The Early Show - Videos

Black Friday's Big Bucks
Black Is Back For Fall
Black Reporter Attacked
Blackberries For Babies
Blackbird Dive Bombs Passersby
Blacks In The Military
Blacks In The Military
Blago Pens 'The Governor'
Blago Wants To Prove Innocence
Blagojevich Gets 'F' At Home
Blagojevich Gets Boot
Blagojevich Meets Lawyer
Blagojevich Readies For Fight
Blagojevich Trial Opens
Blair Leaves Downing Street
Blair Prompts Bush On Mideast
Blair Remarks On Explosions
Blair's Bittersweet Victory
Blair: Next 48 Hours Critical
Blake Jury Gets Ready
Blake Jury: Lack of Evidence
Blake Shelton on C.M.A. Nod
Blake Sings 'She Will Be Love'
Blake Trial Analyzed
Blake Trial Computer Stolen
Blake Trial Delay Reaction
Blake Trial To Begin
Blake Trial To Begin, Finally
Blake Trial Under Way
Blake Witness Changes Story
Blake's Trial And 'CSI'
Blame It On The Elves
Blame Obesity On Marketing?
Blame Shifts In New Orleans
Blaming The Babysitter
Blast Devastates Nursing Home
Blast Precedes President Bush
Blast Rocks Baghdad Hotel
Blaze Razes Block
Blaze Rips Across N.J.
Blazes Torch Wine Country
Bleak Outlook for Lost Hikers
Blending Families Well
Blind Dating 101
Blind Eye To School Abuse
Blind Girl's Miracle Cure
Blind Student In Nat'l Bee
Blind Woman Explains Lawsuit
Blind Woman Nails Hole-In-One
Blind Zone Dangers
Blink 182 Drummer To Recover
Blizzard Blasts Colorado
Blizzard Blasts Midwest
Blizzard Hits Northeast
Blizzard Killed At Least 20
Blizzard Preparations
Blizzard Stalls Travelers
Blockbuster Cheer
Blocking Bird Flu
Blood Pressure & Heart Health
Blood Pressure Awareness
Blood Pressure Warning
Bloody Saddam Anniversary
Bloom's 'Pirate' Success
Bloom's Career In 'Heaven'
Bloomberg In Bali
Blooming Spring Flowers
Blow To Peterson Defense
Blow To Team Kobe
Blowtorch Bandit
Blue Angel Crash Probed
Blue Christmas For Retailers
Blunt Performs 'High'
Bo Bice's 'The Real Thing'
Bo Is Pick Of The Litter
Bo Makes White House Debut
Bo's Tug Of War With Press
Board Birds Skate Down Under
Boardwine Family In The Finals
Boardwines Behind The Scenes
Boat Accident Investigation
Boat Lovers Flock to Florida
Boat Sucked Under Dam
Boater's Account Questioned
Boaters Found Alive
Boating On A Budget
Boating Safety Tips
Boating While Drunk
Boatman's Tale Of Terror
Boats Lay Boom off Ala. Coast
Bob Barker Cashes Out
Bob Barker To Retire
Bob Barker's 'Price Is Right'
Bob Dole Remembers Ford
Bob Dylan Breaks His Silence
Bob Newhart In 'Elf' Movie
Bob Newhart Pens Memoir
Bob Schieffer On Gerald Ford
Bob Schieffer On Historic Win
Bob Schieffer On Iowa
Bob Schieffer on Obama's Woes
Bob Schieffer on Union Address
Bob Schieffer's Next Steps
Bob Simon Swims With Sharks
Bob The Builder's Holiday Wish
Bobby Booted Off 'Survivor'
Bobby Cutts Gets Life
Bobby Fischer Dies
Bobby Flay Clams It Up
Bobby Flay Gets The Grill
Bobby Flay Grills Brunch
Bobby Flay Grills Fajitas
Bobby Flay Grills Lobsters
Bobby Flay Grills Veggies
Bobby Flay in Vegas, Baby!
Bobby Flay Loves Lobster
Bobby Flay on the Farm
Bobby Flay Says 'Grill It!'
