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Clinton On Hillary 2008, Rabin
Clinton On Iraq
Clinton On New Strategies
Clinton On Saturday Night Live
Clinton On Top Of Her Game
Clinton On White House Race
Clinton Prepares To Step Down
Clinton Pursues Female Vote
Clinton Pushes For Redo
Clinton Rallies For Kerry
Clinton Rallies For Obama
Clinton Rallies For Obama
Clinton Ramps Up Obama Barbs
Clinton Re-Elected Senator
Clinton Redefines Role
Clinton Rekindles Race Issue
Clinton Savors N.H. Win
Clinton Says She'd Unite Party
Clinton Seems Untouchable
Clinton Sets Sights On Debate
Clinton Shakes Up Campaign
Clinton Sorry For RFK Remark
Clinton Steps Up Pace In Iowa
Clinton Strategist Fired
Clinton Stresses Strong Policy
Clinton Stumbles At Debate
Clinton Stumps For Lieberman
Clinton Support Wavers
Clinton Tackles Health Care
Clinton Takes Off The Gloves
Clinton Targets Evangelicals
Clinton Targets Obama In N.H.
Clinton Targets Union Workers
Clinton To Campaign For Obama
Clinton To Go Under Knife
Clinton To Sprint Through Iowa
Clinton To Step Down?
Clinton To The Rescue
Clinton Trying To Stay Ahead
Clinton Unveils Hill-Force One
Clinton Visits Asia
Clinton Visits Kenya
Clinton Warns North Korea
Clinton Will Undergo Surgery
Clinton Wins Kentucky
Clinton's Big Promotion
Clinton's Blunt Words
Clinton's Bosnia Blunder
Clinton's Campaign Blame Game
Clinton's Campaign Blitz
Clinton's Campaign Funds
Clinton's Comeback For Kerry
Clinton's Fight For Indiana
Clinton's Impeachment Trial
Clinton's Iowa Damage Control
Clinton's Landmark
Clinton's Last Stand?
Clinton's Late Night TV Tour
Clinton's Library Dedication
Clinton's N. Korea Strategy
Clinton's Next Moves
Clinton's Online Announcement
Clinton's Popularity Picks Up
Clinton's Speech Praised
Clinton's Surgical Success
Clinton's Well-Wishers
Clinton, Obama Clash On Race
Clinton, Obama Head To Unity
Clinton, Obama Meet In Secret
Clinton, Obama Rally In Unity
Clinton, Obama Trade Jabs
Clinton, Obama Vie For Ohio
Clinton: I'm Very Proud
Clinton: Kennedy Is Qualified
Clinton: Still In This Race
Clinton: Thank You, Florida!
Clintons Get Major Role At DNC
Clintons Vote, Give Autographs
Clintons Vow To Support Obama
Clock Ticking For McCain
Clock Ticking For White House
Clock Ticking On Iraq Funding
Clooney Speaks On Genocide
Close Race For The Presidency
Close Race In Iowa
Close Race In Virginia
Close Up On Negroponte
Close Up: Social Security
Closer Look At American Power
Closing in On Health Bill
Closing Remarks: Bush
Closing Remarks: Cheney
Closing Remarks: Edwards
Closing Remarks: Kerry
Closing Tax Loopholes
Cloture Vote For Alito Set
CNN Mistakes Drill for Attack
Coast Guard 'BP's Rules'
Cohen: Alito Seems Like A Lock
Colin Powell Dismisses Remarks
Colin Powell On Iraq Success
Colin Powell's Service
Colorado Teacher Reinstated
Colorado Vote Worries
Columnists On CIA & McCain
Comeback For Obama?
Coming Out Swinging
Coming Together For Clinton
Commanders Sound Alarm On Iraq
Commandments Judge Revisited
Commencement & Votes In Mind?
Commerce Nominee Bows Out
Committed To Imigration Reform
Committee Reshuffle Begins
Comparing Obama to Hitler
Comparing V.P. Choices
Compromise On Immigration
Compromise On Immigration?
