Delaware Courthouse Shooting Update: Guns, ammo found in Thomas Matusiewicz's car

Thomas Matusiewicz fatally shot his former daughter-in-law and her friend Feb. 11, 2013 at the New Castle County Courthouse in Delaware before killing himself.
CBS Philly
(CBS/AP) DOVER, Del. - Delaware police say several firearms and ammunition were found inside a car owned by the man  who killed his former daughter-in-law and another woman at the New Castle County Courthouse before taking his own life.

A search warrant affidavit says the guns were found Monday in a Honda registered to 68-year-old Thomas Matusiewicz and parked at a home in Elkton, Md, where Matusiewicz, his wife and son spent the night before Monday's shooting.

Police also said 45-year-old David Matusiewicz had a key to his father's car, which was seized Tuesday after being towed to a lot in New Castle, Del.

Police say Thomas Matusiewicz fatally shot Christine Belford and her friend Laura Mulford on Feb. 11, after Belford appeared for a hearing in her lawsuit against the family.

Belford and her ex-spouse, David Matusiewicz, were due in court for a child support hearing following a long, bitter custody battle, according to CBS Philly.

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