Dave Price Does Vegas

Las Vegas celebrates its 100th birthday Sunday. And recently, staffers of The Early Show gave Dave Price a tough assignment: spending a day there.

In only 100 years, Las Vegas has grown from a dusty little railroad town to a world entertainment capital. It would take much more than a day to see everything Vegas has to offer. But Dave was able to get a lot in, in 24 hours.

From the second you arrive, he says, it's in your face: "Las Vegas is a million sights, a million lights, a million sounds, all fighting for your attention at the same time."

One of the biggest acts in town: Penn and Teller, at the Rio Hotel. "If you want to go see something you really won't believe, this is the show," Dave notes.

Penn Jillette, half of the famous duo, kidded with Dave: "We're doing tricks. We lie, we cheat, we swindle. We are rip-off artistes. And saying that up front makes the show very, very honest."

Dave went on stage and took part in a trick, with Penn juggling broken bottles around Dave's face. "I'm not gonna stop," Penn exclaimed. "I'm just gonna let them fall, because stopping would be much too dangerous."

With that, he let the bottles fall behind Dave, and they smashed to pieces.

"There you go," Penn joked. "Was that fun?"

In Cirque du Soleil's Mystere show at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, artists perform overhead. Way overhead.

Dave's advice: Don't try this at home.

They asked Dave to join them, and he admits, "I probably should have said no."