Health - Videos

Hi-Tech Thermometers
Hidden Danger of Pallets
Hidden Danger On Boats
High Blood Pressure Risk
High Carbs Are Healthy, Too
High Fructose Corn Syrup
High Heel Danger
High Heels and Foot Pain
High Hopes For New Diet Pill
High School Steroid Testing
High Tech Goggles In O.R.
High Temps, Low Cholesterol?
High Voltage Helping Teens?
High-Tech Heart Gadgets
High-Tech Mind Power
High-Tech Workouts And Gear
Higher Women Stroke Risk?
Hillary Better After Fainting
Hillary Defends Health Plan
Historic Medicare Bill
HIV Scare Hits High School
HIV Therapy Tested
HIV Vaccine on the Horizon?
HIV Vaccine Shows Promise
HMO Incentives
Holiday Flu Travel Perils
Holiday Foot Pain
Holiday Health Hazards
Holiday Health Tips
Holiday Travel Health Tips
Home And Office Health Hazards
Home Births Gaining Popularity
Home Fire Safety Tips
Home Nurses Save Newborns
Home Sick with H1N1?
Home Workout 101
Homecare Providers Cut Back
Homeless Patient Forced Out
Homes For An Aging Population
Hope For Alzheimer's Patients
Hope For Brain Cancer Patients
Hope For Diabetic Moms
Hope For Insomniacs
Hope For New Cancer Treatment
Hope For Parkinson Patients
Hope For Shingles Victims
Hope For The Hairless
Hope For The Paralyzed
Hope For Vision Deterioration
Hope For War's Wounded
Hope In Fight Against Melanoma
Hope In Ovarian Cancer Fight
Hormone Debate Continues
Hormone Key To Teen Behavior
Hormone Repl. Therapy Latest
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone Therapy For Women
Hormone Therapy Study
Hormones May Help Burn Fat
Hormones, Health and Happiness
Hospital Disclosure Debate
Hospital Dying For Cash
Hospital Infection Tragedy
Hospital Practices Under Fire
Hospital Saves Money and Lives
Hospital Ship Tackles Haiti
Hospital Stats On The Internet
Hospitals Linked To Fraud
Hospitals Prepare for H1N1
Hospitals Want "Up Front" Cash
Hot Weather Workouts
House Call: Sick Kids
Household Drugs
Household Hotspots For Germs
How Did They Get 60 Votes?
How Food is Produced
How Glaucoma Works
How Hypnosis Works
How Men Can Age Gracefully
How Much To Eat
How Nifty is Fifty?
How Old Is Too Old To Drive?
How Safe Are Your Drugs?
How Safe Is Our Water?
How Sleeping Affects Aging
How Stress Affects Your Skin
How Stress Harms Health
How Texting Could Kill You
How To Avoid Holiday Stress
How To Beat Heart Problems
How To Buy Cosmeceuticals
How To Catch a Liar
How To Choose A Pharmacy
How To Combat Swine Flu
How To Do The Heimlich
How To Dump Your Doc
How To Fill Up, Cut The Fat
How To Fix Your Bad Breath
How To Get More Sleep, Sex
How To Keep Resolutions
How To Quit Smoking
How To Regulate Supplements?
How To Stop Spreading Germs
How To Survive An Avalanche
How To Treat Adult Acne
How TV Affects Young Kids
How Your Brain Handles Stress
HPV Drug Approval
HPV Drug's Safety Scrutinized
HPV Vaccine & Cancer
HPV Vaccine A Success
HPV Vaccine Concerns
HPV Vaccine Risks
HPV Vaccine Side Effects
HRT And Breast Cancer
Human Egg Donations Debate
Human Flu Pandemic Worries
Human Food Proteins At Risk?
Human Guinea Pigs
Humans, Horses, And Autism
Hurdles for Health Reform
Hurdles For Healthcare Reform
Hurricane Baby Boom
Hurricane Health Watch
Hurricane Katrina And Health
Hurricane Precautions
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Hypnosis Instead Of Anesthetic
Hysterectomy Alternative?
