Health - Videos

Octuplets' Mom's Obsession
Off-The-Shelf Healthy Food
Officials Target 'Alco-Pops'
Oil Spill Health Hazards
Oil Spill Wildlife Devastation
Oils To Help Your Health
Old Virus Makes A Comeback
Older Men Happier Than Women?
Older Women and Autism
Older Women And Calcium
Olivia Wilde Gets Her "Fix"
Olympic Swimmer Battles Cancer
Olympic Swimmer Has Cancer
Olympic Tape Mystery Revealed
Omnicare Fraud?
On Junk Foods
On The Lookout For Staph
On The Road With OCD
Oncologist On Snow's Prognosis
One Child's Weight Struggle
One Family's Flu Crusade
One Generous Family
One Pill Good For The Heart?
One Soldier's Harrowing Story
One Splitting Toothache
One Step At A Time
Onions Blamed For Hepatitis?
Online Diagnosis Dangers
Online Health Checkups
Online House Calls
Online Medical Shopping
Online World Can Help Real One
Oprah's 'No Phone Zone' Pledge
Oprah's Weight Gain
Oral Hygene Revisited
Organ Donor Transplant Chains
Organic Vs. Regular Produce
Osteoporosis Not So Old
OTCs & Sunscreen
Outdoor Food Safety
Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough
Over-The-Counter Danger
Over-The-Counter Warnings
Overcoming Depression
Overcoming Illiteracy
Overeating Out
Overscheduled Kids
Overusing Antibiotics
Overweight And Healthy?
Overweight In America
Pacemaker Battles Bulimia
Pacemaker Beats Bulimia
Pacemaker For The Brain?
Packaging Plants Probed
Paid To Lose Weight
Pain Control Improves
Pain Management For Children
Pain Relievers & Your Heart
Painful Medical ID Theft
Painful Operation Mix-Ups
Painkiller Killing Kids
Painkillers & Blood Pressure
Painkillers Hurting
Pains You Shouldn't Ignore
Pamper Yourself At Home
Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine
Panel Backs Weight-Loss Pill
Panel: Heart Stents Are Safe
Panel: Some Silicone Safe
Panic Over H1N1 Virus
Paralysis Help Via Monkeys?
Parasitic Twin Removed
Parasitic Twin Separation
Parasomnia Disorders
Parents and Obese Children
Parents Face Daycare Dilemma
Parents Need To Say 'No'
Parents on H1N1 Vaccine
Parents Say Meds Cause Autism
Parents: RU-486 Killed Teen
Past the Salt
Patch Birth Control Warning
Patch May Boost Female Sex
Patience For Patients
Paul McKenna Makes You Thin
Pay It Forward Kidney Donation
Paying For Flu Protection
Peanut Allergy Breakthrough
Peanut Butter Poisoning
Peanut Factory Linked To Rats
Pediatric Pedophiles
Pediatrician, Vaccine Scrutiny
Pelley's Reporter's Notebook
People In FEMA Trailers Ill
Perils Of Antibiotic Overuse
Personal Food Pyramids
Pesticides and ADHD Link?
Pet Food Probe
Pet Surgery Is Popular
Pets Can Make You Sick
Petting Zoo Hazards
Petting Zoo Woes
Pfizer Suffers Huge Setback
Pharmacists Want To Prescribe
Phil Keoghan Bikes For MS
Philanthropist Gets Physical
Physical Gives Peace Of Mind
Physical Therapy Made Fun
Picking the Right Yogurt
Picture Perfect Eyebrows
Pilates Exercises For Babies
Pill Giving Women A Chance
Pill May Stop Binge Drinking
Pill Mills And Bad Doctors
Pistachio Recall
Plan B Available Over Counter
Plan B Still Hard To Get
Plan For Long Term Health
Plan of Action
Plane Pill No Panacea
Plane Safety Demonstration
Planning Your Party Diet
Plants Can Save Lives
Plastic Bottles Dangerous?
