"The Amazing Race": Scrubbed down in Istanbul

Goat Farmers/Life Partners Josh Kilmer-Purcell (left) and Brent Ridge (right) of THE AMAZING RACE, premiering Sunday, September 30 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Emmy Award nominee Phil Keoghan is the host. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS Cliff Lipson

Goat farmers Josh and Brent had to take on a Speed Bump during this leg of "The Amazing Race."

After spending two legs of "The Amazing Race" in hot and sweaty Dhaka, Bangladesh, teams were excited to move on to their next location - Istanbul, Turkey - during Sunday's episode.

But it wasn't smooth sailing for everyone. One team ran into a financial issue that almost derailed their race, while another's vow to "run their own race" led to their elimination.

After being informed of their new destination, teams all headed to the travel agency to book their flights. Ryan continued to bash his competitors, declaring that the rockers and the twins were the "two most annoying teams" and noted, in what he apparently thought was an insult, that their hair was all the same length.

The twins didn't come off too favorably in this episode either - they swiped money off a table at the travel agency that belonged to another team, later splitting it with Texans Trey and Lexi (who saw them take the cash) to alleviate the guilt they claimed they felt.

That money belonged to James and Abba, and it was the $100 they needed for this leg of the race. They assumed it had fallen out of Abba's bag when they were in a taxi, never even thinking that another team would have taken it. That left them in the position of asking locals for money, in an area that the pair noted was rife with poverty.

Were the twins just playing the game, as they claimed, or did it cross a line? They never received a penalty for swiping the cash, so apparently it didn't break any "Amazing Race" rules.

But it didn't keep James and Abba down for long - in  no time,  they had rustled up the $100 they needed to continue and caught up with everyone else at the airport, where all the teams took the same flight.

Once they arrived in Istanbul, teams had the choice of taking the Metro or a taxi to a ferry, which would carry them across the Bosphorus Strait. The Chippendales and the monster truckers were the only ones who  took a chance on public transit, and James and Jaymes soon realized the slow-moving train was a mistake. They decided to hop off the metro mid-route and found a taxi. Rob chided them for being "followers" and claimed they made a "big mistake" by getting off the train. Wrong.

The other teams had already finished the ferry crossing and traveled on to the spice bazaar Misir Carsisi, where they found the stall that contained their next clue (given to them with a box of Turkish delight). The Detour had teams choose between Simit (transporting dozens of simits - "Turkish bagels," as host Phil Keoghan described them - to three different locations, stacked in a specific way on a tray that had to be balanced on a team member's head), or Scrub It - traveling to a Turkish bathhouse to get scrubbed and massaged.

All the teams chose to get pampered except for the Beekman Boys and the monster truckers, but first the goat farmers had to complete their Speed Bump - eat some Turkish ice cream, sold by vendors that perform a routine as they serve it. The one problem was they didn't go to the stand marked with "Amazing Race" colors, and had to do it all over again at the correct ice cream stand. That meant double the cones eaten, and time wasted.

Once they went to the right vendor and ate the ice cream, they continued on to the simit task. Brent got increasingly frustrated balancing the heavy tray while Josh struggled to get directions to the three delivery locations, but they still managed to finish before Rob and Kelley, who were still behind thanks to taking the Metro earlier in the race.

Meanwhile, the teams who  got scrubbed and washed were at an indoor market, where they encountered a Roadblock that required one team member to don a traditional outfit and sell 40 cups of Turkish sherbet, which Keoghan called "the world's first soft drink," from a long-spouted pot strapped to his or her  back.

Lexi used her cheerleader skills to work the market, while Ryan opted to bring in a local to work on commission and help him sell the beverage. Brent also sailed through this task but Chippendale James struggled, even as his partner cheered him on (and warned that once he saw the monster truckers arrive, he knew they were near the back of the pack).

Once they finished selling drinks, teams were directed to a luxury yacht that served as the leg's Pit Stop. Texans Trey and Lexi came in first, winning a trip to Australia.

Abbie and Ryan came in second, followed by the rockers, then the twins, the Chippendales and the Beekman Boys. Rob and Kelly, in last throughout most of the leg - and much of the "Race" itself, thanks to poor strategy decisions - were the final team to arrive and were eliminated from the competition.

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  • Jessica Derschowitz