Hysterectomy, A Better Way
I'm Not A Baby!
Ibuprofen Stops Alzheimer's?
If Pregnant, Mercury Is Fishy
Ignore Prostate Cancer At 75+?
Illegal Internet Drug Sales
Immune System Winter Blues
Impact Of Music On Teen Sex
Implantable Birth Control
Import Safety Breached
Importance of Colonoscopies
Improve Your Game With Pilates
Improving With Age
Improving Your Health Literacy
Improving Your Memory
Improving Your Sex Life
In History: AIDS Epidemic
In Meds We Trust
In New Surgery, Heart Stays On
In Search Of A 'Cool Mom'
In The Mood For Love
In Vitro Fertilization Study
In-Flight Blood Clots
In-Vitro Options For Women
Income, Health Coverage Linked
Increasing Medical Literacy
Incredible Bionic Hand
Incurable Staph Infections
Indoor Allergy Help
Ineffective Cancer Test
Infant Abuse Exposed
Infant Brain Protection
Infant Cooling Caps
Infant Overdoses
Infant Potty Training
Infertility Breakthrough
Inhalant Use Rising For Tweens
Inhaled Insulin Approved
Innovative Book Modernized
Innovative Face Transplant
Innovative Treatment Saves Leg
Innovator Improves Elder Care
Inside Diprivan Addiction
Inside Face Transplants
Inside Jaycee's Mind
Inside Suicidal Depression
Inside The New Drug Benefit
Insight Into Breast Cancer
Insurance Co.'s Anger Citizens
Insurance Coverage Debate
Insurance Fraud
Insured Americans Skeptical
Insurers Slam Health Reform
Intergenerational Daycare
Interpreting Food Labels
Introducing Dogs To Children
Investigating Anthrax's DNA
Investigating Jackson's Death
Invisible Pet Allergens
Iowa's Mump Mystery
Irritable Male Syndrome
Is 60 The New 50?
Is Bottled Better?
Is Cancer On The Decline?
Is Cloned Meat Safe?
Is Coffee Dehydrating?
Is Coffee Healthy?
Is Decaffeinated Coffee Bad?
Is Fire Retardant Harmful?
Is Food Safety Compromised?
Is HPV Vaccine Safe?
Is Hubby Making You Chubby?
Is Laughter Contagious?
Is Less Praise More?
Is Marijuana Medicine?
Is Obesity Contageous?
Is Obesity Contagious?
Is Obesity Contagious?
Is Organic Produce Healthier?
Is Salt Deadly?
Is SpongeBob Making Kids Fat?
Is Tuna Safe To Eat?
Is Your Heart A Ticking Bomb?
Is Your Meat Really Fresh?
Is Your Sunscreen Working?
Israel's Wall Irks Farmers
It's All About Bacon
It's All In The Tea
It's In Your Blood
IVF the Only Option?
Jackie Chan's Bird Flu PSA
Jackson Death Ruled Homicide
Jackson Doc Under Scrutiny
Jackson's Insomnia Drugs
Jacob's Journey With Autism
Jail Before Gym?
