Health - Videos

Count Your Moles
Counterfeit Drug Scams
Counting Health Reform Votes
Couple Tells Of Embryo Gift
Couple's Double Stomach Staple
Couples Talk About Kidney Swap
Court Busts Medical Marijuana
Court Upholds Abortion Ban
Court: No Autism-Vaccine Link
Cracking Down on DWI's
Cracking Down On Skinny Models
Crazy Like A Fox?
Creeping Out For Halloween
Crestor Drug Advice
Critics Say Flu Plan Flawed
Critics: Vioxx Recall Belated
Crow On Beating Breast Cancer
Crusader For Stroke Survivors
CT Scans Add To Cancer Risk
CT Scans And Radiation Risks
CT Scans Harmful?
CT Scans May Up Cancer Risk
Cuba Gooding Sings Praise
Curb Your Holiday Stress
Curbing Childhood Obesity
Curbing Childhood Obesity
Curbing Meth Making
Curbing Motion Sickness
Curbing Premature Births
Cure For Blindness At Hand?
Cure For Ear Infections?
Curing New Year's Hangover
Cutting Out Salt
Cutting Prescription Costs
Cutting Salt Intake
Cutting-Edge Laser Eye Surgery
D.C. Debates Abortion & Reform
Daily Products May Be Harmful
Dana Reeve's Lung Cancer
Dance Dance Your Way To Health
Dancing Through Parkinson's
Danger In Food Wrapping?
Dangerous Blood Clots
Dangerous Drug Side Effects
Dangerous Dumplings
Dangerous Food Allergies
Dangerous Moves
Dangerous Online Drugs
Dangerous Water
Dangerous Weight-Loss Secret
Dangers Of 'Pocket Pets'
Dangers of Adolescent Obesity
Dangers Of Brain Drain
Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide
Dangers Of Child Obesity
Dangers Of Childhood Obesity
Dangers Of Comfort Food
Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery
Dangers Of Defibrillators
Dangers Of Estrogen
Dangers of Exercise Bulimia
Dangers Of Fake Drugs
Dangers Of Fake Meds
Dangers Of Gambling Addiction
Dangers Of Going To Work Sick
Dangers Of High-Fat Meals
Dangers of Menthol Cigarettes
Dangers Of Red Meat
Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation
Dangers Of Statin Drugs
Dara Torres' Radical Surgery
Dara Torres: Fit After 40
Dark Chocolate News
Date Without Ruining Your Diet
Daughter Gave Dad Life
Dave On Good Food Choices
Dave's Favorite Things
Dave's Obesity Struggle
Daylight Saving's Downside
Deadly Flu Season
Deadly Hepatitis Outbreak
Deadly Hospital Infections
Deadly Pollution You Can't See
Deadly Sleep Apnea
Deadly Start To Flu Season
Deadly Start To Flu Season
Deadly Teen Choking Game
Deadly VA Colonoscopies
Dealing With A TB Epidemic
Dealing With Celiac Disease
Dealing With Daylight Savings
Dealing With Depressing Jobs
Dealing With Diabetes
Dealing With Diabetes
Dealing With Premature Birth
Dealing With Spring Allergies
Dealing With Sugar Shock
Dealing With The Heat
Dealing With Troubled Teens
Dealing With Tuberculosis
Death Threats Over Reform
Deaths From Meds Increase
Debate On Autism-Vaccine Link
Debate: Same Sex Marriage
Debating 'Botaxes'
Debt Stress Making People Sick
Debunking Detox Diets
Debunking Fitness Myths
Debunking HPV Myths
Debunking New Health Studies
Debunking Nutrition Myths
Deciphering Food Labels
Decision Day for Health Bill
Decoding Food Labels
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Defending Against Hypothermia
Defending The Smoking Lounge
Defining Natural Birth
Demand For Viagra Warnings
Demi Moore Leech Therapy?
Demystifying Exorcisms
Demystifying Heart Disease
Dennis Quaid Before Congress
Dental Care For Kids
Dental Care Without Insurance
Dental Insurance Crisis
Dentistry 101
Depressed After Heart Surgery
Depressed Babies?
