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Anna Chapman (PICTURES): Russian Spy Joins Putin's Youth Group

Anna Chapman, the American name the Russian spy took, is known for her beautiful sultry look and her sexy red tresses. Redheads are Red-hot
Personal Photo
Anna Chapman (PICTURES): Russian Spy Joins Putin's Youth Group
Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)

MOSCOW (CBS/AP) Anna Chapman, the Russian spy dubbed a "femme fatale" by tabloids, publicly reaffirmed her allegiance to Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Wednesday by joining the youth wing of his United Russia party - at the same time that an issue Playboy magazine with nude pictures of her hit the newsstands.

PICTURES: Anna Chapman

Chapman was one of 10 Russian spies deported from the United States in July.

Rather than recede into anonymity like the other agents, she has reveled in the fame, appearing at the launch of a Russian spacecraft and stripping to her underwear for the Russian version of Maxim Magazine among other things.

The 28-year-old secret agent, who hid in plain sight in Manhattan, became an Internet sensation when sultry photos of her found on social-networking sites surfaced.

At Wednesday's meeting of the Young Guards, the red-haired 28-year-old Chapman was in beauty pageant mode, even mouthing the kind of banalities usually saved for such occasions.

Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)
Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)

"Let's dream about the boldest things," said Chapman, wearing a red dress and heavy makeup, her red hair carefully styled.

PICTURES: Anna Chapman

"There would be less negativity in society if each of us woke up with a smile," she continued. "If each of us greets each day with joy, then you can create something new and useful."

Chapman later refused to answer questions about her duties at the Young Guards and left a press conference with her bodyguard.

The youth group's leader, Timur Prokopenko, also could not specify her job, saying that she simply was "the heroine of her generation."

Chapman was the focus of a story in the January issue of Playboy that is accompanied by candid nude photos snapped by an ex-boyfriend, according to Playboy Enterprises spokeswoman Abi O'Donnell.

In two of the pictures, Chapman is shown without clothes - sitting in a bathtub and holding a glass of champagne while sitting in a chair, O'Donnell said.

The Young Guards is known for its anti-U.S. rhetoric and violent pranks against Kremlin critics.

It was among several youth groups formed in the mid-2000s to counter anti-Kremlin groups and prevent uprisings similar to the "color revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine that brought pro-Western politicians to power.