Compromise On Patriot Act
Compromise On War Spending?
Concern Over Bush's Ratings
Concerns With NIH?
Condi Rice To Face Senate
Condi Says No To VP, Again
Condi To Replace Powell
Condi Vote Delayed
Condoleeza Talks Terror
Confirming Dr. Rice
Confirming Sotomayor
Conflict Over Iraq Strategy?
Confusion At FEMA
Confusion Over Tillman's Death
Congress & Schiavo Case
Congress Awaits War Bill Veto
Congress Continues Iraq Debate
Congress Eyes 9/11 Health Czar
Congress Faces District Voters
Congress Faces Intel Issue
Congress Gets Flu Shots
Congress Goes Nuclear
Congress Grills Bank CEOs
Congress Grills FEMA's Brown
Congress Grills Food Execs
Congress Grills Geithner
Congress Heads For Rome
Congress Hears Foley Evidence
Congress Help Obama?
Congress Leery Of Spy Program
Congress Looks At Vet Suicides
Congress Makes History
Congress OKs Stimulus Plan
Congress Questions CIA Pick
Congress Ready For Fight
Congress To Debate Iraq Troops
Congress To Lower Drug Prices?
Congress Unites For Economy
Congress Versus The President
Congress vs. Congress
Congress Vs. The White House
Congress vs. Toyota Day 2
Congress' Mortgage Rescue Bill
Congress' Stimulus Showdown
Congress' Ties to Countrywide
Congress's Immigration Clash
Congress, Big 3 Settle Bailout
Congress, Bush Spar On Iraq
Congress, Bush Spar Over Iraq
Congress, Health Care Redux
Congressional Earmarks On Rise
Congressional Election Wrap Up
Congressional Freebies
Congressional Musical Chairs
Congressional Skeptics On Iraq
Congressman Admits To Scandal
Congressman On Bush
Congressman On FEMA's Brown
Congressman On Trial
Congressman Outraged By CDC
Congressman Resigns In Scandal
Congressmen Debate SCHIP
Congresswoman Suffers Aneurysm
Connecting the Dots
Conservative By Name
Conservatives Cheer Alito
Conservatives Question Miers
Conservatives Shun McCain
Conservatives Unsure On Miers
Constitutional Imbalance?
Contending Candidates
Contentious Ahmadinejad
Contentious Port Deal Dropped
Controlling Pentagon Spending
Controversial Campaign Remarks
Controversial Campaign Stop
Controversial Contraception
Controversial Immigrant Law
Controversial N.H. Push Polls
Controversial Reform Strategy
Controversy Follows Debate
Controversy For Daschle
Controversy Over Sebelius Nom.
Convention Preparations
Conventions: Economic Busts?
Corker Wins Tenn. Sen. Race
Corporate Convention Clout
Corruption At The Capitol
Corruption in Afghanistan
Corruption in State Dept?
Corruption Plagues Afghanistan
Corruption, Waste In Iraq
Cost Controls for Reform
Cost of Extended Healthcare
Costa Mesa's Identity Crisis
Could Obama Fix The Economy?
Coulter Slams Stimulus Plan
Counselor On Hostage, Abramoff
Counselor On Troop Veto
Countdown To Election Day
Countdown To Election Day
Countdown To Election Day
Countdown To Inauguration
Countdown To Obama's VP Pick
Countdown To S.C. Primary
Counting Health Reform Votes
Couric And The President
Couric On Palin
Couric Prods Obama On Clinton
Couric Reports On Kennedy
Couric Wraps Palin Interview
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Campaign Notebook
Couric's Primary Questions
Couric's Reporter's Notebook
Court Considers Abortion Case
Court Fight Brewing
Court Looks At Child Porn Talk
Court Nominee Debate Begins
Court Tags Web File-Sharers
Court: File Sharing Illegal
Courting The Latino Vote
Courting The N.H. Vote
Crackdown On Intel Leakers
Craig Announces Resignation
Craig Controversy
Craig Set To Resign
Craig's Resignation Demanded
Crawford: Gray Needs Unions
Crazy Horse Monument Rises
Creating More Jobs
Credit Card Debt
Credit Card Debt Epidemic
Credit Card Issuers Take Heat
Credit For Small Businesses
Credit Market Mayhem
Criminalizing Abortion?
