Politics - Videos

Dems Hardly Debate In Iowa
Dems Head To S.C.
Dems Hit The Trail
Dems Hits Up Hoosiers
Dems In S.C. On MLK Day
Dems Lack Bipartisanship?
Dems Locked In Dead Heat
Dems Majority in Jeopardy
Dems On Defense
Dems Prepare For Protesters
Dems Propose Withdrawal Plan
Dems Push Reform by Holidays
Dems Push to Pass Health Bill
Dems React To Lieberman Loss
Dems Respond To Iraq Report
Dems Seek Cheney Answers
Dems Shutdown The Senate
Dems Skeptical Of Border Plan
Dems Spar For Top Spot
Dems Spar Over Gas Crisis
Dems Split On Gas Tax Holiday
Dems Taking on Reform Alone?
Dems Target Superdelegates
Dems To Bush: Aim At Big Oil
Dems To Kick Off Convention
Dems Try To Spin Lost Vote
Dems Turn At GOP V.P. Pick
Dems Wait, McCain Flexes
Dems Want Rove Canned
Dems Weigh Delegate Dilemma
Dems' Debate Gets Snippy
Dems' Do Or Die Primaries
Dems' Dream Team
Dems' Fighting May Hurt Party
Dems' Healthcare Hurdles
Dems' Iraq Pullout Bill Fails
Dems' Spending Bill Concerns
Dems, GOP And Palin
Dems, GOP Get Tough On Economy
Dems: Biden On His Game
Dems: Health Care Not Dead
Dependence on Foreign Energy
Deputy AG McNulty To Resign
Desperate Times
Details Of Libby's Indictment
Detroit Mayor Behind Bars
Detroit Mayor In Hot Water
Deval Patrick Shares His Story
Deval Patrick's Long Road
Devastating Iraqi Bombings
Diagnosing Dementia
Dick Cheney Hospitalized
Did Bush OK Iraq Leak?
Did Bush Sanction Torture?
Did Bush Sway Undecideds?
Did Bush Sway Undecideds?
Did Clinton Suffer From Image?
Did Edwards Hit A Home Run?
Did Goldman Commit Fraud?
Did Gonzales Tell The Truth?
Did Huckabee Go Too Far?
Did Obama Score On Primetime?
Did Obama's Speech Work?
Did Terror Suspect Act Alone?
Did Wall Street Firm Commit
Differences In Candidates
Differing Views On Iraq Plan
Difficult Days In Afghanistan
Diminishing Rage in Militias
Diners Key In N.H. Elections?
Diplomacy In Danger?
Diplomacy Push For Cease-Fire
Diplomacy To Tackle Nuke Claim
Diplomatic Footwork
Dirty Political Tricks
Disaster Fatigue?
Disgusted N.J. Residents Vote
Dismal Report On Iraq
Dismantling The CIA?
Disputes Over School Speech
Dissatisfied with Washington
Dissecting The Bush Legacy
Ditka Slams NFLPA Benefits
Divide Over Port Control
Divided On Immigration Bill
Divisive Senate Seat
Divisive Talks At G-8 Summit
DNC Chair on Senate Plan
DNC Speech Breakdown
Do Formal Debates Matter?
Do Guns Belong On Campus?
Do Political Ads Work?
Doctors Clear Cheney
Dodd On Iraq & His Campaign
Does Faith Help Or Hurt Mitt?
Does Hillary's Husband Help?
Dole Loses Senate Seat
Domestic Issues In Midwest
Domestic Spying Debate
Domestic Spying Hearings Loom
Domestic Surveillance Debate
Domestic Terrorism Fears Rise
Don't Rock The Boat
Don't Tread On Me
Donald Rumsfeld Under Fire
Donors, Bailouts & Politics
Double Blow For Edwards Clan
Double-Dealing Lobbyist?
