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5 Outrageous College Baseball, Softball Interview Video Bombs

By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

College athletes have the most fun of anybody. College baseball rain delay games are a well known tradition, but the in-game interview video bomb has now risen to prominence. The most recent example is provided to us by the Cal baseball team, who gave their teammate a shave during the mid-game interview. This trend has been getting more and more popular during the mid game and post game interviews, let's take a look at some of the best college athletics has to offer. 

5) South Carolina Baseball

The Gamecocks decided to have some fun with their head coach Chad Holbrook as he was getting interviewed in the fifth inning of their game against Missouri on March 21st. 

Banana phones. Always a classic. 

4) Minnesota Baseball

It seems that the Cal players got their idea for a mid-game shave from the Minnesota Golden Gophers team of a few years ago. Playing Nebraska in a conference game, the players got a good shave in during the in-game interview. 

I really love how they immediately disperse once the coach turns around. Seems like they don't want to poke the bear too much. 

3) Florida State Softball

Yes, the ladies get in on the fun too. The Seminoles decided to go with what I can only assume is the "Hawaiian pig roast" routine here as their coach was getting interviewed. 

Only problem I have with this one? The camera person messed it up for them by opening the shot on them. I'm assuming they were wondering what the three girls were doing with a broomstick in the field, but still just open on the coach and let the magic happen. Could've been so much funnier if they just allowed it to happen. 

2) Pittsburgh Softball

This was absolutely hilarious. I saw this live as it happened last week. Kudos to the Pitt players for getting multiple team members involved in this one. 

The best part of these clips by the way? The people calling the game have two options, either continue the interview or just acknowledge the ridiculousness up front. My favorite is when they continue the interview like above and try not to burst out laughing. 

1) Cincinnati Baseball

I had no idea about this video, or collection of moments until I started putting together this list. From the looks of it, the Bearcats baseball team was the forefathers of this movement and they have some absolute classics here. 

So many things to like here. The pig roast makes an appearance, they joust, but the best for me is the players with the rakes fanning another guy who's being carried like an Egyptian pharaoh or a Roman emperor. Brilliance. Never change, college athletes. Never change. 

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