The Early Show - Videos

90210 Spin-Off Reunites Stars
90s Quiz: Start The Insanity
911 Caller Shoots Intruder
911 Calls From Mall
911 Calls In Wis. Shootings
911 Cell-Phone Call Concerns
911 Dispatcher Meets Kid Hero
911 Dispatcher Saved Own Son
911 Mishap Prompts Lawsuit
911 Operator Ignores Real Call
911 Operator Takes Action
9th Arrest In Holloway Case
A "Spook-tacular" Halloween
A $20 Million Art Project
A 'Buggy' Commute To Work
A 'Corny' Personal Ad
A 'Dogged' Desire To Read
A 'Flex'-ible Michael Jackson
A 'Great' Scottsdale Vacation
A 'Green' Dinner Party
A 'Half-Assed' Diet Memoir
A 'Landmark' Inauguration
A 'Perfectly Executed' Crime?
A 'Phantom' Record
A 'Sunny' Chef On A Shoestring
A 'Terminator' Reality?
A 'Wickedly' Winner
A 'Wright' Romance
A 9-Year-Old's Love Advice
A Battle Over Anorexia
A Beach Getaway Workout
A Big Butt May Be Good For You
A Big-Screen Education
A Bird Flu Battle Plan
A Bird Flu Death In Britain
A Braised Holiday
A Breakfast Fit For Kings
A Breakthrough Against Cancer
A Brother's Pain
A Capella Contest Winners
A Car That Really Flies
A Casserole Renaissance
A Chef Cook-Off
A Child's Call For Help
A Cliff-Hanger For 'CSI' Fans
A Close Race In Colorado
A Close Race In Virginia
A Closer Look At BTK Suspect
A Cocktail Party In 15 Minutes
A Comeback For GM?
A Comedic Week in Review
A Computer That Reads Minds
A Controversial Life
A Cool Hotel
A Couple Of Real Space Cases
A Dash Of Brit Gossip
A Daughter's Pledge
A Day In The Life Of Trouble
A Day Of Immigration Protests
A Deadly Danger To Babies
A Deadly October In Iraq
A Delicious Greek Meal
A Different Grilled Cheese
A Discussion Of Women's Issues
A Dog Sled Racer?s Challenge
A Dose OF Prescription Advice
A Dr's Hopeful Promise Honored
A Dreamgirl's Nightmare
A Drink A Day...
A Fabulous (Easy) Thanksgiving
A Family Raided, Now Reunited
A Father's Sorrow
A Final Concorde Flight
A Firefighter's Secret Weapon
A First Dance To Remember
A Flavorful Fourth Of July
A Food Network Star Is Born
A Fortunate Phone Call
A Frappuccino And A Film?
A Funeral For A King
A Generation Of Workaholics?
A Gift With Your Name On It
A Global Fight Against Autism
A Good Carb Diet
A Graduation Engagement
A Great Lakes Gem
A Green Home Is A Happy Home
A Guidebook For Workaholics
A Gym For Your Brain
A Health Boost From Bacteria
A Healthier Heart
A Hero Born From Tragedy
A Hero Pilot's Tale
A Hero To Chinese Orphans
A Hero's Reward
A Historic Bankruptcy
A History Book For Kids
A History Of Broadway Dogs
A History Of School Violence
A Home for the Holidays
A House For $100?
A Hummer Ride You'll Remember
A Julia Child Meal, Under $35
A Jump In West Nile Virus
A Katrina Kidnapping?
A Kennedy In Trouble Again
A Kennedy Speaks Out On Faith
A Killer's Video Diary?
