Politics - Videos

Fla. Town Turns Down Millions
Flags Tumble At Hillary Event
Flight 253: What Went Wrong?
Flip-Flopping On Earmarks?
Florida At Center Of New Storm
Florida Ballot Reform
Florida Congressman Resigns
Florida May Be Double Trouble
Florida Under Scrutiny
Florida's Critical Voters
Florida's Retiree Voters
Florida: Here We Go Again?
Floridians Cast Their Ballots
Flu Shot Frustration
Flu Shot Shortage Under Fire
Fmr. Israeli P.M. On Gaza
Focus On DeLay
Focus On Republican Candidates
Focus On Rove, Miers
Focus Shifts To New Hampshire
Foley Aide To Testify In Probe
Foley Checks Into Rehab
Foley Fallout Continues
Foley Fallout Continues
Foley Firestorm Keeps Burning
Foley Panel OK's Subpoenas
Foley Panel: GOP Negligent
Foley Probes Continue
Foley Scandal's Aftermath
Foley's Impact On Elections
Foley's Top Aide Sounded Alarm
Foley: I'm A Gay Man
Following The Money
Ford And Nixon
Ford Arrives In Washington
Ford Concedes Tenn. Race
Ford Flown To Washington
Ford Funeral Ceremonies Begin
Ford Funeral Plans Finalized
Ford Honored In Washington
Ford Kids Honor Their Father
Ford Opposed Iraq War
Ford Speeds Up Green Research
Ford Taken To Michigan
Ford's Funeral Begins
Ford's Funeral In Capitol
Ford's Memory Of Watergate
Ford's Presidential Legacy
Foreign Hacker Alert
Foreign Interest In Election
Foreign Policy Under Obama
Former Bush Aide Testifies
Former CIA Spy Speaks Out
Former Covert Agent Speaks
Former Fed Chair On Iraq War
Former Muslim Faces Death
Former Presidents Join Relief
Former Sen. McGovern On Iraq
Former Senator On Nixon Tapes
Former U.S. Atty. Unhappy
Four More Years For Bush
Fourth Day Of Alito Hearings
Fox Campaigns In Ohio
Fox Reacts To Limbaugh Jab
Framing Presidencies
France Votes Conservative
Frank Talk On Bailout
Franken Wins Senate Seat
Fred Thompson Enters The Race
Fred Thompson's Homecoming
Fred Thompson's Homecoming
Fred Thompson's Lighter Side
Freed Journalists Return Home
freeSpeech: Arianna Huffington
freeSpeech: Dean And Davidson
freeSpeech: John McCain
freeSpeech: Morgan Spurlock
freeSpeech: Page Program
freeSpeech: Rush Limbaugh
freeSpeech: Sean Hannity
freeSpeech: Sex Scandal
Friedman Analyzes The Iraq War
Friedman Weighs In On Bush
Friend Discusses Miers' Views
Friends Of Sharks
Frist Denies Insider Trading
Frist Doing Humanitarian Work
Frist Faces Stock Questions
Frist Goes Against W. House
Frist On Iraq Intel Report
Frist On NSA, Border Patrol
Frist On Stem Cell Research
Frist Optimistic About Senate
Frist Stock Sale Probe
Frist To Dems: Confirm Alito
Frist, Hillary Join On Health
Frist: Pro Stem Cell Research
From Bush To Obama
From Lincoln To Obama
From Policy To Personality
From Politics To 'Normal'
From Schieffer's Angle
From Schoolhouse To Whitehouse
From Senator To Lobbyist
From The Outside Looking In
From The Web: Questions
Front Row Seats To History
FTC On 'Do Not Call' List
FTN: Behind The Scenes
Fuel-Efficient Cars For All
Fugitive Fundraiser Arrested
Full Bush Inaugural Speech
Full Michael J. Fox Interview
Full Speed Ahead No More
Funding Children's Healthcare
Funding The Troops
Furious Finish Ahead
Furor Over Alleged Rove Role
Furor Over Bush Murder Movie
Furor Over Cheney's Mishap
Fury Over AIG Bonuses
Fury over Immigrant Law
Fuss Over 'Death' Of Bush Film
Future of Afghan War
Future Of Iraq Debated
