Egyptian police, protesters clash in Cairo

Egyptian medics help a wounded protester during clashes with security forces in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Nov. 19, 2012. Hundreds of Egyptian protesters and security forces hurled stones at each other, while police rained tear gas.
AP Photo/Mohammed Asad

CAIRO Hundreds of Egyptian protesters and security forces hurl stones at each other in Cairo, on the one-year anniversary of fierce street clashes that left 42 dead.

Monday's clashes started after protesters tore down a wall of cement blocks built by security forces last year to prevent crowds from marching from central Tahrir Square to Cairo's security headquarters.

The protesters also shot fireworks at police guarding the security buildings, prompting officers to throw stones at them in response.

Last year's street battle, known in Egypt as "Mohammed Mahmoud" after the name of the street where it happened, was sparked by a security crackdown on a sit-in by injured protesters.

It set off days of sustained violence, with security forces firing tear gas, shotgun rounds, and rubber bullets, injuring hundreds.