The Early Show - Videos

Airline Molestation Accusation
Airline Safety Under Scrutiny
Airline Seats Too Small?
Airline Travel Frustration
Airliner Crashes into Sea
Airlines Losing Big
Airlines Pinching Pennies
Airlines Raising Fees
Airplane Bird Strikes Up
Airplane Evacuation Procedures
Airplane Safety Questioned
Airport Bag Screeners Steal?
Airport Death Revelations
Airport Getaway
Airport Investigation
Airport Timeliness
Airport Travel Tips
Airport X-Ray Device Debuts
Airports Focus on Terror
Airports Remain At Risk
Airstrike Aimed For Al-Zarqawi
Aisha Tyler On 'Ghost'
Ajami's 'The Foreigner's Gift'
Akio Toyoda to Apologize
Al and Tipper Gore's Split
Al Franken On DNC, Bush
Al Gore On Global Warning
Al Gore's Climate Crisis Goals
Al Gore's Son Arrested
Al Qaeda Big Busted
Al Qaeda Bust In California?
Al Qaeda Claims Hotel Attacks
Al Qaeda Documents Revealed
Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader Dead?
Al Qaeda In Iraq's No. 2 Held
Al Qaeda Leader Killed
Al Qaeda Nab, Blast Analysis
Al Qaeda No. 2 Warns
Al Qaeda Strong In Afghanistan
Al Qaeda Terror Tape Analyzed
Al Qaeda Tied To U.K. Plot
Al Qaeda Tips Its Hand
Al Qaeda Weakened
Al Qaeda's Bin Laden Video
Al Sharpton On Imus Scandal
Al Sharpton On Jackson's Kids
Al-Maliki, Zebari On Iraq
Al-Masri: Dead Or Alive?
Al-Qaeda's Blueprints
Al-Sadr Can Avoid Arrest
Al-Sadr To Army: No Deal
Al-Zarqawi Still At Large?
Al-Zarqawi Wounded?
Al-Zarqawi's Possible Death
Ala. Church Fires 'A Joke'
Ala. Reactions to Obama Speech
Ala. Shooting Rampage
Alabama Church Arson Probe
Alabama Legislature Brawl
Alabama Slammed By Ivan
Alan Alda: Huge Role
Alanis Morissette Interview
Alanis Morissette Performs
Alanis Morissette Starts Over
Alanis Morissette Starts Over
Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic'
Alarmed And Ready To Go
Alarming Start To Fire Season
Alaska Celebrates 50 Years
Alaska Fishing Boat Rescue
Alba Dives 'Into The Blue'
Alba On 'Sin City'
Alberto Gonzalez on Sotomayor
Albom's 'For One More Day'
Albright Reflects On Past
Alcohol Linked To Small Brains
Alcoholics Living Double Life
Alec Baldwin On "60 Minutes"
Alec Baldwin on New Role, Life
Alec Baldwin's Nasty Message
Alerting Students Of Trouble
Alex Makes Landfall
Alex Ousted From 'Survivor'
Alex Pushes Oil, Tar On Shore
Alex Roth Sings R&B
Alex's Lemonade Stand Lives On
Alexander Haig On Ford
Alexandra Villareal
Alicia Keys As She Was
Alicia Keys Hits High Note
Alicia Keys Talks New Book
Alicia's Secret
Alito Confirmation Hearings
Alito Hearings Set To Begin
Alito Likely To Be Confirmed
Alito Opposed Abortion, Quotas
All Aboard For Beauty
All Aboard The Concorde
All Aboard The Flu Ferry
All Aboard The Foreclosure Bus
All About Avocados
All About Vitamins A & B
All Access' Moroccan Odyssey
All Affected By Amish Deaths
All Eyes On Capitol Hill
All Eyes On Michelle Obama
All Eyes On Pakistan Elections
All Eyes On U.S.
All Eyes On VP Debate
All Eyes On Woods
All Hail The Queen
All Hands On Deck
All In The Family, One Roof
All Sweeteners Are Not Equal
All-Access Hawaii Trip
All-Access Pass To Ireland
All-Access To Tokyo
All-Access Turns Japanese
All-Access: Argentina
All-Access: Las Vegas
All-American Export
All-Natural Cleaner Claims
Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead
Alleged McCain Mistress Speaks
Alleged Nazi Ordered Out Of US
Alleged NYC Cyanide Plot
Alleged NYC Terror Plot Foiled
Alleged Sibling Killing Spree
Alleged Terror Bust In Miami
Alleged Terror Plot Thwarted
Alleged Terrorists In U.S.