Future Of Iraq War Debated
Future of War in Afghanistan
G-20 Dispute Economic Crisis
G-8 Pledges AIDS Aid To Africa
G.O.P. Blasts Senate Bill
G.O.P. Concerns Over Kagan
G.O.P. Hopes for Mass. Upset
G.O.P. Leaders Rally
G.O.P. Slams Security Failures
G.O.P. Unfazed by Obama
G20 Creates World Rumbling
G20 Summit Analysis
G8 Summit 'Success'
G8 Summit On Environment
Gary Hart On 'Courage'
Gas Consumers Demanding Relief
Gas Gougers Beware
Gas Gouging Hearing
Gas Politics & Tony Snow
Gas Prices Becoming Priority
Gate Crashers Safety Breach
Gatecrashers Security Concerns
Gates Blasts Pentagon Spending
Gates Calls For 92,000 Troops
Gates Confirmation Expected
Gates Faces Challenges In Iraq
Gates Sends A Strong Message
Gates To Be Grilled By Senate
Gates To Report Iraq Findings
Gates Works On Iraq Strategy
Gates' Surprise Visit To Iraq
Gates' White House Memo
Gates: 'Can't Afford To Fail'
Gates: U.S. Not Winning War
Gauging The Undecideds
Gay Issues Rock GOP Platform
Gay Marriage Again On Debate
Gay Marriage Debate
Gay Rights Couple Laud Victory
Gay Rights Win In Kansas
Gay Weddings Spread
Gaza Attacks: Day 7
Gaza Missile Strike Uproar
Gaza Refugee Crisis
Gearing Up For Round 2
Geithner On Exec Compensation
Geithner Under Scrutiny
Geithner's Financial Vision
Geithner, Bernanke & Congress
Gen. Batiste On Rumsfeld
Gen. Batiste On Rumsfeld
Gen. Haig Defends Ford
Gen. Hayden Leads CIA Race
Gen. Hayden's CIA Hearings
Gen. Hayden's NSA Ties
Gen. McChrystal Get the Boot?
Gen. Pace Stands By Gay Remark
Gen. Peter Pace To Step Down
Gen.: Troop Surge Not Enough
General Defends Troop Levels
General Faces Confirmation
Generals Oppose Bush Plan
George Allen Still Hopeful
George W. Bush's Legacy
Georgia Gov. Prays For Rain
Georgia P.M. Asked To Resign
Georgia Requests Cease Fire
Georgian President On War
Gephardt Bows Out
Gephardt?s Point Of View
Gerald Ford Dead At 93
Gerald Ford Goes Home
Gerald Ford In Pictures
Gerald Ford's Legacy
Gerald Ford: War Hero
Getting Out The Vote
Getting Out The Vote
Getting Physical With Bush
Getting Saudi Arabia's Help
Getting Seniors To Vote
Getting The Ex-Pat Vote
Getting To Know Joe Biden
GI Mutiny In Iraq?
Gibbs On Health Care
Gibbs on New Afghan Strategy
Gillespie Weighs in On Miers
Gingrich Calls For D.C. Reform
Gingrich Criticizes DeLay
Gingrich Not Running Yet
Gingrich On Abramoff Scandal
Gingrich On Campaign '08
Gingrich: Sotomayor Is Racist
GIs In Iraq Eye Election
Gitmo Alternatives
Gitmo Ruling Analysis
Giuliani A Mixed Bag
Giuliani Addresses CPAC
Giuliani At GOP Debate
Giuliani Closes In On 2008 Bid
Giuliani Endorses McCain
Giuliani Eyes Presidential Run
Giuliani Heaps Praise On Palin
Giuliani Losing Steam?
Giuliani Needs A Florida Win
Giuliani On Fla. Loss
Giuliani On RNC Speech
Giuliani On The Iraq War
Giuliani Praises 9/11 Heroes
Giuliani Predicts Florida Win
Giuliani Snubs Firefighters
Giuliani Speaks Out
Giuliani Terror Trial Outrage
Giuliani Thanks God For Bush
Giuliani's Choice On Abortion
Giuliani's Expense Mess
Giuliani's Expense Scandal
Giuliani's Expenses Questioned
Giuliani's Family Matters
Giuliani's Night In Hospital
Giuliani: Gotta Be On Offense
Giuliani: We Have Work To Do
Give Back Money Or Else, AIG
Glenn Beck Leaning Libertarian
Glenn Beck On "Time" Cover
Glenn Beck On Flag Burning
Glenn Beck On Obama Racism
Global Force To Mideast?