A Kitchen Without 'Chili'
A Last Stand In Gaza
A Late Night 'Hairy' Smith
A Legendary Ballerina
A Less-Invasive Hysterectomy
A Life In 'Jeopardy'
A Life Lesson In Democracy
A Link To The Spirit World
A Little Bit Married
A Little Girl?s Struggle
A Look At Alan Alda's Career
A Look At Ann Landers
A Look At Car Breathalyzers
A Look At Clooney's Career
A Look At Iraqi Election
A Look at Jim McKay's Career
A Look At Past VP Debates
A Look Back At 1950s Style
A Look Back At Katrina
A Look Back At The 1960s
A Look Inside A Baby's Brain
A Love Drawer Says It All
A Love Of Horses Wish
A Lovely Rack of Lamb
A Low Fat 4th of July
A Magic Moment With Dolly
A Marine Wife's Courage
A Mass. Of Snow
A Match Made For Politics
A Matryoshkas Extinction?
A Meal Inspired By Italy
A Medical History Of Autism
A Mediterranean-Style Diet
A Miracle Donor For Kailee
A Miss America Reunion
A Mom's Heartbreaking Choice
A Mom's Victory
A Moment For Civil Rights
A Month After Katrina
A Moral Life In A Modern World
A Mother's Love Saves Baby
A Mother's Mission For Safety
A Mother's Protest
A Mother's Special Makeover
A Musical Savant Shows Talent
A Navy Reunion To Sing About
A New Approach To Weight Loss
A New Cuban Revolution
A New Life After Katrina
A New Life For Leftovers
A New Look At Tourette's
A New Manson Mystery
A New Mom at 56
A New Spin On Christmas
A New Spin On Turkey Stuffing
A New Trial For Andrea Yates
A New Trial For MacDonald?
A New Way To Count Calories
A New Way To Nest
A New Way To Soothe Your Baby
A New Year For The Economy
A Night Owl's Nightmare
A No-Knife Face-Lift
A Not-So-Super Tuesday
A Nutritious Diet On A Dime
A Parent's Worst Nightmare
A Perfect Roast Chicken
A Personal Look At Alito
A Photo Gallery Of Victims?
A Picture-Perfect Holiday
A Picture-Perfect Memory Wall
A Positive Financial Outlook
A Posthumous Oscar For Heath?
A Pre-Historic 'Bromance'
A President For The World
A Princess' Loyal Photographer
A Ranch Of Rescued Dreams
A Real Home For Seniors
A Real Mermaid
A Real Tropical Depression
A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer
A Really Small World
A Recessionista's Must Haves
A Relieved Big Sister
A Remarkable Blind Teen
A Ride On The Swings
A Role Close To Her Heart
A Rolling Work Of Art
A Roundtable On Race
A Royal Birthday
A Royal Opinion About New York
A Royal Wedding Anniversary
A Run In With Some Reptiles
A School In Mourning
A Scientology Funeral
A Seal's Courageous Story
A Serial Killer's Profile
A Seven-Year Mystery
A Silver Lining After Katrina
A Sixth Grader Knows Geography
A Smelly Energy Resource
A Snazzy Halloween Party
A Soldier's Sacrifice Rewarded
A Soldier's View Of War
A Sophisticated New Year's Eve
A Spacious Home Can Be Green
A Spaghetti Rescue With Rob
A Special Carved Gift
A Special Mommy Makeover
A Spicy Father's Day Breakfast
A Spin On Home Schooling
A Split-Decision For The Dems
A Stab At Soap Stardom
A Summer Of Happy Campers
A Superhero Who Delivers
A Survivor's Tale
A T-shirt for Every Occasion
A Tale Of Two Economies
A Tale Of Two Murders
A Taste Of South Beach
A Taste Of St. Patrick's Day
A Truly Green Thumb
A Twist On Fresh Summer Corn
A Twist To Steak
A Unique Senator
A VA Tech Survivor Remembers
A Valentine's Story
A Veggie Car That Saves Money
A Very 'Early Show' Wedding
A Very Cookie Christmas
A Very Talented Sea Lion
A Very Vintage Christmas
A Virgin's Guide To Everything
A Visit To Mount Carmel, Tenn.
A Watchful Eye On Volcano
A Week For Women's Health
A Week Of Tributes, Memories
A Welcoming Guest Room
A White House Wedding?