Crisis Communication Failures
Critical Gear Needed In Iraq
Critical Week For '08 Hopefuls
Critics Bash Cloners
Critics Say Flu Plan Flawed
Cronkite And The Vietnam War
Crowd Bids Farwell to Kennedy
Crucial Time In Iraq
Cruising Under Scrutiny
Crusade Against 'Earmarks'
Crusading Against Judges
Cuba And The Road Ahead
Cuban Spies Await Ruling
Cyber Youth Rock The Vote
Cyndi Lauper Crashes Webcast
D.C. Debates Abortion & Reform
D.C. Lobbyist Investigation
D.C. On Obama Torture Remarks
D.C. Showdown Expected On Iraq
D.C. Soap Opera Picks Up Steam
D.C. Talk Around Town
D.C. Wavers On Obama Stimulus
Daily Wildlife Drama Thickens
Damage Control For Giuliani
Damage Control Over Cheney
Dan Bartlett Steps Down
Dan Bartlett: Bush Won
Dan Quayle On VP Frontrunners
Daschle Bows Out
Daschle Confirmation In Limbo
Daschle To Explain Taxes
Daschle's 'Taxing' Quandary
Daughters Of The Campaign
Davis Accepts Defeat
Davis Out, Arnold In
Davis Under Fire
Davis? Dubious Distinction
Day After Debate Review
Day In The Life
Day Of Celebration
Deadly Ambushes on U.S. Forces
Deadly Month Fuels Iraq Debate
Deadly Month In Iraq
Deal Averts Port Deal Showdown
Deal Made On Reform Bill
Dean Finishes In Second
Dean Gets Iowa Endorsement
Dean Hangs Up Hat
Dean Losing Ground
Dean On 'Face The Nation'
Dean On Attack Ads
Dean On Battle For Congress
Dean On Uniting Dems
Dean Outward Bound?
Dean Slams GOP On 'Letterman'
Dean Thanks Deaniacs
Dean Under Fire
Dean Voted Dem Leader
Dean's 'Confederate' Comment
Dean's Must-Win States
Dean's Views
Dean: Clark's A Republican
Dean: I'm Not Worried
Dean: Iraq and Taxes
Dean: Voter Turnout Terrific
Dean?s Explosive Speech
Dean?s Letterman Top 10
Death Penalty Debate Continues
Death Penalty Put On Hold
Death Threats Over Reform
Debate Behind The Scenes
Debate Fact check
Debate Fact Check
Debate Ground Rules
Debate May Not Help Hillary
Debate on Afghanistan Plan
Debate On Health Care Veto
Debate Over Calif. Emissions
Debate Over Gitmo Suspects
Debate Over Iraq Plan Goes On
Debate Over Iraq Rages On
Debate Over Offshore Drilling
Debate Over Sonia Sotomayor
Debate Over Terrorist Links
Debate Prep 101
Debate Reality Check
Debate: Abortion
Debate: Alliances
Debate: Assault Weapons
Debate: Assault Weapons
Debate: Edwards On ?Liberal?
Debate: Faith
Debate: Foreign Policy
Debate: Health Insurance
Debate: Importing Drugs
Debate: Impressions
Debate: Judge Appointment
Debate: Justifying Iraq
Debate: Kerry The Liberal?
