good Taste

Does Dad really deserve the same coffee that sputters at his dentist office? Evolve from the "K" and onto the "N," as in Nespresso, sophisticated machines that quite possibly produce the best joe on the planet. Espresso aficionados who are very specific about their preferences will go for the the new Expert machine, a fully customizable at-home brewing experience with various temperature settings, serving sizes and connectivity via Bluetooth. The VertuoPlus is easy to use and versatile, providing perfectly balanced espresso or a full-sized aromatic cup of coffee at the touch of a button. Add to the gift with beautiful limited edition accessories by design-duo Craig & Karl: Touch Espresso Cups, Touch Lungo Cups and a Touch Travel Mug, in bold, signature designs. All Nespresso capsules are 100% recyclable.

Travel Style

Vessel bags are business and adventure worthy bags that lend an air of sophistication while being durable and functional. Traveling dads will like a garment duffel that combines the performance of a garment bag with the portability and looks of a luxury duffel bag. Is that Neo from The Matrix or your dad sporting the company's signature backpack - a premium carryall holding his necessities for work and play. You can even customize a backpack, briefcase, duffel or Boston bag in an array of colors and materials.


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