A Whole New Life
A Wife's Gratitude
A Winning Smile
A Woman's Best Friend
A Woman's Ideal Weight
A Year After Katrina
A Young Violin Virtuoso
A-Plus Style Guide
AAA's Holiday Travel Advice
AARP Guide To Pills
AARP Helps Katrina Victim
Abandoned Climber Found Alive
Abandoned Girl Graduates
Abducted Baby Back Home
Abducted While on Cell Phone
Abduction On Camera
Abdulmutallab Due in Court
Abdulmutallab in Yemen
Abdulmutallab Known on Plane
Abdulmutallab on Gov't List?
Abdulmutallab's al Qaeda Ties
Abdulmutallab: Peaceful?
Abizaid: Not Enough Troops
Abortion Doc Killed In Church
Abortion Drug Scrutinized
Abortion Pill Death
About Face On Facial Hair?
About Face On Rumsfeld
Abramoff To 'Name Names'
Abuse Defense In Murder Trial
Abuse Hearing For Lynndie
Abuse Victim Shares Ordeal
Abusive Debt Collectors
Abusive First Relationships
Academy Awards Predictions
Accessorize Your iPod
Accessorizing Lori
Accidental Inventions
Accompanying Juska
Acculift Method on the Rise
Accused Killer Cries On Stand
Accused Killer Extradited
Accused Lacrosse Players Talk
Accused Rapist Captured
Accuser's Mom Testifies
Accutane Registry
Ace Times Two
Acetaminophen Dangers
Achieving A Slimmer Look
Achieving the Perfect Pour
Achieving Total Wellness
Achoo! Allergy Season Again
Acid Reflux Drug Side-Effects
ACLU Defends Rush
ACM Award Nominations
Acquitted Marine Widow Speaks
Acres Of Farm Underwater
Acting With 'Reservation'
Action Wanted On Darfur
Action-Packed Jackson Trial
Activist On CU Scandal
Activist Plans To Carry Torch
Activists Vow To Keep Fighting
Actor Arrested Over Hotel Bill
Actor Chris Tucker's Arrest
Actor Corey Haim Found Dead
Actor Kevin Bacon Discusses His Latest Thr
Actor Modine Likes His Bike
Actor Previews 'Cold Case'
Actor Talks 'Numb3rs'
Actor's Hollywood Dream
Actors Recall 1979's 'Dallas'
Actress Fights Diabetes
Actress On Autism Awareness
Actress' Sister Gone Missing
Actresses Talk 'Honeymoon'
Actual Home Toll Unknown
Acupuncture For Knee Pain
Acupuncture For Your Pets
Ad Challenge Winner On TV Spot
Ad Shows 'Evolution Of Beauty'
Adam Lambert Answers Critics
Adam Lambert Live
Adam Lambert's Mom Speaks
Adam Moves On In 'Living Room'
Adam Rodriguez Of 'CSI'
Adam Sandler's Bedtime Story
Adapting To A YouTube World
Added Anxiety Over SAT
Addicted To Sugar
Adding Heat To 'CSI: Miami'
Adding Texture With Paint
Adding That Personal Touch
ADHD Drug Risk to Young Teens
ADHD Drug Risks
ADHD Drug Warning
ADHD Skin Patch For Kids
Adjusting To High Gas Prices
Adm. Mullen on Afghan Deadline
Administration Firm On Iraq
Adopt A Cat Day
Adopt A Greyhound
Adopt A New Family Pet
Adopt A Pet? Not So Fast
Adopted at 40
Adopted Boy Returned to Russia
Adopting Older Kids
Adopting Rescued Pets
Adopting The 'Unadoptable'
Adoption Advice
Adoption Basics
Adoption Battle In Florida
Adoption Goes International
Adoption Outrage
Adoption Scam's Emotional Toll
Adoption Scandal Abuse Probe
Ads Hope To Draw Store Buyers
Ads Warn Of Meth Dangers
Adults Brawl At Kid's Game
Adults Living With Mom And Dad
Adults Need Physical Fitness
Adults Need Vaccines, Too
Adults Tuned Out To Ring Tone
Adults With Autism
Adventures In Gastronomy
Adventurous Red
Adverse Drug Reactions
