Sea lion shows concern after little girl falls

(CBS News) Often when we watch animal antics unfold online, we just sit back and take in the odd, cute or otherwise moment unfolding before our eyes. Other times, you can't help but think just how similar our animal friends here on this planet are just like us. The very short clip above with a sea lion showing concern is a very sweet mixture of both. Go ahead and take a look.

Awwww... the sea lion seemed totally worried for the little girl's safety! The endearing moment was captured by YouTube user Ariel Myren who writes:

This Sea Lion at the National Zoo in Washington DC was following this little girl for about 5 minutes and when she tripped he looked genuinely concerned. (Also, the little girl is holding a sea lion stuffed animal.)
A big triple-rainbow salute of good Samaritan goes out to this sea lion from all of us here at The Feed for stopping all playfulness to turn the focus on trouble when it was needed most! And a huge thanks goes out to Ariel Myren for sharing this candid moment with the world that goes to show the differences between species may not be as wide as we think sometimes. (And also it's a total adorable overload to watch, of course!)