In his first interview with an American journalist in more than a decade, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein spoke to CBS News Anchor Dan Rather on Feb. 24, 2003. Here are highlights from their wide-ranging, three-hour talk.


Top Story: Saddam On War, Terrorism, The U.S.

Transcript: The complete interview text

Meeting Saddam: Rather shares behind the scenes details


The 60 Minutes II Interview: Part 1
The 60 Minutes II Interview: Part 2
The 60 Minutes II Interview: Part 3
The 60 Minutes II Interview: Part 4
Iraq Watches: The Iraqi people got to see the interview.
Who Won?: Saddam Hussein says Iraq won Gulf War of 1991.
Scorched Earth: Saddam tells Rather Iraq he will not burn Iraq's oil fields or other sabotage in war end game.
No bin Laden Links: Saddam tells Rather Iraq has no ties to Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network.
One On One: Saddam says he has no missiles banned by the U.N., and that he is willing to have a dialogue with President Bush.
The Scene: Rather talks with Harry Smith about his exclusive with Saddam Hussein and his analysis of the climate for war overseas.
The Debate: Saddam told Rather he is challenging President Bush to a live debate.
Behind The Scenes: CBS News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts asks Rather about what it was like to sit down with Saddam.
What Was Said: Rather talks to CBS Radio Editor Frank Teltsch about his historic interview.