Doubts About Negroponte
Dowd On Anti-Bush Book
Down To The Wire In Iowa
Dr. Phil On Palin Scrutiny
Drawing Support For Miers
Dreading The Draft
Drew Carey's Pot Campaign
Drill Ban Blocked
Drilling Industry in Turmoil
Drive-Thru Voting
Driven By Fear
Drug Use In Amsterdam
Drug War Rampant in Tijuana
Dubai Pulls Out Of Port Deal
Dueling In Dairyland
Dueling Marijuana Laws
Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal
Dunn Speaks After Indictment
Durbin Grills Alito On Roe
Durbin On Immigration Reform
Durbin On NSA Media Report
Durbin: Wrong Way On Iraq
E-Day For Gray Davis
E-mails Betrayed Sanford
Early Battleground Report
Early In Ohio, Pennsylvania
Early Palestinian Elections
Early Postcard: Alliance, Ohio
Early Postcard: Columbia, Mo.
Early Results Analysis
Early To Bed, Early To Vote
Early Voting At Record Levels
Early Voting Test
Earmark Project Questioned
Earmark Reality Check
Earmarks Linked To Campaign $$
Economic Bailout & Politics
Economic Critics Blast Obama
Economic Politicking
Economic Power Shift
Economic Reality Check
Economists Question Obama
Economy Is Bush's Business
Edwards Ad: 'Rigged'
Edwards Affair Unfolds
Edwards Aggressive In Iowa
Edwards Aide: Obama Can Win
Edwards Announces '08 Run
Edwards Camp Focuses On Iowa
Edwards Campaign Forges Ahead
Edwards Comments
Edwards Courts Workers
Edwards Coy On Endorsement
Edwards Draws Strength In Iowa
Edwards Endorses Obama
Edwards Endorses Obama
Edwards Faces Real Challenge
Edwards Heads South
Edwards Hit The Campaign Trail
Edwards In Dead Heat In Iowa
Edwards Looks To S.C.
Edwards Makes It Official
Edwards On Campaign And Bhutto
Edwards On Corporate Greed
Edwards On Finishing Second
Edwards On Presidency, Ford
Edwards On The Middle East
Edwards Pitches Party Unity
Edwards Quits, Backs Kerry
Edwards Rallies Supporters
Edwards Running On Adrenaline
Edwards Sets Sights On Iowa
Edwards Shakes Off Nev. Loss
Edwards Short On Time
Edwards Stays On Message
Edwards Talks Victory
Edwards Targets Hillary
Edwards Wife Stumps In Iowa
Edwards Win Projected In S.C.
Edwards' Account Challenged
Edwards' Cancer News
Edwards' Child out of Wedlock
Edwards' First Appearance
Edwards' Honesty Questioned
Edwards' Last Stand?
Edwards' Populist Momentum
Edwards' Triumph Over Tragedy
Edwards's Ideas For Change
Edwards-Coulter Showdown
Edwards: '04 vs. '08
Edwards: 'Campaign Goes On'
Edwards: 'This Could Kill Her'
Edwards: Obama Will Unite Dems
Edwards? Home-Field Sweep
Eighth Anniversary of 9/11
Elder Bush Honors Gerald Ford
Elder Bush Sees Dirty Politics
Election Day Arrives
Election Day Recap
Election Day SWAT teams
Election Day Update From Ohio
Election Day Ups & Downs
Election Effects Felt Abroad
Election Eve Afghan Mission
Election Night Recap
Election Night Recap
Election Night, 2009
Election Winners, Losers
Elections Impacted By Foley?
Electoral Map Blues
Electoral Map In Motion
Electronic Voting Angst
Electronic Voting Problems
Elena Kagan is S.C. Nominee
Elena Kagan Stays Tough
Elena Kagan's Background
Elizabeth Edwards On Cancer
Elizabeth's Untold Story
Ellen Prods McCain On Gays
Emergency High Stakes Bail Out
Emotions Run High In Hearings
End In Iraq May Be Near
End Of Deep Throat Mystery?
End Of Immigration Bill?
End Of The Road For Rudy?
End-of-Life Debate
Energy Policy Fuels Hot Debate
English The National Language?
Entering The World Stage
Environmentalists Assail Palin
EPA Behind In Toxic Research
EPA Proposes Ozone Reductions
EPA's Chief Criticized
EPA: Greenhouse Gases Harmful
Erasing Political Cartoonists
Erroneous Exit Polls
Ethics Crash Course
Ethics Questions Dog DeLay
Eugene McCarthy Dies
Evan Bayh
Evan Bayh to Leave Senate
Evangelical Issues Change
Evangelical Politics
Eve Of GOP Convention
Even Better Stimulus
Events To Impact Election?
