Singer seriously ponders "who let the dogs out?"

(CBS News) The year was 1998 and a song was spreading like wild fire. With its upbeat sound and almost nonsensical lyrics, it became a smash hit that you're bound to know. But what if the question in the chorus was real? One singer ponders that with his cover of the classic above. Raise your hand when you recognize the song in question. (If the headline isn't a total spoiler.)

Sniffle... who did let the dogs out? And why would they do such a thing! The taken-very-seriously, tongue-in-cheek cover of the Baha Men's song was performed by singer Matt Mulholland, who has been featured on The Feed previously, and who writes about his latest work:

I tried to capture the emotions behind not knowing who let the dogs out, while also wanting to know who let the dogs out.

Bravo from all of us here at The Feed for capturing the true poignancy and seriousness of the situation that has never been properly addressed in song form before, Matt! (And for making us all laugh!) And to check out more great music from Matt Mulholland, definitely be sure to see our previous posts featuring him by clicking here or you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.