M&C Saatchi's MacLennan: From Malaysia With Love

Last Updated Jun 23, 2009 5:37 PM EDT

An interview with M&C Saatchi CEO Moray MacLennan in Malaysia's ADOI magazine illustrates why vituperative ad blogs such as Adscam and AgencySpy have proven so popular with an audience that was previously only served by trade magazines. The entire thing reads like a press release that even M&C's own pr people would be embarassed to put out:
His subtle wit coupled with a disarming personality puts anyone in his presence at ease. Then take into account those piercing blue eyes of a visionary that captivates while exuding confidence through his thick British accent. His endearing arrogance is what makes him the perfect leader of the pack.
The only part they left out was where MacLennan picked up the writer in his strong surgeon's hands, swept her onto the four-poster and ripped off her bodice. It is, unsurprisingly, unbylined.

The questions that followed were a shopping list of softballs, wiffleballs, spongeballs and beachballs:

... what personal achievements are you most proud of?

What are your principals as a leader?

What are your inspirations and is there anyone behind your successes?

As for the answers, they're the usual snooze-tastic blend of ad-speak, management-speak and unintentional humbug. Here are just three gems:
I believe in competing at the level I am at ...

I admire loyalty and I'm proud of that in myself. I'm quite proud that I haven't left even though I have been flattered and offered lots of money.

... never take yourself too seriously.

Perhaps that's why he said:
... perhaps I'm not the most loved person in advertising but I think I have gained some respect.
Moray, of course you are loved. In Malaysia, apparently.