Jalapeno Warning In Effect
Jane Robelot's Robotic Surgery
Japan Rethinks Breast Implants
Japan's Fat Problem
Japan's Sushi Crisis
Java Around the World
Jennifer Jicka's Intervention
Jobs Back On The Job
John McEnroe, Cancer Advocate
John Mellencamp On New Album
Jon And Kate Breakup Reality
Jude Milner's 'Fat Free' Book
Juice's Role In Obesity
Junk Food Lawsuit
Junk Food TV For Kids
Justice Ginsburg In Hospital
Kansas City Mulls Smoking Ban
Karate Helps Kids Kick Cancer
Katie Stands Up To Cancer
Katrina FEMA Trailer Turmoil
Katrina Gives Sick Boy Hope
Katrina Health Crisis
Katrina Overwhelms Hospitals
Katrina's Effect On Kids
Katrina's Health Risks
Keep Your Cool In Extreme Heat
Keep Your Heart Healthy
Keep Your Weight Resolutions
Keeping A Healthy Brain
Keeping A Healthy Heart
Keeping An Eye On Flu Season
Keeping Babies Safe
Keeping Calm At The Airport
Keeping Cholesterol In Check
Keeping Dad Healthy
Keeping Dad Healthy
Keeping Dads Healthy
Keeping It Safe When You Grill
Keeping Kids From Drowning
Keeping Kids In Shape
Keeping Kids Poison-Free
Keeping New Year Resolutions
Keeping NFL Hearts Healthy
Keeping Pills Away From Kids
Keeping Stress At Bay
Keeping The Mind Sharp
Keeping The Weight Off
Keeping Your Memory Sharp
Kellogg Cuts Back On Sugar
Kennedy Surgery Successful
Kennedy's Health Analyzed
Kennedy's Successful Surgery
Key Foods To Getting Flat Abs
KFC To Ditch Trans-Fat Oil
Kick Starting Your Diet
Kickin' It Old School
Kicking Cancer's Butt
Kicking The Coffee Habit
Kid's Medicine Debate
Kid-Deadly Flu?
Kiddie Tylenol Recalled
Kiddie Weightlifters
Kidney Transplant Chain
Kids & Anti-Depressants
Kids & Cold Medicine
Kids & Hot Weather Workouts
Kids & Skin Cancer
Kids & Sports Injuries
Kids & Summer Safety
Kids & Tooth Decay
Kids And 'Syndrome X'
Kids And Asthma
Kids And Heart Disease
Kids And Psychiatric Drugs
Kids And Summer Heat
Kids And The Flu
Kids Clamor For Cocoa Puffs
Kids Coping With Tsunami Scare
Kids Dying In Cars
Kids Getting Weight Grades
Kids Helmet Safety
Kids Killed By Tipping TVs
Kids Lack Health Insurance
Kids Meals Not So Healthy
Kids Need To Hear "No"
Kids On Tourette's Documentary
Kids Safety On Park Rides
Kids Vs. Cancer
Kids With Bipolar Disorder
Kids' Choking Dangers
Kids' Cold Meds Ineffective
Kids' Deadly Choking Game
Kids' Healthy Eating Habits
Kids' Mental Illness Reports
Kids, Dentists and the Economy
Kids: Danger Of Low Vitamin D
Killer 'Superbug' Prevalent
Killer Riptides
Killing Cancer With Heat
Kissing Hello Goodbye
Kit Teaches CPR Technique
Kitchen Fire 411
Kitty Dukakis And ECT
Knee Replacements For Women
Know Your Heart Score
L.A.'s Free Medical Care
Labor Drug Under Fire
Labor Inducing Drug Unsafe?
Lack Of Sleep Tied To Obesity
Laila Ali Shares Baby Stories
Lance Armstrong In Training
Landmark Heart Study
Landmark Ruling On Drug Cases
Landmark Surgery Removes Tumor
Landmark Surgery Survivor
Larger Sizes, Big Bucks
Laser Lipo Has Faster Recovery
Latest Health News
Latest Health News
Latest Health News
Latest Workout Equipment
Laughter Good For The Heart
Laughter, The Best Medicine
Laura Bush's Hearty Campaign
Lawsuit Against Vytorin Makers
Lead Toy Dangers
Lead-Tainted Toys Recalled
Learning About ADHD
Learning About Lupus
Learning From Leukemia Twins
Learning From Your Dark Side
Learning More About Trans Fats
Learning To Live With Cancer
Leeches Make Medical Comeback
Leeches, Maggots & Medicine
Leeza Gibbons On Alzheimer's
Leeza Takes On 'Memory Thief'
Leftover Facials
Lens Solution Warning
Less Invasive Hysterectomies
Less Pain After Knee Surgery
Lesser-Known Smoking Dangers
Lessons In Innovation
Let the Debate Begin
Lethal Drug Found At MJ Home
Lettuce Recall Issued
Lieberman's Stand on Bill
Life After Breast Cancer
Life After Stroke
Life and Death Decision
Life and Death Decisions
Life Support Cut Off
Life With MS
Life-Saving Efforts Continue
Life-Saving Goats?