Evidence Of Injustice
Ex EPA Chief Defends 9/11 Role
Ex-Aide Contradicts Gonzales
Ex-Aide's Words Wound Gonzales
Ex-Congressional Page Queried
Ex-Congressman Enters Rehab
Ex-Felons Get Voting Rights
Ex-FEMA Chief On Katrina Tape
Ex-FEMA Chief On Katrina Tapes
Ex-FEMA Director Testifies
Ex-FEMA Head On Hot Seat
Ex-Gonzales Aide Backs Firings
Ex-Gonzales Aide On Firings
Ex-Illinois Governor Convicted
Ex-Pres. Bush Gets Emotional
Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton
Ex-Rep. Caught On Tape
Ex-Top Doc Muzzled?
Excerpts From Obama's Speech
Exclusive: Buckley On Bush
Exclusive: Bush Interview
Exclusive: Defense Sec. Gates
Exclusive: Obama On Bin Laden
Exclusive: Obama On Campaign
Exclusive: Sarah Palin
Exclusive: Sarah Palin Part II
Exclusive: Tony Blair On Peace
Exclusive: U.S. Special Forces
Exclusive: UN Security
Excuses, Excuses
Executive Branch Rift?
Exit Strategy for Afghanistan
Expensive Health Care Bill
Expert Discusses Plan For Iraq
Expert Discusses Spy Flap
Expert On Al Qaeda, Russia
Expert On Bush's Iraq Plan
Expert On G-8 Summit Progress
Expert On Gaza Violence
Expert On Gaza Violence
Expert On General's Strategy
Expert On Libby Reprieve
Expert On Saudi-U.S. Future
Expert On State Of Iraq War
Expert On U.S-Russia Tension
Expert: Energy Policy Flawed
Experts On Campaign '08
Experts On Intel Weakness
Experts Weigh In On Campaigns
Explaining Health Care Reform
Explosive Set Off on Plane
Explosives Mystery Unravels
Eye On Attack Ads
Eye On Blue Collar Voters
Eye On Estate Tax
Eye On Feds' Bailout
Eye On First-Lady Fashion
Eye On Israeli Offensive
Eye On Joe Biden
Eye On Key Battleground States
Eye On Overtime Pay
Eye On Social Security
Eye On Social Security
Eye On The Elusive Iowa Voters
Eye On The Final Debate
Eye On Undecided Voters
Eye On Wisconsin Primary
Eye To Eye: 110th Congress
Eye To Eye: 110th Congress
Eye To Eye: A Numbers Game
Eye To Eye: Al Gore
Eye To Eye: Barack Obama
Eye To Eye: Barack Obama
Eye To Eye: Battle For N.H.
Eye To Eye: Bin Laden On Tape
Eye To Eye: Buffett's Tax Code
Eye To Eye: Buffett's Tax Code
Eye to Eye: Bundling For Favor
Eye To Eye: Campaign Kids
Eye To Eye: Campaign Web Sites
Eye To Eye: Caucus 101
Eye To Eye: Choosing A VP
Eye To Eye: Clinton Roundtable
Eye To Eye: Condoleezza Rice
Eye To Eye: Edwards Exits Race
Eye To Eye: Electoral States
Eye To Eye: Falwell Remembered
Eye To Eye: Gen. Petraeus
Eye To Eye: General Petraeus
Eye To Eye: George Mitchell
Eye To Eye: Hillary Clinton
Eye To Eye: Hillary Clinton
Eye To Eye: Homeland Security
Eye To Eye: John McCain
Eye To Eye: John McCain
Eye To Eye: Making Presidents
Eye To Eye: McCain On Mideast
Eye To Eye: McCain's Next Move
Eye To Eye: McClellan
Eye To Eye: Michelle Obama
Eye To Eye: Michelle Obama
Eye To Eye: Obama And McCain
Eye To Eye: Obama Presidency
Eye To Eye: Obama's Final Push
Eye To Eye: Obama's War Room
Eye To Eye: Pakistan Turmoil
Eye To Eye: Primary Voices
Eye To Eye: Romney v. Giuliani
Eye To Eye: Spitzer Scandal
Eye To Eye: The McCains
Eye To Eye: Truth On The Trail
Eye To Eye: UAW President
Eye To Eye: Voter Turnout
Eye to Eye: Voting With Heart
Eye To Eye: Waxman On Gonzales
Eye To Eye: Youth Vote
Eyesight for Sore Eyes
FAA Inspectors Cry Foul
Face The Nation, 08.02.09
Face The Nation, 08.16.09
Facing Heat At Home & Abroad
Fact Check: Democratic Debate
Factory Flight Axes Jobs
Failure Linking Ft. Hood Dots
Failure Pressures Washington
Failures In Reconstruction
Faith And Campaign 2008
Faith Effect
Faith In Washington, D.C.