Debate: Minimum Wage
Debate: Our Troops
Debate: Our Troops
Debate: Saddam-Osama
Debate: Social Security
Debate: The Deficit
Debate: The Draft
Debate: The Enemy
Debate: Their Final Closeup
Debate: Vaccine Shortage
Debates Make A Difference
Debating Foley Backlash
Debating Healthcare Reform
Debating Obama's 'Blackness'
Debating The Campaigns
Debating The Winner
Deciding Lieberman's Fate
Deciphering The Polls
Decision Day for Health Bill
Decisions And Diplomacy
Deep Divide in Washington
Deep Throat Author Talks
Deep Throat Steps Out
Defending Terror Trial Venue
Defending the Firm
Defense Absent At Saddam Trial
Defense Dept. And Disasters
Deficit Fighting at G-20
Defining Your Opponent In Ads
DeLay And Abramoff
DeLay Calls It Quits
DeLay Case Put Off
DeLay Denigrates Dems
DeLay Growing Weary?
DeLay Indicted
DeLay Lashes Out
DeLay On His Resignation
DeLay On His Resignation
DeLay Requests Change Of Venue
DeLay Requests New Judge
DeLay Says He Will Resign
DeLay Says He Will Resign
DeLay Seeks New Judge
DeLay Slams Justice Kennedy
DeLay Speaks Out
DeLay Steps Away
DeLay Still Has Problems
DeLay To Be Booked
DeLay To Resign In June
DeLay Under Fire
DeLay Won't Return As Leader
DeLay's Abramoff Ties
DeLay's Ethics Line
DeLay's Fall From Power
DeLay: 'I Am Innocent'
DeLay: Dems Not Affecting Us
DeLay: Good Day In Court
Delegates Want Cheney
Deluge Over Court Justice
Dem Fight Wages On
Dem Gets Call To The Big Show
Dem Loves Republican
Dem Nomination Far From Locked
Dem On The VP Search
Dem Rips Social Security Plan
Dem Team's Positive Attitude
Dem's Dean Under Fire
DeMint Senate Win In S.C.
Democracy Comes Late To Sark
Democracy In The Middle East
Democrat Blasts White House
Democrat On Nominee
Democrat Wins In Missouri
Democrat's YouTube Debate
Democratic Battleground
Democratic Campaign Gets Ugly
Democratic Candidate Cartel?
Democratic Debate Losers
Democratic Delegate Turns Tail
Democratic Disgrace
Democratic Field Filling Fast
Democratic Primary Winds Down
Democratic Test In Iraq
Democrats Celebrate Victory
Democrats Control Congress
Democrats Debate In N.H.
Democrats Debate War, Funding
Democrats Facing Criticism
Democrats Focus On Home Front
Democrats Gear Up In Pa.
Democrats Grilled In Philly
Democrats Make Political Point
Democrats March On
Democrats Meet On Mich., Fla.
Democrats On 9/11 Proposals
Democrats Open Debate Season
Democrats Pan Bush's Plan
Democrats Show In Early Voting
Democrats Spin Clinton's Wins
Democrats Start Campaigns
Democrats Take The House
Democrats Target Hillary
Democrats Target Rumsfeld
Democrats Try A New Strategy
Democrats Under The Lens
Democrats Want Gonzales Fired
Democrats Waste No Time
Democrats Work The South
Democrats' Battle Wages On
Democrats' First Day In Power
Democrats' Heated Debate
Democrats' High-Tech Debate
Democrats' Iowa Showdown
Democrats' Rhetoric Heats Up
Democrats' Turn On Immigration
Democrats' War Of Words
Dems Assail Bush's Spy Plan
Dems Block Bolton
Dems Change Course for Economy
Dems Confident in Health Bill
Dems Court Pennsylvania
Dems Cross Paths In Alabama
Dems Denounce DeLay
Dems Deny Fla. Early Primary
Dems Descend On Denver
Dems Dine For Kerry
Dems Discuss Fla., Mich. Votes
Dems Discuss Gay Issues
Dems Divided on Health Care
Dems Duel In Pivotal Primaries
Dems Exchange Harsh Words
Dems Eye Economy For Nevada
Dems Eye Indiana, N.C.
Dems Eye Sunshine State
Dems Face The Race Issue
Dems Fight For Upper Hand
Dems Flee Clinton Bandwagon
Dems Focus On Undecided Iowa
Dems Get 60 Votes for Reform
Dems Get Set For Roll Call
Dems Harassed Over Health Care