Alleged Victim's Sister Talks
Allegedly Drunk Pilot Arrested
Allergic To Cell Phones
Allergy Attacks At School
Allergy Help For The Fall
Allergy Sufferers: Don't Fret
Allergy Survival Guide
Allergy-Free Cats
Alli Weight Loss Warning
Allison Scola Project
Allow Priests To Marry?
Allure Previews Spring Hats
Alonzo Mourning Charities
Alternative Allergy Meds
Alternatives Medicine In Food
Alternatives To Big Bags
Alternatives To Soda
Alternatives To Uterus Removal
Alton Brown's Road Food Finds
Aly & AJ: Super At 16
Alzheimer's Cases Increase
Alzheimer's Expert On Care
Alzheimer's Impact On Family
Alzheimer's in America
Alzheimer's Love Story
Alzheimer's Toll On The Family
Alzheimer's Warning Signs
Alzheimer's Warning Signs
Alzheimer's: National Crisis
Amanda Bynes Is 'The Man'
Amanda Knox Goes To Trial
Amanda Knox May Face Charges
Amanda Knox Scared in Prison
Amanda Knox Seeks Appeal
Amanda Knox Slander Charges
Amanda Knox Takes The Stand
Amanda Knox Takes the Stand
Amanda Knox Testimony Details
Amanda Knox Trial Suspense
Amanda Knox Trial To End
Amanda Knox's Appeal Case
Amanda Knox's Dad Speaks Out
Amanda Knox's Day In Court
Amanda Knox's Sisters in Italy
Amanda Peet Talks "2012"
Amanda Peet's 'X'-Cellent Role
Amazing Chopper Rescue
Amazing Dinosaur Discovery
Amazing Hurricane Escape
Amazing Images of Volcano
Amazing New Electronics
Amazing Race Preview
Amazing Ravine Rescue
Amber Alert Not For Everyone
Amber Frey On Scott's Fate
Amber Frey Talks
Amber Frey To Be Grilled
Amber Frey To Testify
Amber Frey's Attorney Talks
Amber Frey's Attorney Talks
Amber Frey's New Book
Amber Hits Peterson Defense
Amber Tamblyn, God's Buddy
Amber's Attorney Is Pleased
Amber's Attorney On Peterson
Amber's Attorney On Tapes
Amber's Attorney Reacts
Amber's Attorney Speaks
Amber's Dad On Peterson Trial
America Awaits The Pope
America Stands Up to Cancer
America The Beautiful
America To Meet Pope Benedict
America Volunteers
America's 1st Gold Medalist
America's Baby Boom
America's Best Colleges Ranked
America's Best Family Towns
America's Compassion Boom
America's Creative Pizzas
America's Food Evolution
America's Landmarks At Risk
America's Moral Crisis
America's New Top Model
America's Pastor
America's Power Grids Strained
American 'Saint' Remembered
American Actors In Italy
American Children Face Poverty
American Couple Escaped Haiti
American Dad in Japanese Jail
American Dad Released in Japan
American Dream For Wrestler
American Evacuation Crawls
American Girl Doll Controversy
American Healthcare Crisis
American Hero Cooks For Kids
American Hero Fights Hunger
American Hero: Brave Runner
American Hikers Held in Iran
American History At Jamestown
American Hostage Beheaded
American Indian Museum Opens
American Moonwalkers
American on Purpose
American Sailors Hijacked
American Scraps More Flights
American To Charge For Bags
American's Orphanage In Rwanda
American's Woes Persist
Americans Brace for Travel
Americans Close to Freedom
Americans Face Food Crisis
Americans Held in Iran
Americans In London Bombings
Americans Leave Lebanon
Americans Living Longer
Americans Living Longer
Americans Losing Unity?
