Election Day, 8 p.m.
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Major TV networks project Gore to be the winner in Florida.
Election Day, 10 p.m.
Networks retract projection that Gore wins Florida; state reverts to too close to call.
Nov. 8, 2:20 a.m.
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Gore calls Bush to concede after networks report the governor leads by 50,000 votes in Florida. Networks project Bush to be the winner in Florida.
Nov. 8, 3:30 a.m.
Gore calls Bush back to retract his concession, after receiving reports that the vote difference in Florida is less than 1,000. Networks retract projection that Bush wins Florida; state reverts to too close to call.
Nov. 8
Final margin of Florida vote reported at 1,784, with Bush leading.

Voting irregularities alleged. A vote recount is ordered in Florida. Governor Jeb Bush officially takes himself out of the process. Bush claims he will be elected in short order; Gore warns against a "rush to judgment."

Nov. 9
Nationwide popular vote numbers released: Gore has 48,976,148 votes to Bush's 48,783,510. Bush had won 29 states for 246 electoral votes. Gore had won 18 states plus the District of Columbia for 260.

Pat Buchanan agrees with the Gore campaign that the Palm Beach County ballot was confusing and says he believes many of his votes there were meant for Gore.

Nov. 9, 5 p.m.
Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris says official results from the recount may not be completed until the following Tuesday.

Sixty-four of Florida's 67 counties have recounted their votes, Bush leads Gore by 362 votes in an unofficial tally by The Associated Press.

Nov. 10
New Mexico, with five electoral votes, is removed from Gore's column by CBS News, which considers the race there too close to call.

CBS News calls Oregon for Gore.

Nov. 11
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The Bush camp seeks a federal injunction to stop hand recounts of ballots in several Florida counties. Former Secretary of State James Baker, a Bush advisor, said the action was taken to preserve the integrity of the election.
Nov. 12
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Palm Beach County announces its manual recount will be extended to all ballots countywide. Initially, only ballots in certain precincts were slated to be counted by hand.

Florida's Volusia County begins hand counting more than 184,000 ballots.

Nov. 13, 9 a.m.
Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris says Tuesday's 5 p.m. deadline for finishing all manual recounts will be strictly enforced. Former U.S Secretary of State Warren Christopher, a Gore advisor, says Harris' stance is politically motivated.

A federal judge turns down a GOP request to stop all manual recounts in Florida.

Nov. 14, 8:20 a.m.
Officials in Palm Beach County vote 2-1 to delay their manual recounts until they are able to clarify whether they have the legal authority to proceed.

The canvassing board in Miami-Dade County unanimously votes to start an immediate hand recount of ballots in three precincts as requested by Gore's lawyers.

Nov. 14, Afternoon
Circuit Judge Terry Lewis upholds 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline for Florida vote certification - a victory for the Florida Secretary of State and the Bush camp. The judge says supplemental returns can be filed after the deadline, but can be ignored after circumstances are considered. An appeal by the Gore campaign to the Florida Supreme Court is expected.
Nov. 14, Evening
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Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris announces that Bush leads Gore by 300 votes based on returns submitted by all 67 counties.
Nov. 15, 9 a.m.
In a petition to the Florida Supreme Court, Secretary of State Harris asks the justices to order Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties to end manual recounts. Elections officials in Palm Beach County ask the state's highest court to decide if they can recount ballots by hand.
Nov. 15, Noon
The Bush camp will join in a suit by the Florida Secretary of State that seeks an order to block further manual recounts.

Broward County votes to begin manual recount of election votes.

Nov. 15, Evening
Florida Supreme Court denies the request to block hand recounts of ballots.

Al Gore suggests a hand recount in all of Florida's 67 counties if Republicans won't accept the recounts in selected counties. Gore said he says he will forgo further legal challenges if the Republicans accept the selected counties' recount. Gore also proposes a face to face meeting with George W. Bush.

Nov. 15, 9 p.m.
Florida Secretary of State Harris says she would not allow three counties to add the results of a manual recount of ballots to the state's total U.S. presidential tally.
Nov. 15, 10:15 p.m.
AP Photo
George W. Bush rejects Al Gore's proposal for a statewide manual count of Florida's presidential vote, saying it would be neither fair nor accurate. Bush also rejects Gore's idea for a one-on-one meeting. He says he would be glad to meet Gore after the election.
Nov. 16
The Bush Camp says they will not seek a recount of votes in Iowa.

Florida Supreme Court gives the go-ahead to manual ballot recounts. Within minutes, officials in Palm Beach County announce they will begin their recount.

Nov. 17
Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis upholds Florida Secretary of State Kathrine Harris' decision to reject late vote tallies resulting from manual recounts.

Florida Supreme Court bars Harris from certifying the state's presidential winner "until further order of this court" and set a Monday hearing on the recount dispute.

Nov. 18
George W. Bush triples his lead over Al Gore in Florida after overseas absentee ballots are counted. With all of the state's 67 counties reporting results from overseas, Bush's official lead stands at 930 votes. Bush picked up 1,380 votes from the overseas ballots and Gore got 750.
Nov. 20
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The Florida Supreme Court hears recount arguments from both Gore and Bush camps.
Nov. 21
The Florida Supreme Court rules that Florida's final presidential election vote must include the results of hand recounts.
Nov. 22
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Dick Cheney is hospitalized in Washington after a mild heart attack. Doctors operate and insert a stent in one of his arteries that showed signs of narrowing.

Miami-Dade County unexpectedly calls off its hand recount.

Nov. 23
On Thanksgiving Day, Al Gore's campaign files papers with the Florida Supreme Court, asking the judges to force Miami-Dade County to resume its manual recount of votes in the Nov. 7 presidential election.
Nov. 24
The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments in an appeal from George W. Bush that seeks to bar hand-counted ballots in the disputed election.

Meanwhile, Bush's running mate Dick Cheney is released from the hospital, two days after suffering a mild heart attack.

Nov. 25
AP Photo
George W. Bush drops his lawsuit to force Florida counties to reconsider overseas military ballots that were rejected for technical reasons.

Broward County completes its hand recount.

Nov. 26
Secretary of State Katherine Harris certifies Bush the winner in Florida, but ongoing legal action by both parties keeps the election outcome uncertain.

The official margin of victory is 537 votes.

Harris denied a Palm Beach County request to extend the 5PM deadline to turn in completed vote totals. Palm Beach left 1,000 ballots uncounted.

Nov. 27
Al Gore goes to court to challenge the certified results of Florida's presidential election. Gore's lawyers file papers in Florida Circuit Court arguing that the vote totals accepted by Secretary of State Katherine Harris for Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Nassau counties were inaccurate.
Nov. 29
Al Gore decides to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court for an immediate recount of about 13,000 disputed ballots in two heavily Democratic Florida counties. The seven justices on the state's highest court are all Democrats.
Nov. 30
AP Photo
A truck carrying more than 450,000 presidential ballots from Palm Beach County leaves on its way to Tallahassee as ordered by Judge N. Sanders Sauls.

Al Gore files his appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.

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