Bobby Flay Tests New Gadgets
Bobby Flay Weighs In
Bobby Flay's Belgian Waffles
Bobby Flay's Breakfast
Bobby Flay's Breakfast Burgers
Bobby Flay's Burger Cook-Off
Bobby Flay's Burgers
Bobby Flay's Country Chicken
Bobby Flay's Cuban Sandwiches
Bobby Flay's Derby Dish
Bobby Flay's Easter Feast
Bobby Flay's Easter Lamb
Bobby Flay's Fancy Food Finds
Bobby Flay's Fish & Chips
Bobby Flay's Holiday Brunch
Bobby Flay's Hot Dogs
Bobby Flay's Lentil Salad
Bobby Flay's Mean Meatloaf
Bobby Flay's Mother's Day Meal
Bobby Flay's New Year Brunch
Bobby Flay's No-Fuss Pasta
Bobby Flay's Pesto Style
Bobby Flay's Poached Salmon
Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Bread
Bobby Flay's Seafood Gumbo
Bobby Flay's Shrimp Cocktail
Bobby Flay's Simple Snapper
Bobby Flay's Southern Xmas
Bobby Flay's St. Patrick's Day
Bobby Flay's Super Feast
Bobby Flay's Tri-Tip Grilling
Bobby Jon Off 'Survivor'
Bocelli's Classic Love Songs
Bodies Of U.S. Soldiers Found
Bodies Recovered From Flight
Body Builder Denies Charges
Body Identified As Missing GI
Body Language for Results
Body Language To Deter Terror
Body May Be Missing Student's
Body Piercing Safety Tips
Body Possibly Of Marine Found
Body Scanners, Cancer Link?
Body-Obsessed Boys
Boggs Has 'What It Takes?'
Bogus Bargains
Bold & Beautiful Colors
Bold, Bright Makeup Trends
Bold, Brilliant Spring Fashion
Bollywood Beauty In America
Bollywood Fashion Unraveled
Bollywood Star Talks Film
Bolton Ambassador Analysis
Bolton On N. Korea Sanctions
Bomb Kills Iraqi Pilgrims
Bomb Suspect Boarded Plane
Bomb Targeted Allawi HQ
Bomber: How Was He Caught?
Bombers Hit Moscow Subway
Bombing Caught On Tape
Bombing, Evacuation Continue
Bombings Kill 37 in Moscow
Bombings Threaten Election
Bon Appetit's 2010 Food Trends
Bon Jovi Sings 'It's My Life'
Bon Jovi's New Album
Bonaduce on Child Stardom
Bond Back In 'Casino Royale'
Bond Films On DVD
Boneham 'Survivor' Commentary
Bonfire Of The Vatican
Bonnie Hunt Talks 'Cars'
Bonnie Hunt's 'Dozen' Laughs
Bonnie To Hit Panhandle
Bono Turns 'Red' To Fight AIDS
Boogie's Big 'All-Stars' Win
Book Accuses Bonds Of Steroids
Book Covers Marriage, Divorce
Book Of Brutal Husband Murder
Book Of Home Remedies
Book Proceeds For Kan. Town
Book Profiles Mrs. Obama Style
Book: U.S. Faked Iraq Intel
Boom Or Bust Housing Market?
Boomers 'Can Do It!'
Boomers Aging With Passion
Boos For Gov. Arnold
Boost For Jackson Team
Booster Seat Safety Tips
Boosting Your Credit Score
Boosting Your Tax Refund
Boot Camp For Dolphins
Boot Camp Workout
Bootleg Breast Milk
Boozy Energy Drink Risks
Borat Invades America
Borat Takes America
Borden's Confession Analyzed
Border Security Heightened
Borders Fail Security Test
Born When Dad Home From Iraq
Borrowing On Your Home
Boston Mayor on Kennedy
Boston Pops In Full Swing
Boston Priest To Be Sentenced
Boston Strangler Still Free?
Boston's Biggest Baby
Boston's Bomb Hoax
Bottled Energy Boosts
Bottled H2-No?
Bottled Water 'Tapped' Out
Boulder D.A. Defends Karr Case
Boulder Eyes Karr Extradition
Bouncing Baby Elephants
Bountiful Breakfasts
Bounty Hunter Goes Opera
Box Of Bills From 19th Cent.