Americans Pay Tribute To Ford
Americans React To Congress
Americans Snoozing On The Job
Americans Still Unemployed
Americans Stranded in London
Americans To Evacuate Lebanon
Americans Vacationing More
AmEx Members Project
AmEx Members Project Finals
AmEx Members Project Winner
Ami On 'Survivor' Shocker
Amish Funerals Under Way
Amish Midwife On Tragedy
Amish, Neighbors Grieve
Amping Up An MP3 Player
Amputation Desperation
Amusement Park Safety
Amusement Riders Stranded
Amy Bishop Insanity Plea?
Amy Fisher's New Life
Amy Grant & Vince Gill Sing
Amy Grant's 'Small Things'
Amy Nichols Sings
Amy Winehouse Lego Set?
An 'American' Dad
An 'Idol's' Amazing Year
An 'Insider' On Lohan Accident
An Angel's Reward
An Author's Inspiration
An Autistic Artist Savant
An Early Costume Contest
An Elegant New Year's Party
An Elephant Never Forgets Home
An Emotional Election Night
An End To Anonymous Sources?
An Ideal New Year's Eve Outfit
An Indoor Green Thumb
An Infrastructure In Disrepair
An Innkeeper In Trouble
An Innocent Man Set Free
An Insane Rocket Scientist?
An Insider's Look At CSI
An Intimate Look At Laura Bush
An Invisible Breakthrough
An iPod For School?
An Iraqi Thanksgiving
An Italian Xmas Meal
An Ounce Of Prevention
An Unusual Orphanage In Africa
Analysis Of Chavez Speech
Analysis Of Duke Indictments
Analysis Of Duke Rape Case
Analysis Of Duke Rape Case
Analysis Of Hamas Victory
Analysis Of Jordan Attacks
Analysis Of Karr Case
Analysis Of Miers' Nomination
Analysis Of Mom-Baby Murders
Analysis Of N. Korea Showdown
Analysis Of Osama's Threats
Analysis Of Rise In Twisters
Analysis Of Senate Fight
Analysis Of War On Terror
Analysis Of White House Race
Analysis On Jackson, Dru Cases
Analysis: Italy Murder DNA
Analysis: U.S.-Iran Talks
Analysis: White House Troubles
Analyst Comments On Iraq
Analyst On Astronaut Scandal
Analyst On Bloomberg's Split
Analyst On Bush Conference
Analyst On Bush, McCain
Analyst On Higher Gas Prices
Analyst On Kerry's Service
Analyst On Missing Soldier
Analyst On Rising Gas Prices
Analyst On U.K. Sailor Release
Analyst On U.S.-Iran Talks
Analysts Debate Peterson Case
Analysts Weigh In On Election
Analysts: Terror Attack Feared
Analyzing Balloon Boy Incident
Analyzing Bush's Poll Numbers
Analyzing Gym Shooting
Analyzing Jackson's Rehearsal
Analyzing Martha's Mess
Analyzing Osama's Latest Tape
Analyzing Osama's Message
Analyzing Peterson Shockers
Analyzing Presidential Power
Analyzing Reagan's Rise
Analyzing Suicide Bombings
Analyzing The Arnold Charges
Analyzing The Bush Address
Analyzing The Primary Images
Anatomy Of A Rampage
Anchor's Friend on Verdict
Anchoring The Nautical Look
Anchors Play Beatles Rock Band
And Babies Make Eight
And The Winner Is...
Anderson Cooper's Dispatches
Andie MacDowell On 'Barnyard'
Andolyn Medina's B'way Tune
Andrea Bocelli Chats, Sings
Andrea Joyce Does Harry's Job
Andrea Yates' Insanity Defense
Andrew Koenig Still Missing
Andrew Koenig Takes Own Life
Andrew KoenigFamily Concerned
Andrew Leanza Sings
Andrew Young Tells All
Andy Garcia On 'Twister'
Andy Roddick On The Court
Angel's 'Secret Embrace'
Angelina Jolie Back To Action
Angelina Opens Up
Angelina's Dad Blasts Obama
Angelou Never Gave Up Hope
Anger over BP Testimony
Anger Over New 'Sesame Street'
Angry Bush Team Rips Book
Angry Farewell In Beirut
Angry Mobs Condemn Teacher
Angry Mother Demands Answers
Animal Casualties In Tsunami
Animal Odd Couples
Animal Planet Promotes Film
Animal Trainer On Whale Rescue
Animals Die At Zoo
Aniston 'Not Cool' With Angie
Aniston Files For Divorce
Aniston On 'Marley & Me'
Aniston On 'The Break-Up'
Anjelica Huston's New 'Life'
Ann Coulter On Limbaugh
Ann Coulter's 'Guilty'
Ann Coulter's Doubts On Obama
Ann Hathaway's Stellar Year
Ann Romney Battles MS
Anna Fell In Days Before Death
Anna Nicole In Supreme Court
Anna Nicole On Weight Loss
Anna Nicole Overdose Probed
Anna Nicole Secrets Revealed
Anna Nicole To Be Laid To Rest
Anna Nicole Wants Probe
Anna Nicole's 'Train Wreck'
Anna Nicole's Antics
Anna Nicole's Body Of Evidence
Anna Nicole's Burial Delayed
Anna Nicole's Death Murder?