Advertising with QR Codes
Advice For Military Families
Advice For Sick Parents
Advice For Small Businesses
Advice For Treating Sunburn
Advice For Your 401k
Advice From Financial Expert
Advice On 'Healthy Aging'
Advice On Dietary Supplements
Advice On Giving Gifts
Advice On Tutors
Advice To Bush For Wedding
Advice To Weather Market Storm
Adviser Defends Iraq Strategy
Advocate On Veterans' Care
Advocating Lower Drinking Age
Aegean Sea Claims Cruise Ship
Aerial Flood Tour
Aerosmith Continues To Rock
Aerosmith Employs Dave
Affairs Of The Heart
Affleck On 'Hollywoodland'
Affleck's Directorial Debut
Affleck, Garner Rumors
Affordable Getaway Fashion
Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas
Affordable Holiday Style
Affordable Oscar Fashions
Affordable Summer Fashion
Affordable Wedding Dresses
Affording the Goods you Want
Afghan - U.S. Ties Strained
Afghan Answer Weeks Away
Afghan Attacks, Casualties Up
Afghan Helicopter Crash
Afghan Peace Conference Attack
Afghan Situation 'Serious'
Afghan Strategy Outlined
Afghan Troops: Day in the Life
Afghan Votes Sparse
Afghan War Frontlines
Afghanistan 2.0
Afghanistan Assurances
Afghanistan Chopper Crashes
Afghanistan's Political Future
Afghanistan: The Road Ahead
Afghans Prepare To Vote
After Arafat, What Now?
After Never
After Never
After Terri's Death
After The Mourning
After The Royal Wedding
After The Votes Are Counted
After Tragedy, A Need To Help
Aftermath In Islamabad
Aftermath Of An Assassination
Aftermath Of Deadly Twisters
Aftermath Of Refinery Disaster
Aftershocks Eerie, Surreal
Aftershocks In Pakistan
Aftershocks Rock Haiti
Aftershocks Sweep Chile
Against Their Will
Age Erasers for Men
Age Erasers That Work
Age Inappropriate Costumes
Age Of Romance
Age-Appropriate Weight Loss
Age-Defying Procedures
Agent on Woods' Sponsorships
Agent Spade's 'Trace' Drama
Agents On Super Bowl Security
Aggressive Bear Killed In Utah
Aggressive Stage Mothers
Aging Infrastructures
Aging Myths Debunked
Agriculture Doc On Mad Cow
Agriculture Sec. On Mad Cow
Aguilera's Naked Sundays
Ahmadinejad Center Stage
Ahmadinejad In New York
Ahmadinejad Unplugged
Ahmadinejad's Global Fallout
Ahmadinejad, Bush At U.N.
Aid Arrives In Indonesia
Aid Group On Relief Challenge
Aid Reaches Quake Epicenter
Aida's 'Egg-cellent' Recipes
Aide: Attack Would Help McCain
Aiding Hard-Hit Sri Lanka
Aiding Lovesick Alligators
Aiellos Exit 'Amazing Race'
AIG 'Bonus' Outrage
AIG Caves A Little On Bonuses
AIG Flap Derails Obama Message
AIG Outrage Played Out
Aims For Flawless Torch Relay
Air Force One
Air Force Rape Scandal
Air Force Rape Scandal
Air Force Sergeant, Dog Lauded
Air Force Sex Scandal
Air France Crash Samaritans
Air France Survivor Talks
Air Fresheners May Pose Hazard
Air Marshal Program
Air Marshals Roles Expanding
Air Passenger Bill of Rights
Air Raid Kills 4 U.N. Workers
Air Safety Concerns
Air Strike Kills 20 Taliban
Air Travel Security Revisions
Air Travel Time Savers
Air Travel Troubles
Air Travel With Kids Made Easy
Airbus Emergency Landing
AirFrance 447 Mystery Deepens
Airline Aggravation
Airline Bares All For Safety
Airline Fees Take Off
Airline Industry In Tailspin
Airline Kid Mix-Up
Airline Leg Room As A Science