Box Office Bust
Box Office Insights
Box Office Progress Report
Box Office Wedding Invite
Box Office: Battle Of The Exes
Boy Attacked By Shark
Boy Crazy
Boy Defies Odds, Survives
Boy Destroys Sacred Art
Boy Dies At Disney World
Boy Drives Ill Dad To Safety
Boy Dubbed 'Patient Zero'
Boy Escapes Captive Parents
Boy Faces Life in Prison
Boy Fights Off Coyote
Boy Fine After Key In Eye
Boy Found Half-Mile from Plane
Boy Helps Katrina Victims
Boy Hit By Car, Walks Away
Boy Killed In Bat Beating
Boy Killer Could Go Free
Boy Meets Grill: Eggplants
Boy On Being Lost In Woods
Boy Rescued From Well
Boy Rescued From Wilderness
Boy Scout Found Safe & Sound
Boy Scout Porn Scandal
Boy Scout Search Continues
Boy Scout's Rescue
Boy Skates Under Cars
Boy Stayed With Kidnapper
Boy Survives Decapitation
Boy Vanishes With Grandfather
Boy Wears Skirt In Protest
Boy Witnessed Fla. Murder
Boy's Denial Aids Jackson?
Boy's Harrowing 9-1-1 Call
Boy's Killer Goes Unpunished
Boy's Scary Chairlift Plunge
Boy's Stepmother Probed
Boy, 10, Kills Father
Boy, 5, Gets Heart Transplant
Boylan Visits Florida For Free
Boys Get Eating Disorders, Too
Boys More Injury Prone?
Boyz II Men On 'Early Show'
Boyz II Men Sing Motown Medley
BP Angers Local Officials
BP CEO at Center of Storm
BP CEO Puts Foot in Mouth
BP Dodges Allegations
BP Facing Criminal Charges?
BP Hearing Drama
BP Keeps Trying to Plug Leak
BP on Underestimating Leak
BP Stock Fell to 14-Year Low
BP To Pay for Oil Clean-Up
BP Tries New Containment Fix
BP Trying To Clog Leak
BP's "Top Kill" Plan Underway
BP's 'Culture of Incompetence'
BP's Gulf Coast Mess
BP's Plan B
BP's Snag of the Day
BP's Suttles: Steel Cap Update
BP's Timetable to Stop Leak
BP: Close to Capping Leak
Bra Flap At Victoria's Secret
Bracco On 'Sopranos' Return
Bracing For Another Big Quake
Bracing For Hurricane Frances
Bracing For Terrorism Attack?
Brad & Angelina Rumors
Brad Booted From 'Survivor'
Brad Comes To Jen's Rescue
Brad Pitt's Daughter Boyish?
Brad, Angelina In Haiti
Bradley Cooper's Rising Star
Bradley On Jackson Interview
Brady Booted From 'Survivor'
Bragging About Yourself
Braiding Hair With Evangelista
Braids are Back in Style
Brain Cancer Facts
Brain Surgery Explained
Brain Wiring: How Men Think
Brain-Busting Flashlights
Brain-Damaged Fireman Talks
Brainwashed By Junk Food?
Branching Out At Home
Branding Your Baby
Brandon Smith
Brandy Might Face Charges
Brandy's Difficult Years
Brangelina Baby Watch
Brangelina Twins Born In Nice
Branson Discusses Fossett
Branson Sails For World Record
Bratz Come To Life
Brave Rescues In Water Break
Braving The Cold Safely
Brazen Bandits Busted
Brazil Crash Raises Questions
Brazil Plane Crash Video
Bread Industry Rises Up
Break In Brianna Case
Break In Judge Kin Slay
Break In Missing Boys Case?
Break In Student Murder?
Break Near in Horman Case?
Break-Up Etiquette
Breakdown Of Recall Votes
Breakfast for Dinner
Breakfast to Get You Going
Breaking Down Bush's Speech
Breaking Down March Madness
Breaking Gas Myths
Breaking Layoff News To Kids
Breaking Their Silence
Breakthrough Beauty Products
Breakthroughs In Gene Therapy
Breakups Ring In New Year
Breast Cancer And MRIs
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough?
