Ayvani Perez family member: Kidnappers demanding $10K ransom

(CBS News) The search continues for a 14-year-old girl and her kidnappers.

Police say two men broke into a Georgia home in the middle of the night Tuesday, kidnapping her at gunpoint.

A family member told CBS News that the men called demanding a $10,000 ransom. However, law enforcement could not confirm.

Local and state investigators are now working hand-in-hand on the case along with the FBI. They say the girl's life is in danger, and they're asking for the public's help to bring her home.

FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett said, "Our absolute number one priority is the safe return of a 14-year-old innocent girl. There is no tip out there that is too small, and every bit of information helps us."

CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL's Rebekka Schramm reported the police have said the tips so far have been "helpful."

It's now been more than 24 hours since police say two armed men abducted ninth grader Ayvani Perez.

Lt. Marc Richards of the Clayton County Police Department said, "We do believe the young lady is in harm's way."

Investigators released sketches of the two suspects accused of breaking into the family's suburban Atlanta home early Tuesday morning.

Officer Phong Nguyen of the Clayton County Police Department said, "The mother actually tried to hide the two kids. And there was a little dog in the house, and it started barking, so the intruders shot the dog. They demanded money and jewelry from the mother."

Police say when the mother could not deliver the men grabbed Ayvani and took off.

Finding her as quickly as possible is key. Steven Pomerantz, a former FBI assistant director, said, "The longer the person is held in captivity, the greater the dangers, and you always worry about the perpetrators committing acts of violence as this thing drags out."

He continued, "The single most important thing that everybody's going to be focusing on - the FBI, the state and local police - will be the safe return of the victim. You do nothing that you believe will endanger that victim."

If you have any information regarding this case, officials ask that you contact the police or the FBI.

Watch a full report from CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL's Rebekka Schramm in the player above


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