Plastic Surgery In Your 40s
Plastic Surgery In Your 50s
Plastics' Safety Questioned
Playground Perils
Playing Favorites
Playing With Asbestos
Playing with Fire
Plenty Of Flu Shots Available
Plight Of Organ Recipients
PMS Relief
Police On Fatal Overdose Alert
Police Steroid Abuse On Rise
Policing Plan B Sales
Polio Makes Comeback
Polio Resurfaces In Amish Town
Poll: Women Unhappy In Prime
Pollen Covers Southeast
Pomegranates And Your Health
Pool Safety Tips For Parents
Pool Therapy For Dogs
Poor Fitness Habits
Pop Go The Calories
Pop Star Stirs Capitol Hill
Popcorn Lung Danger?
Pope's Condition Analyzed
Pope's Condition Detailed
Pope's Condition Explained
Pope's Problems Explained
Popping A Pill Deters Cancer?
Popular Cookie Dough Recalled
Popular Pain Reliever Recalled
Possible Ban On Asthma Drugs
Possible Breast Cancer Drug
Possible E. Coli Source Found
Possible Flu Pandemic
Possible Shortage On Flu Shots
Possible Vioxx Replacements
Post-Cervical Cancer Hope
Post-Hurricane Mental Illness
Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression Signs
Potential Bird Flu Vaccine
Potential Cancer Breakthrough
Potential Health Reform Flaw
Potential Stem Cell Advance
Poultry Protection
Power Food 'Couples'
Power Of A Mother's Milk
Power Plant Pollution Impact
Powerful, Cheating Men
Pre-Diabetic Warning Signs
Pre-Natal Nourishment
Predicting Premature Births
Preeclampsia Explained
Preemies' Health Studied
Preen Green
Pregnancy & Blood Pressure
Pregnancy After Adoption
Pregnancy Causes Forgetfulness
Pregnancy Complications
Pregnancy Tips For Couples
Pregnant After 40
Pregnant Asthmatic Help
Pregnant At All Costs
Pregnant Cancer Patients
Pregnant Patients: No Choice?
Pregnant Women Face Depression
Pregnant Women Warned On Tuna
Pregnant Workouts
Premature Birth Warnings
Prematurity Awareness
Prematurity Awareness Day
Prenatal Testing, Hard Choices
Preparations For The Flu
Prepare Your Body For Spring
Preparing For A Heat Wave
Preparing For A Hurricane
Preparing For An Outbreak
Preparing For Bird Flu
Preparing For Daylight Saving
Preparing For Deadly Bird Flu
Preparing For Flu Season
Preparing for Mosquito Season
Preparing For Pregnancy
Preparing For The 'Big One'
Preparing Turkey Safely
Prepping For Avian Flu
Prepping For Possible Bird Flu
Prepping for Spring Allergies
Prescription Drug Abuse Boom
Prescription Drug Alternatives
Prescription Drug Plan Woes
Prescription Drugs For Less
Prescription For Tragedy
Prescription For Trouble
Prescription Pot Illegal
Pressel Putts For Charity
Preventative Health Care
Preventing A Bird Flu Pandemic
Preventing Adult Acne
Preventing Binge Drinking
Preventing Bird Flu Chaos
Preventing Bossy Behavior
Preventing Camp Injuries
Preventing Child Obesity
Preventing Colon Cancer
Preventing Deadly Blood Clots
Preventing Dog Attacks
Preventing E. Coli
Preventing E. Coli Sickness
Preventing Eye Disease
Preventing Eye Infections
Preventing Fatal Accidents
Preventing Food-Borne Illness
Preventing H1N1 in Kids
Preventing Hearing Loss
Preventing Heart Disease
Preventing Heat Stroke
Preventing Kidney Stones
Preventing Kids From Smoking
Preventing Lyme Disease
Preventing Medical Mistakes
Preventing Motion Sickness
Preventing Osteoarthritis
Preventing Osteoporosis
Preventing Overdoses
Preventing Premature Births
Preventing Prostate Cancer
Preventing Skin Cancer
Preventing Skin Cancer
Preventing Strokes
Preventing Sunburn
Preventing Swine Flu Pandemic
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Preventing Tooth Decay In Kids
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
Preview: Awakenings
Pricy ER Bills In Texas
Primary Care Doctors Wanted
Private Medicare Not Helping
Pro-Active Foods For The Heart
Probiotics For Your Health
Problem With Best Friends
Problems for Mixed-Handed Kids
Profiting From Bird Flu
Program Aids Abused Women
Promising Anti-Blindness Drug
Promising Cancer Vaccine
Promising New Diet Pill
Proper Dental Care
Proper Headache Relief
Proper Sunglass Protection
Pros & Cons Of Folic Acid
Pros & Cons Of Hormone Therapy
Pros And Cons Of Melatonin
Prosecuting Rape
Prostate Cancer Vaccine
Prostate Cancer Vaccine
Prostate Cancer Vaccine?