Depression And Heart Disease
Depression Drugs & Suicide
Designer Ice ? At A Price
Desperate For H1N1 Vaccine
Destroying Pain To Your Brain
Details Of MJ's Cardiac Arrest
Detecting Breast Cancer Early
Detecting Deep Vein Thrombosis
Detecting Heart Disease
Detecting Lung Cancer Early
Detecting Ovarian Cancer
Detecting Ovarian Cancer Early
Detecting Underactive Thyroids
Determine Your Real Age
Detox Diets Demystified
Device May Aid Asthma Patients
Diabetes Complications
Diabetes Dangerous To Heart
Diabetes Drug a Heart Risk
Diabetes Drug Risks
Diabetes Drugs & Heart Disease
Diabetes Link To Baby Cereal?
Diabetes Prevalence Rising
Diabetes With No Finger Pricks
Diabetes: Seize The Sugars
Diabetic Brain Damage Risk
Diabetics May Risk Alzheimer's
Diagnosing Dementia
Diahann Carroll's Crusade
Dick Cheney Hospitalized
Did Vytorin Withhold Info?
Didgeridoo Good For You?
Diet Affects Cholesterol
Diet Alternative
Diet Deceptions
Diet Soda Carries Risks, Too
Diet Tips For Teens
Dietary Supplement Risks
Dieters Go Bananas For Bananas
Dieting Right
Dieting The Sonoma Way
Dieting, Step-By-Step
Different Ways To Get Calcium
Dining Out And Obesity
Dining Out Diet Quiz
Dinner For One
Dinner, A Family Event
Dirt And Germs Good For Kids?
Dirty School Cafeterias
Disability Pay Rejections
Disabled Veterans Catch Waves
Disaster Prep Must-Haves
Disease Eradication Dreams?
Disease Mimics Mad Cow
Disinfecting Sponges
Disparity In Cancer Research
Disputing Vaccine-Autism Link
Dissecting Food Allergies
Distribution Of H1N1 Vaccine
District 9 is Sleeper Hit
DIY Home Boot Camp
DNA May Be Key To Quitting
Do Antibacterial Soaps Work?
Do Herbal Supplements Work?
Do High-Tech Mammograms Help?
Do Men Speak More Than Women?
Do Vitamins Really Work?
Do You Have Diabetes?
Do You Have TB?
Do-It-Yourself DNA Test Kit
Do-It-Yourself Medical Tests
Do-It-Yourself Skin Care
Doc Claims 2nd Human Cloning
Doc On Doping
Doc Outraged Over Drug Costs
Doc Treats Then Charges
Doctor On Injured ABC Newsmen
Doctor Tackles Deadly Trio
Doctor Too Good To Be True
Doctor Weighs In On TB Scare
Doctor, Vet Collaborate
Doctor/Friar Always On Call
Doctors And The Flu Threat
Doctors Freeze Baby for 4 Days
Doctors Overwhelmed in Haiti
Doctors Patronizing Seniors?
Doctors Use 3-D For Surgery
Doctors Wary Of Treating Pain
Dodging Diet Traps
Does Night Work Cause Cancer?
Does Stress Affect Pregnancy?
Does Your Child Need Glasses?
Dog Helps Boy with Allergy
Dogs Helping Heart Patients
Dogs May Sniff Out Cancer
Dogs Sniff Human Illness?
Dogs With OCD
Dolphin Amputee Inspires Child
Dolphins Treat Sick Kids
Domestic Violence In The U.S.
Don Imus' Prostate Cancer
Don't Chuck It! Eat It!
Don't Overdo The Screaming
Donated Organs Pass Disease
Donating Eggs On Campus
Donating To Life
Donor Doctor Too Intrusive?
Dorm Room Bedbugs
Double Blow For Edwards Clan
Double Flu Crisis
Double Transplant From Family
Downside Of U.K. Health Care
Dr. Emily Discusses Trans Fats
Dr. Kevorkian A Free Man
Dr. Phil 'The Cheating Gene'
Dr. Phil On Obesity
Dr. Senay Discusses HPV
Dr. Senay Discusses Plan B
Dr. Senay On Avandia
Dr. Senay On Best Beds
Dr. Senay On Fixing Back Pain
Dr. Senay On Kids' Cell Use
Dr. Senay On Organ Transplants
Dr. Senay On Pain Relievers
Dr. Senay Talks Healthy Nuts
Dr. Stein On Heart Disease
Dr.'s Orders: Wash Your Hands
Dreaming, Perchance To Sleep
Drew Lachey's Veggie Challenge
Drink Milk, Lose Weight?
