Boy Meets Grill

Our favorite mornings around here are when we get to eat, and it doesn't get any better than when the food is prepared by our resident chef Bobby Flay -- the man who brought southwest cuisine into mainstream America. I remember buying Bobby's first cookbook, "Bold American Food," many years ago and marveling at the fact that there was actually life beyond a can of green chiles! It used to be that finding the ingredients for his recipes was an intricate task; I felt almost lost in a world of poblanos and anchos. But Bobby has demystified chiles and spices for me and a bevy of other American home cooks. In the summertime, we use his grilling books at least a couple of times a week, and now he's just released his seventh cookbook, "Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Cookbook." As you may know, Mesa Grill in New York City is Bobby's first restaurant. It was one of the first places I ate when I moved here and, after 17 years, remains a favorite destination for people who visit this city. Today, Bobby whipped up a great fall meal that was gone in no time flat! Luckily, he always cooks extras for us because he knows he loves to eat. Lamb chops for breakfast anybody?

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