Protecting Against Staph
Protecting Against West Nile
Protecting Girls Against HPV
Protecting Girls from Violence
Protecting Kids From Fire
Protecting Kids From Flu
Protecting Your Eyes
Protecting Your Kidneys
Protecting Your Skin
Protecting Your Teen Online
Protection From Diabetes
Protein Drink Dangers
Protein Protocol
Protesting Health Care Reform
Protests Against Healthcare
Protests at Copenhagen Summit
Provenge Gets FDA Approval
Prozac Sometimes Ineffective
Psych Patient Dies On ER Floor
PTSD Victims Casualties Of War
Public Option May Be Scrapped
Public Option Prevails
Public Pool Health Risks
Pulse of Obama's Plan
Pushing Kids To Sports
Put Your Kids To Bed
Putting New Diet Rules To Test
Putting The Heat On Cancer
Quaid on Medical Mix-Ups
Quaid Twins Overdose Claims
Quake Victims Fight To Live
Quality Of Medical Care Gap
Quest In Alzheimer's Detection
Questions Arise In TB Scare
Quick-Fix Face Lifts
Quitting Smoking Contagious
Race for H1N1 Flu Vaccine
Race To H1N1 Readiness
Race-Specific Medicines?
Racism Cited In Health Care
Raffle To Save A Life
Raging Stem Cell Debate
Raising A Child With ADHD
Raising a Drug-Free Child
Raising Diabetes Awareness
Raising Optimistic Kids
Rally For Woman In Coma
Ranking Heart Rate Monitors
Rape in America
Rape Kits Remain Untested
Rapid Aging Of U.S. Presidents
Rapping Against Cancer
Rare Diagnosis Saves Life
Rare Disease Hits Youth
Rare H1N1 Vaccine Side Effect
Rare Identical Triplets Born
Rare Kidney Swap
Rare Lung Disease In New Light
Rare Quads: 2 Sets Of Twins
Rare Skin Disease Treated
Rare Transplant Saves Newborns
Rate the Doctor's Diet
Rate the Healthcare Summit
Rather's Reporter's Notebook
Raw Chicken Health Risks
Re-Thinking Drinking
Reading With Your Children
Realities Of Sex Addiction
Reality Check: Health Care
Reasons For Face Transplant
Reassessing The Ferber Method
Rebounding From A Stroke
Recall On Window Blinds
Recalled Toys Pose Health Risk
Recession 'Victory' Gardens
Recession Halts Student's Hope
Recession Teeth Grinding
Recipe for Healthcare Reform
Recipes With Pomegranate Punch
Recognizing Alzheimer's
Recognizing Asthma Symptoms
Recognizing Stroke Symptoms
Recovering From Heart Surgery
Red Cross Bad Blood
Red Cross Chief Talks Safety
Red Cross Stretched Thin
Red Flags On Atkins
Red For A Day For Cancer
Red Wine Key To Good Health?
