Stunning HD video of wonderous wildlife in Burma

(CBS News) Lions and tigers and bears (and giraffes and hippos and monkeys and cobras and insects), oh my! This Ultra HD video of the amazing wildlife in Burma, posted by YouTubers Jason + Katie Scwartz, is absolutely amazing. The animals they capture -- combined with the close proximity and high-definition quality -- make this one of the most stunning nature videos around. Check out the clip, titled "Wildlife in 4K (Ultra HD)," and be prepared to be impressed with just how cool mother nature is.

Have you ever seen a cobra snake look so beautiful (let alone so close)? Or two hippos frolicking just feet away? Though it's the rich color captured on both the animals and the surrounding nature scenery that is sure to capture your attention. I don't think I've ever seen a deeper green grass, more electric blue peacock, or intensely gold tiger's eyes. Director Jason Schwartz certainly has an impressive eye for beauty. Oh, and the song, titled "Did you Feel It," by Dexter Britain only enhances the magic of the clip

  • Lesley Savage