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"Survivor: One World": Colored eggs scramble the teams

Colton continues to lead, even in a new team composed of both men and women
CBS Photo
Colton continues to lead, even in a new team composed of both men and women
CBS Photo

(CBS News) "Survivor: One World"? Not any more.

A new twist in the game mixed up the teams in Wednesday's episode and sent one team to a camp on a new beach. Which team got to keep the camp that both teams had shared since the game's start was determined by a reward challenge?

The teams were divided by the colors hidden inside an egg that each cast member chose from a bowl offered by host Jeff Probst. Here's how the mixup shook out:(SPOILER ALERT)

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The new Manono: Tarzan, Colton, Christina, Alicia, Monica, Leif and Jonas. The new Salani: Michael, Sabrina, Kat, Jay, Kim, Chelsea and Troyzan. To say it is uneven is an understatement.

Colton said it best when he likened his team to a bunch of peasants fighting against the Greek gods.

And the two challenges seemed to bear this out. Salani won both the reward challenge (the already settled beach plus some food) and the immunity challenge.

It was interesting to see that Colton continued to be a leader, even in the new tribe. How does he do it? And he skillfully orchestrated the removal of Monica in a blindside. But was this wise?

Monica was one of the workers and one of the stronger members of Manono and her ouster diminishes the lackluster team even further.

What do you think? Leave your comments below, take our poll on who will win and return here next week for more commentary.