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Key Players in the War

Spiro T. Agnew
Photo: AP

The governor of Maryland from 1967 to 1968 was chosen as a vice-presidential running mate by Richard M. Nixon in 1968. During the Nixon administration he denounced anti-war critics, flailed senators opposing the war as "radical liberals" and attacked the news media for its "biased" coverage of the war. He resigned in October, 1973 following his indictment for tax evasion.

Karnow, Stanley; "Vietnam: A History"

Spiro Agnew
McGeorge Bundy
Clark Clifford
Daniel Ellsberg
Gerald R. Ford
J. William Fulbright
Alexander Haig
W. Averell Harriman
Lyndon B. Johnson
John F. Kennedy
Henry Kissinger
Melvin Laird
Henry Cabot Lodge
Robert McNamara
Wayne Morse
Richard M. Nixon
Dean Rusk
W. Westmoreland

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