Breast Cancer Detection
Breast Cancer Genetics
Breast Cancer Mom Surfs
Breast Cancer Op Nightmare
Breast Cancer Progress
Breast Cancer Recurrence Test
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screenings
Breast Cancer Task Force
Breast Cancer Treatments
Breast Cancer's Young Victim
Breast Implant Debate
Breastfeeding Ads Controversy
Breastfeeding Benefits
Breastfeeding Benefits
Breastfeeding Or Bust
Breastfeeding Photos Pulled
Bremer On Iraq Constitution
Bremer On Iraq Handover
Brendan Fraser's Looney Tune
Brendan Fraser's New Role
Brennan's 'Artisanal Cooking'
Brent Grunow Sings From NYC
Brett Dennen's 'Crazy' Jam
Brian Bites The Dust
Brian McKnight Lets It Snow
Brianna Scully Sings
Brianna Scully Sings
Bribes Vs. Rewards For Kids
Bridal Gown Bargains
Bride Gets 'All-Access Pass'
Bride May Be Charged
Bride Recovers Wedding Photos
Bride Shot on Eve of Wedding
Bride's Apology Questioned
Brides Race For Registry
Bridge Champs Stir Controversy
Bridge Inspections Urged
Bright Ideas For Common Items
Bright, Bold Makeup
Brighten Up Your Walls
Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!
Brightening Your Smile
Bring Back Implants Debate
Bring the Steakhouse Home
Bring The Troops Home?
Bringing Clutter Under Control
Bringing Home the Bacon
Bringing Home The Birkin
Bringing In The Big Guns
Bringing Movies To Sick Kids
Bringing Sex Back Into Love
Bringing the Inside Out
Britain Lowers Terror Threat
Britain Wants Talks With Iran
Britain's Ascot Races
Britain's Beer Policewoman
Britain's Grandmother Endures
Britain's Green Health Club
Britain's Pop Princess
Britain's Prince Charles At 60
Britain's Tony Blair Resigns
British Ballot Box Battle
British Bomb Scare
British Consulate Bomb Scare
British Desire Diana Closure
British Hostage Pleas For Life
British Journalist Set Free
British Social Columnist Talks
British Soul Sensation Adele
British Terror Plot Foiled
British To Reduce Iraq Troops
British Withdrawal In Iraq?
Britney Paparazzi Arrested
Britney & Kevin On Letterman
Britney Blows Custody Hearing
Britney Custody Blow-Out
Britney Finally K-Fed Up
Britney Has Role On CBS Sitcom
Britney On Prime Time
Britney Spears Expecting
Britney Wedding Hoax?
Britney Wedding Hoax?
Britney's 'Chaotic' Preview
Britney's 'Chaotic' Preview
Britney's Bizarre Weekend
Britney's Crisis Analyzed
Britney's Mom 'Hit The Roof'
Britney, K-Fed Agree On Split
Britney, K-Fed To Divorce
Briton Returns On Slay Charges
Brits Happy For Prince
Brits' Fears, Concerns
Brittany Murphy Dies at 32
Brittany Murphy's Drug Use?
Brittany Murphy's Husband Dead
Broadway's 'Next To Normal'
Broadway's Baroness Of Beads
Broadway's Kids Care
Brody On 'Hollywoodland'
Broken Heart Syndrome
Broken Ice Shelf Raises Alarms
Broken Minds
Bronze For Women's Hockey Team
Brooke Hundley Speaks Out
Brooke Shields' New Mission
Brookings Scholar On Iraq
Brooks & Dunn Sing New Hit
Brosnan's 'The Matador'
Brother's Wish For Sister
Brotherly Love ... And Comedy!
Brothers Help In Boat Tragedy
Brothers Rescued From Pakistan
Brothers Win 'Amazing Race'
Brown Defends 'Da Vinci Code'
Brown Wraps Up U.S. Visit
Brown's Basketball Challenge
Brown: Daughter 'Available'
Bruce Greenwood on New Movie
Bruce Springsteen Part Two
Bruce Willis 'Lives Free'
Bruckheimer On 'Deja Vu'
Bruckheimer On 'Deja Vu'
Bruckheimer's 'Glory Road'
Bruckheimer's Blockbusters
Bruckheimer's New 'Treasure'
Bruschetta, Gnocchi & Gelato!
Brushfires Plague Florida
Brushfires Ravage Florida
Brutal Storms Hit California
Brutal Subway Attack On Tape
Bryan Adams Talks '69'
BTK Court Hearing
BTK Killer Pleads Guilty
BTK Killer To Be Sentenced
BTK Reactions