Life-Saving Line Drive?
Life-Saving Techniques For GIs
Lifesaver Or Risky Test?
Lifesaving 101
Lifesaving Gene Discovery
Lifestyle Changes To Fight Flu
Lifetime Flu Vaccine?
Lifting Weights and Spirits
Light Up, Get Fired
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Likely E. Coli Source Found
Limited Soda Ban In Schools
Limiting Damage From Diabetes
Limiting Food Allergy Risks
Linda Armstrong Thanks Lance
Link Between Antibiotic, Teeth
Link Between Carbs And Cancer
Lipo Lunch Break
Listen To Your Body Talk
Literacy in Developing World
Little Berry Has Big Benefits
Little Girl's Heart Miracle
Little Mermaid's Big Surgery
Live CT Scan
Live Heart Scans
Live Longer With Super Foods
Live To Be 100
Liver Donation Billboard Plea
Living A Long Life
Living Cancer-Free
Living Lean and Green
Living Longer And Better
Living Longer ? And Better?
Living Well With Heart Disease
Living With Autism
Living with Dementia
Living With HIV
Living With OCD
Lobsters Get Nasty Disease
Lohan's Sobering Rehab Stint
Loneliness' Impact On Health
Lonely? You're Not Alone
Long Term Insurance Trouble
Longer Waits Plague ER
Look Better Naked
Look Both Ways Before Crossing
Look for H1N1 Symptoms
Look Good, Feel Great Cookbook
Looking At The Long Term
Looking Back At Women's Health
Looking For An Edge
Lose Weight By Adding Pounds?
Lose Weight Or Pay The Price
Losing Sleep Over School
Losing Weight Can't Wait
Losing Weight With Latin Food
Love At First Scent?
Love Bites
Love is Blind
Love Life After Baby
Love of the Irish
Low Carbs And Heart Health
Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat
Low-Carb Or Low-Fat?
Low-Carb Truths Revealed
Low-Down On Five Taboo Foods
Low-Fat Diet & Cancer
Lowdown On Obesity Surgery
Lower Cholesterol For Seniors
Lunch Box Worries
Lung Cancer Discovery
Lung Cancer Screening
Lung Cancer Screening Debate
Lung Cancer's Genetic Link
Lyme Disease Hits Record High
Lyme Disease On The Rise
Lyme Disease Quiz
Mad Cow Confirmed
Mad Cow Identified In Alabama
Mad Cow Prevention
Mad Cow Scare
Magazine's Best Hospital List
Magnetic Treatments A Waste
Main St. Debates Healthcare
Make Mammograms Routine
Making A Good Brain Great
Making Babies Smarter
Making Healthy Food Taste Good
Making Hospitals Safer
Making Sense Of Statins
Mammogram Controversy
Mammogram Alternatives
Mammogram Concerns
Mammogram Confusion
Mammogram Debate Continues
Mammogram Guidelines Debate
Mammogram Guidelines Explained
Mammogram Q & A
Mammograms On The Decline
Man Gets Nail In Brain
Man Has Less-Serious TB Form
Man's Best Friend
Managing Chronic Pain
Managing Holiday Hangovers
Managing Menstruation
Managing Multiple Medications
Managing Your Metabolism
Mandated Health Insurance?
Mandatory Cancer Vaccine?
Mandatory HIV Testing?
Manly Organic Meals
Manufacturing Body Parts
Many Meds Not Tested in Kids
Many Rape Kits Go Untested
Marathon Man
Marathon Marriage
Marijuana Treats Help Boy?
Marijuana's Medicinal Use
Marine's Cancer Misdiagnosed?
Marital Stress & Your Health