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Falcons GM Dimitroff Talks 2017 Draft With Rick and John

Just hours after Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff joined Rick and John.

Diitroff kicked it off talking about the mood in the Falcons' war room leading up to drafting Takk McKinley. He talked about all the trades in the first round Thursday night and about the energy in the draft room before they were able to pull off the pick.

Dimitroff said he had no problem with McKinley last night and his emotion and told us they will school him on that when he joins the team. The Falcons GM said they didn't know if Dallas was going to take McKinley but they knew he was the guy they wanted so that's why they moved up to get him.

Dimitroff expressed to us that when you are picking so late in the draft you have to have a full list of people that you are willing to go get when it's your turn. He described what and how he thinks McKinley will help the team and explained to us how they plan to use McKinley in the Falcons scheme.

Dimitroff said he isn't concerned with McKinley's shoulder injury and the team doctors will work with him to get him ready for the season. He talked to us about how he was taught to go get what he wants and that's how he treats the draft and isn't afraid to make a trade that will be beneficial to the team.

Then the Falcons GM talked to us about how they keep an eye on the other teams in the division during the draft, but don't build it by what other teams do. Dimitroff mentioned that they had quite a few different positions they were looking at for the 31st pick and chose the one they thought would help the team the best. He said draft charts are used as guidelines and aren't set in stone for them in how they decide if they will move up or down.

Thomas said they feel good about the picks they have left in the draft and thinks there are some gems out there to be taken.

Click below to hear Dimitroff with Rick and John.


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