Global Impact of BP Spill
Global Warming On G-8 Menu
Gloves Off At VP Debate
GM Gets Jump Start
GM Revs Up For Bankruptcy
Going Gray In Washington
Goldman Backlash
Goldman Execs Deny Charges
Goldman Family Reunited
Goldman Given the Business
Goldman Sachs Under Fire
Gonzales Admits To 'Confusion'
Gonzales Defends Eavesdropping
Gonzales Defends Firings
Gonzales Defends Spy Program
Gonzales In Controversy
Gonzales Is Gone
Gonzales Named For AG
Gonzales On Hot Seat
Gonzales On Immigration
Gonzales Pushes Damage Control
Gonzales Steps Down
Gonzales Takes The Blame
Gonzales Testifies At Senate
Gonzales Under Fire
Gonzales' Damage Control
Gonzales' House Testimony
Gonzales' Job On The Line
Gonzales: A Matter Of Time?
Gonzales: Blame Me
Gonzales: I Will Not Resign
Gonzales: Republicans Unhappy
Good And Bad Endorsements?
Good And Bad News For Edwards
Good News On Jobs
Good Will Tour
Good, Bad And Ugly Politics
Good, Bad, Ugly Of Campaigns
Goodbye To Bush Tax Cuts?
GOP 'Veepstakes'
GOP Ad Attacks Harold Ford Jr.
GOP Ads Target Obama
GOP Aims To Limit Foley Damage
GOP Alternative Wanted
GOP And Dem On McCain
GOP And Dems Recap
GOP Anticipates Palin Speech
GOP Appeals To Latino Voters
GOP Ashamed of Sanford
GOP Balks at Health Care Bill
GOP Blasts Bush
GOP Blocks Iraq Resolutions
GOP Bristles At Gitmo Closing
GOP Candidates Focus On Fla.
GOP Candidates Go After Votes
GOP Candidates Invoke Reagan
GOP Candidates' Soft Spots
GOP Chair on Obama Health Plan
GOP Chief On Last Bush Push
GOP Convention Kicks-Off
GOP Debate Analysis
GOP Debate Breakdown
GOP Debate Excites Residents
GOP Debate Focuses On Iraq
GOP Deems Kagan Inexperienced
GOP Defies Bush On Port Deal
GOP DeLay's 'Charity'
GOP Divided On Research
GOP Ethics Reversal
GOP Eyes Latino Vote In '08
GOP Frets Over Foley Scandal
GOP Front-Runners Analyzed
GOP Gov. Bashes Stimulus Plan
GOP Honors DeLay
GOP Hopefuls Debate Again
GOP Hopefuls Face Off
GOP Hopefuls Line Up For '08
GOP Hopes For Bipartisanship
GOP In Obama Cabinet?
GOP Keeps Calif. District
GOP Keeps Iowa Debate Clean
GOP Keeps Senate Majority
GOP Launches New Attacks
GOP Leaders Discuss Foley Case
GOP Leaders Support Bush Plan
GOP Minority In Big City
GOP Nomination An Open Race
GOP Nomination Race Analysis
GOP Not Optimistic About '08
GOP On Alito Confirmation
GOP on Health Care Summit
GOP Opposes Iraq Timetable
GOP Opposition Towards McCain?
GOP Outburst Sparks Outrage
GOP Paints Obama As A Risk
GOP Pares Down RNC
GOP Race Heats Up
GOP Race Heats Up Florida
GOP Race Remains Fluid
GOP Rallies For McCain-Palin
GOP Rep Confronted Foley
GOP Rep. Resigns Over Bribes
GOP Sen. Blocks Jobs Bill
GOP Senator Backs Health Bill
GOP Stalls Healthcare Bill
GOP Stands By Sanford
GOP Starts On Campaign 2008
GOP Struggles To Keep Control
GOP Support Fades For Iraq War
GOP Swings At Obama
GOP Talks Economy In Michigan
GOP Targets Obama
GOP Targets Stimulus Bill
GOP Threats 'Unacceptable'
GOP Torn Over Romney Departure
GOP Wary Of Auto Bailout
GOP Wins in NJ and Va.
