18. First Family Residence
Source: White HouseThe second floor is the primary residence of the first family. It houses all necessary amenities, including a kitchen, workout room, living room, and bedrooms. The most famous of the bedroom suites include the Lincoln bedroom and the Queen's Bedroom. Abraham Lincoln used the Lincoln bedroom as his office. It was furnished in the Victorian style and looked out onto the not-yet-complete Washington monument. First lady Mary Todd Lincoln, who extensively redecorated much of the White House, was not responsible for her husband's office. She did purchase the bed that is now in the bedroom, though it was moved into the room after their tenure in the White House. The room was a center for strategic planning during the Civil War; maps and other important documents were hung on the walls. The first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation took place in the room in 1862 and now a holograph copy of the Gettysburg Address sits on the desk. The bedroom and its adjacent sitting room are now referred to as the Lincoln suite and guests of the president spend the night there. The Queen's Bedroom was called the Rose Guest Room until the mid-1960s and is now part of the White House family quarters. The Rose Room/The Queen's Bedroom has served as guest quarters for British royalty. It also is where Winston Churchill stayed during his conferences with President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. The room is furnished in the American Federal style.