Reducing Breast Cancer Risk
Reducing Cancer Risks
Reducing Daily Salt Intake
Reducing High Blood Pressure
Reducing Premature Births
Reevaluating School Bullying
Reeve's Doctor Reflects
Reeve's Name Lives On
Reeve's Widow Battling Cancer
Reeve's Widow Has Lung Cancer
Reforming Healthcare
Reignite Your Sex Life
Relationship Expert On Nowak
Relationships And Health
Relief For Allergy Sufferers
Relief From Allergies
Relieving Back Pain
Relieving Back Pain At Work
Relieving Chronic Pain
Relieving Drug Price Pain
Relieving Soldiers' Stress
Relieving Stress On Your Heart
Rene's Breast Cancer Scare
Report: Eat Less, Live Longer
Reporter's Cancer Video Diary
Rescuing H1N1 Patients
Research Ethics Loophole
Researchers Find Worry Gene
Response to Smoking Baby
Resuscitating Health Care Bill
Rethinking Aspirin & Vitamin E
Rethinking Breast Cancer
Retiree Benefits In Danger
Retirees Fight For Healthcare
Returning Students Face H1N1
Reversed Heart Transplant
Reversing Heart Disease
Reviving Dating Rules
Reviving Stem Cell Research
Rich Or Thin? What Women Chose
Rich Without Money
Ricin Discovered In Las Vegas
Ricin Scare In Texas
Rickets Returns
Right To Privacy After Death?
Rimonabant: New Diet Drug
Rise in Autism Diagnoses
Rise In Kids' Food Allergies
Rise Of Alternative Treatments
Rise Of Super Acne
Rising Blood Pressure In Women
Rising HIV Fears
Risks From Bariatric Surgery
Risks Of Heat Exposure
Risks Of OTC Painkillers
Risks Of Repeat C-Sections
Risks Of Second-Hand Smoking
Risks Of Statement Earrings
Risky Herbal Supplements
Risky Mixers
Risky Statin Side Effects
Risky Surgery Pays Off
Ritter Rules, Aortic Diseases
Road Rage And Psychology
Roadside Temptations
Roberts Can Still Do The Job
Roberts May Need Medication
Robo Doc To The Rescue
Robo Doc To The Rescue
RoboDocs On Call
Robotic Prosthetics For Vets
Roger Ebert's Second Act
Roller Coaster Ears
Roller Sneakers Warning
Rotavirus Vaccination Coming?
Rotavirus Vaccine Recommended
RSV Virus Danger To Babies
Rub Away Headache Relief?
Running From Chemo
Rush for H1N1 Vaccine
Rush To Beat Medicare Deadline
Rush To Destroy Deadly Flu
Rx Abuse And Prevention
Rx Black Market On The Net
Rx Drug Politics
Rx Drugs Under Fire
S. Korea: Bird Flu Outbreak
S.T.D. Vaccine for Boys
SAD In Winter
Safe Birth Control Pills
Safe For Your Plate?
Safe Grilling Tips
Safety Of Isolation Rooms
Sagging Knees Get A Lift
Salmonella Death Spurs Suit
Salmonella In Pistachios?
Salmonella Peanut Probe
Salmonella Shockwaves Remain
Salmonella Tomatoes A Mystery
Saltiest Meals In America
Salty View On Food
Samoan Adoption Scandal
San Jose's Mental Health Court
Santas Want H1N1 Vaccines
Sat. Spotlight: Debra Siravo
Sat. Spotlight: Jim Witt
Savage Autism Attack Outrage
Saving A Life With Marrow
Saving Brain-Dead Mom's Baby
Saving H1N1 Patients Expensive
Saving Sight
Saving Soldiers' Marriages
Saving Your Soles
Say Goodbye To Cellulite
Scalding Water Dangers
Scared To Death?
Scary Details In Bird Flu Plan
Scary Movie Rush
School Vaccinations
Schools Brace for H1N1
Schools Eye P.E. To Fight Fat
Schools Fighting Tardiness
Schools in Need of Nurses
Science Backs Up 5-Second Rule
Scientists Lack Trust In FDA
Scientists Rebuild Bladder