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2nd Annual Atlanta Moon Ride

I'm scared of Friday the 13th. I'll admit it. I heard there's a superstition that if you ride your bike on Friday the 13th, you'll meet hundreds of cool people and support a local charity. Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, it's true! Come out to the 2nd Annual Atlanta Moon Ride this Friday. Enjoy 6.5 miles of cool neighborhoods under a full moon starting and ending at Park Tavern. Once you're done with your 6.5 miles, there's a surprise for you. Well, not really a surprise if I'm telling you, I guess. There will be a DJ spinning some (hopefully) amazing beats, specialty brews and some good food. You're encourage to dress in costume and decorate that bike too. I'll just come in a black t-shirt so the stains won't show while I'm dancing with a plate in hand. Tickets are $25 and all proceeds will go straight to Bert's Big Adventure! So you don't have a reason not to go...unless you're scared.   (Don't be the one that dresses like Freddy Krueger though. That' last Friday) --Wendell Scott

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