Anna Nicole's Doctors Eyed
Anna Nicole's Legal Madness
Anna Nicole's Mom Meets Baby
Anna Nicole's Paternity Battle
Anna Quindlen's New Book
Anna Wintour Behind The Shades
Anna Wintour On Oprah's Weight
Anna's Immigration Controversy
Anna's Last Interview
Anne Burrell's Tasty Spaghetti
Anne Frank Protector Dies
Anne Hathaway In 'Prada'
Anne Hathaway's Royal Role
Anne Heche On 'Birth'
Anne Rice Turns To Christ
Annette Bening Talks 'Julia'
Anniversary Of Film Classic
Annual Flower Growing
Annual Health Check-Up Tips
Annual Mammogram Awareness
Anorexia & Insurance
Anorexia At A Tender Age
Anorexia At A Young Age
Anorexia Costs Valedictorian
Anorexia Coverage Lawsuit
Anorexia's Childhood Roots
Another Blizzard Blasts Denver
Another Busy Tornado Season
Another Deadly 'Copter Crash
Another Degree Of Kevin Bacon
Another Easy-Bake Oven Recall
Another H1N1 Death?
Another Kennedy In Congress?
Another Look At Peterson Boat
Another Mine Accident In W.Va.
Another O.J. Mistrial?
Answers To Strange Questions
Anthem In Spanish Criticized
Anthony Gargiula Sings
Anthrax Case Made Public
Anti-Aging Advice
Anti-Aging Breakthroughs
Anti-Aging Summer Drinks
Anti-Depressants & Pregnancy
Anti-Gas Guzzling Tips
Anti-Oxidants & Heart Disease
Anti-Paris Hilton Role Model
Antibiotics & Ear Infections
Antibiotics and Food Supply
Anticipating The Next Pope
Antidepressants & Pregnancy
Antidepressants And Pregnancy
Anwar Booted From 'Idol'
Anxiety in the Air
Anything Could Happen In Iowa
Anything Could Happen In Pa.
AOL's 'Gold Rush' For $2M
Apology May Cut Medical Cost
App Locates Marijuana Dealers
Apparent Suicide At Sea
Appeal Keeps Teen In Jail
Appetizers For Under $1
Apple Season Recipes
Apple Tablet Rumors Swirl
Apple's 'I' For Innovation
Apple's iPad: First Look!
Apple's iPhone 3G Up Close
Apples-Pears, Health Forecast
Appliances With Men In Mind
Applicants Overwhelm Colleges
Approaching The Countdown
Appropriate Clothes For Teens
April Comes In Like A Lion
April Evicted From Big Brother
April Fool's Food Fakers
April Fool's Triplets
April Fools' Stiff Jokes
April Opens Up
Aquarium Up Close And Personal
Arab Port Deal On Hold
Arafat Dies At 75
Arafat's Final Journey
Aras Wins 'Survivor'
Arcadia's 'Joan' Chats
Archa's Diva Antics
Archaeologist Finds Religion
Archbishop Describes Process
Archbishop Freed In Iraq
Archie Manning On Big Game
Arctic April Blast
Arctic Blast Chills Midwest
Arctic Cold Grips Northeast
Are Americans Being Spied On?
Are Boys Falling Behind Girls?
Are Bush & Iraq Taboo Issues?
Are Carbs Getting A Bad Rap?