GOP's "Bleeding Heart" Passes
GOP's Friendly Faceoff
GOP's Handling Of Larry Craig
GOP's Year Of The Woman
GOP, Dems Face Off On Economy
GOP, Dems Slam Bailout Bill
GOPs Gavotte For Position
GOPs In 3-Way For Michigan
Gordon Brown's Gaffe
Gore Attends Nobel Ceremony
Gore Blasts Bush
Gore Calls On U.S. To Go Green
Gore Campaign Rumors Abound
Gore on Climate Change Critics
Gore Praises Copenhagen Summit
Gore To Back Dean
Gore's 360-Degree Turnaround
Gore's Climate Solution
Gore's Goals Are 'Vital'
Gore: Environment Under Attack
Gore: Go Green In 10 Years
Gore: No Intention To Run
Gov't Auto Woes with Toyota
Gov. Barbour On Rebuilding
Gov. Corzine Resumes Duties
Gov. Crist Bolts from GOP
Gov. Paterson On Senate Seat
Gov. Pressed to Act Over BP
Gov. Richardson On Rumsfeld
Gov. Romney For President?
Gov. Sanford Admits Affair
Gov. Sanford: I Hurt You All
Gov. Sarah Palin Resigns
Gov. Schwarzenegger On Mend
Gov. Vacations At Your Expense
Gov: 'I Am A Gay American'
Government Hypocrisy
Government Waste
Government's Financial Spying
Graceful In Defeat
Grading Kerry's Speech
Grading No Child Left Behind
Grading The Debate
Grandma Sarah Palin
Grapes Of Taxpayers' Wrath?
Grass Roots Campaign
Gravel Responds To Critics
Green Card Envy
Greenfield On Bloomberg
Greenfield On Clinton, McCain
Greenfield On Democrat Debate
Greenfield On GOP Debate
Greenfield On GOP Debate
Greenfield On GOP Debate
Greenfield On Spitzer
Greenspan On Housing Crisis
Greenspan On Mortgage Meltdown
Greenspan On Past & Future
Greenspan On Rising Inflation
Greenspan Speaks At Last
Gridlock On Terror Bill
Grilling The Governator
Ground Zero Taking Shape
Group To Urge Anti-Kerry Film
Group Wants President Arnold
Growing GOP Concern
Growing Rift Over Iraq War
Growing Up Clinton
Guantanamo Closing
Guantanamo Detainees In Limbo
Guantanamo Setbacks
Guard Forces Overstretched?
Gulf Coast Reacts to Hearing
Gulf Coast States Fed Up
Gulf Devastation Cleanup
Gulf of Mexico Burning
Gulf Residents Fear Hurricanes
Gun Control An Issue In Va.
Gun Raffle In Virginia
Guns And The Campaign Trail
H1N1 National Emergency
H1N1 Outbreak in Afghanistan
H1N1 Vaccine and Pregnancies
H1N1 Vaccine Highly Effective
H1N1 Vaccine Supply Low
Hadley On Afghan Christian
Hadley On NSA Uproar & Privacy
Hadley On Security In Iraq
Hagel Not Running, Yet
Hagel: Anarchy In Iraq
Haiti Ambassador on Disaster
Haiti Halt International Aid?
Haiti: The Long Road Back
Halliburton Probe Expands
Halliburton Under Fire
Halloween Hockey Moms
Halloween On The Trail
Hamas Leader Talks Peace
Hamas Takes Over Parliament
Hamas Win Undercuts U.S.
Hamid Karzai's Leadership
Hammering Out Immigration Laws
Handling Iran Crisis
Handshake Hurts Cindy McCain
Happy Birthday Ms. Thomas
Hard Choices For The Edwardses
Hard Sell for Health Reform
Harry's Blues: Bipartisan Hit
Harsh Words For Iran, Syria
Has Baghdad Become Safer?
Has Dean?s Popularity Peaked?
Hasan's Electronic Trail
Hastert Faces New Allegation
Hastert In Hot Water
Hastert On Foley Ethics Probe
Hastert Sorry For Page Scandal
Hastert Stands His Ground
Hastert To Testify In Probe
Hastert's Not Stepping Down
Hastert: 'The Buck Stops Here'
Hate Speech Analyzed
Hayden Firm On Wiretapping
Hayden Hearings Begin
Hayden To Head CIA
Hayden's Ex-Agency In Trouble?
Hayden's Road To Confirmation
Heading To Washington
Health A Hot Campaign Topic
Health Bill May Cost Dems