Drink Wine, Live Longer?
Drinking Themselves To Death
Drinking To Health
Drinking Too Much Water
Drivers Who Shouldn't Be
Driving On Prescription Drugs
Drs. Now Say Double Vitamin D
Drs: End Prostate Tests At 75
Drug Addiction in Afghanistan
Drug Benefit No Help On Price
Drug Company Wins In Court
Drug Czar On Rx Abuse
Drug Heals Broken Bones
Drug Labels Often Get Confused
Drug May Have Affected Cheney
Drug May Prevent Heart Attacks
Drug Stents' Clot Danger
Drug War Rampant in Tijuana
Drug Whistleblower Questioned
Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Drug-Resistant Germs
Drugs In Drinking Water
Drugs Sold Online May Be Fake
Dry Cleaning Chemical Banned
Dry Eye Syndrome
Dueling Marijuana Laws
Dust Settles After NYC Blast
DXM 'Robo-tripping' On YouTube
Dyslexia Intervention For Kids
E-Coli Warnings
E-Mail Stress
E. Coli Concerns With Lettuce
E. Coli Outbreak Cause Unknown
E. Coli Outbreak In 19 States
E. Coli Outbreak Source Found
E. Coli Outbreak Spreads
E. Coli Scare Hits Lettuce
Ear Implants Reverse Deafness
Ear Infection Health Quiz
Ear Infection Prescriptions
Early Autism Detection
Early Death From Diabetes
Early Fetal Testing
Early Lazy Eye Detection
Early Scrrening for Diabetes
Early Show's Workout Challenge
Early Treatment For Autism
Early-Onset Alzheimer's Rising
Easily Detect Heart Problems
Easing Back Pain
Easing Stretch Marks
Eastern Medicine
Easy Anti-Stress Techniques
Eat And Be Merry, Not Fat
Eat More, Lose Weight?
Eat What You Want, Stay Fit?
Eat Your Belly Off
Eating At Desks Discouraged
Eating Healthier At School
Eating Out Is A Junk Food Trap
Eating The Way Nature Intended
Eating Well When Expecting
Eating With Bill Clinton
Eating With Our Eyes
Echinacea Worthless?
Economics Of Flu Vaccine
Economy Class Syndrome
Eczema Drugs' Cancer Warning
Edible 'Sunscreen' In Food
Edible Beauty Products
Educating Kids On Nutrition
Edwards Cancer Prognosis
Edwards Faces Real Challenge
Effective Bug Sprays
Effective Malpractice Policy
Effects Of Nicotine Increases
Effort To End Youth Obesity
Eggs For Sale
Elderly Fear Medicare Cuts
Electronic Cigarette Fans Fire
Elevated Tanning Bed Risk
Eliminating Head Lice
Embracing The Good Fat
Embracing The Good Fat
Embryo Mishandling
Embryo Screening And Fertility
Emergency H1N1 Drug Push
Emergency Room Tragedy
Emmy Fashion Review
Emotional Rescue
Emotional Support Dogs
Employers And Elder Care
Employers Encouraging Fitness
End Of HIV Infants
End Of Monthly Periods?
End Of The Line For Ephedra
End Of The Period?
End-of-Life Debate
Ending Childhood Hunger
Ending Emotional Eating
Ending Summer Sleep Patterns
Energy Beverages Under Fire
Energy Drink Warnings
Energy Drinks Offer No Boost?
EPA Behind In Toxic Research
EPA Warns Of Plane Water
EPA: Greenhouse Gases Harmful
Epidemic: Teens Beat Homeless
Epilepsy Website Hacked
Equal Healthcare For Women?
Equipment Fit For Kids
ER Deaths Spark Outrage
ER: When To Go
Erasing Memories
Esophagus Cancer Prevention
Estrogen HRT Warning
Eureka: Happiness Gene Found
Evening Out Stretch Marks
Ex-Top Doc Muzzled?