Faith-Based Programs Dispute
Fakes On A Plane
Fallen Heroes
Fallon On Success In Iraq
Fallout From NIE Report
Fallout Over Senate Report
Fallout Over Stem Cell Veto
Family Safety, Post-9/11
Famous White House Transitions
Fannie & Freddie Mar Taxpayers
Farewell To A Hero
Farewell To A President
Farm Subsidies For The Rich?
Fast Draw: Election Prediction
Fast Draw: Money Matters
Fast Draw: Super Delegates
Father And Son Spies?
Faux Bin Laden Foils Security
Favorites In The Media?
FBI Boss On Patriot Act Abuse
FBI Incriminates Blackwater
FBI Investigates Rep. Murtha
FBI Launch Urgent Terror Hunt
FDA Reform
FDA Reform Bill
Fears Over Iran Missile Tests
Fed Faces U.S. Housing Crisis
Fed Key to Recovery
Fed Overpays $78B For Stocks
Fed Slashes Interest Rates
Fed to Regulate Bank Salaries
Fed's Role in Katrina Flooding
Fed's Security Breach
Federal Air Program Questioned
Feds: Economy Needs Rescuing
Feinstein: 'Don't Smirk'
Feisty Palin Rips Obama
FEMA After Katrina
FEMA Aware Of Toxic Fumes
FEMA Chief Gets Blamed
FEMA's Fire Plan Burned
FEMA's Spending Lambasted
FEMA's Toxic Trailer Fallout
Female Dems. Launch Website
Female Swing State Voters
Female Voters Tune Into Palin
Ferraro Defends Her Comments
Feud over Supreme Court
Few Gulf Delegates Leave RNC
Fierce Fighting in Marjah
Fiery Words In Black Churches
Fight For Ferret Freedom
Fight For Florida
Fight for Political Survival
Fight Over Filibusters
Fight To The Finish
Fighting for a Public Option
Fighting For Child Safety
Fighting For Swing Votes
Fighting For The Working Class
Fighting H1N1, Drug Cartels
Fighting Identity Theft
Fighting Off The Taliban
Filibuster Deal Analysis
Filibuster Fight Analysis
Filibuster Showdown
Filibuster Showdown To Spark
Filling The Kerik Gap
Final Campaign Day
Final Primary Night Analysis
Final Push For Super Tuesday
Final Report: No WMD In Iraq
Final Report: No WMDs
Finance Reform Message Debate
Financial Notebook: Jobs Bill
Financial Overhaul
Financial Oversight Upgrade
Financial Reform Debate Begins
Financial Reform Fight
Financial Reform in New York
Financial Reform Push
Financial Reform: GOP vs. Dems
Finding Answers After Katrina
Finding Internet Predators
Finding Souter's Replacement
Fines For Illegal Immigrants
Fire Season In The West
Fired Prosecutor Shares Story
Fired Prosecutors Testify
Fires Flare At GOP Debate
Fireworks In Campaign '08
Fireworks In The Senate
Firing Squad Execution Set
Firing Up the Base
First Boomer Reminisces
First Choice?
First Debate Seen Crucial
First Dog's Holiday Cam
First Flu Cases Appear
First Kerry-Edwards Ad
First Lady Grilled by Girl
First Lady Hopefuls
First Lady in Mexico
First Lady Laura Bush Talks
First Lady On "Difficult Year"
First Lady On Drug Cartels
First Lady On G-8, Africa Trip
First Lady's Big Bro
First Lady's Popularity Soars
First Lady: Defeat Terror
First Lady?s Cancer Scare
Five McCain Staffers Resign
Five Things About Obama
Five Voting Dos & Don'ts
Fixing The Global Economy