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5 Cozy Chic Styles You'll Want for Thanksgiving Day

In just a few short days, I'll have my Thanksgiving's best wear on and rooting for second servings of turkey and stuffing. A very chipper gal over here is putting it lightly.

You better believe I favor stylish comfy wear around the holidays. Aside from trying to make sure there's plenty of stretch so I can try both my aunt and mom's apple pie, my family gatherings mainly include moments where comfy chic is needed: like playing with my nieces and nephews in between prepping for the turkey feast and posing for photos.

I'm beyond thankful Spanx made it acceptable to wear chic leggings 24/7 -  a life saver when holiday shenanigans hit.


If you're a comfy-chic-aholic like me around the holidays (who am I kidding? year round), here are 5 cozy styles you can snuggle into for Thanksgiving Day.



One more for good measure:


With oversized being totes in, cozy chic is easy as pie this holiday season. Which look will be your Thanksgiving best?



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