Examining 'The Patch'
Excessive Heart Surgeries
Exciting New Fetal Testing
Exercise & Breast Cancer
Exercise And Breast Cancer
Exercise At Your Desk
Exercise Fights Breast Cancer
Exercise Goes High Tech
Exercise Lowers Cancer Risk
Exercise Safely In Winter
Exercise Your Brain
Exercise Your Brain's Memory
Exercising Without Injuries
Exercising Your Brain
Experimental Weight-Loss Drugs
Expert Discusses Brain Tumors
Expert On A-Rod Steroid Claims
Expert On Back Pain
Expert On Cure For Smoking
Expert On Roberts' Seizure
Expert On Stingray Safety
Expert: Child Vaccines Safe
Expert: Vaccine Needs Testing
Experts Discuss Mammograms
Experts Divided on Statins
Explaining Acid Reflux
Explaining Sex Addiction
Extra Pounds Can Be 'Toxic'
Eye Drug Lengthens Lashes
Eye On Cancer Research
Eye On Cell Phone Safety
Eye On Medicine: Leukemia
Eye On Pre-Diabetes
Eye To Eye: Alzheimer's
Eye To Eye: Autism
Eye to Eye: Colon Cancer's DNA
Eye To Eye: Melanoma Detection
Eye to Eye: Surviving the ER
Eye To Eye: The Venus Week
Eye To Eye: Tiger's Prognosis
Eye To Eye: Vaccines & Autism
Eyeing Jennings' Lung Cancer
Fabulous Food For Diabetics
Face Transplant Explained
Face Transplant Miracle
Face Transplant Patient Speaks
Face Transplant Worked
Facts About Fibroids
Failed Dr/Patient Partnerships
Fake Drug For Bird Flu
Fake Internet Drug Scheme
Falling Rates Of Heart Disease
Fallout Over Stem Cell Veto
Falls Can Be Deadly For Elders
False Claims About OxyContin
Families Tackle Obesity
Family Awaits Flu Results
Family Fat Camp
Family Fights Insurance Co.
Family On Heparin ODs
Family Struck By Silent Killer
Farmed Fish Dangers
Farrah Fawcett's Cancer Fight
Fashionable Four-Eyes
Fast Draw: The Happiness Myth
Fast Fix For Phobias
Fast Food And Your Kids
Fast Food Crackdown
Fast Food Diet Tips
Fast Food Fattens Teens
Fast Food Sales Up
Fast-Tracking Cancer Drugs
Fat And Fit?
Fat Buster Injections
Fat Cats And Dogs
Fat Doesn't Always Mean Unfit
Fat-Burning Fat
Fat: The Good, Bad And Ugly
Fatal Hospital Infections
Fats That Make You Thin
Fatter Than They Look
Fatty Foods May Trick Brain
Fatty Kids' Foods
Fauci Defends H1N1 Vaccine
Faulty Heart Defibrillators
FBI: Violent Crimes Declining
FDA & Celebrex Warnings
FDA Antidepressant Warning
FDA Approves Plan B
FDA Approves Veggie 'Zapping'
FDA Asks For Help
FDA Blasted On Ketek
FDA Denies Wrongdoing
FDA Employees Overcompensated?
FDA Eyes Health Risks Of Salt
FDA Eyes Lasik Surgery
FDA Flips On Silicone Implants
FDA In The Grinder Over Food
FDA Investigating Heparin
FDA Issues Alert On Avandia
FDA Lacks Resources?
FDA Lifts Tomato Warning
FDA Lists New 'Power Foods'
FDA May Approve Plan B Pill
FDA OK's Shingles Vaccine
FDA Oversight Concerns
FDA Reform Bill
FDA Regulates Cigarette Labels
FDA Rejects 'Female Viagra'
FDA Researching Pet Deaths
FDA Restricts Chinese Seafood
FDA Spars Over Vioxx
FDA Tackles Acetaminophen
FDA To Collar 'Joe Camel?'
FDA To OK Implants?
FDA Under Fire
FDA Unsure Of Libido Patch
FDA Warns Against Tomatoes