U.S. - Videos

A Museum Worth Its Salt?
A Music Teacher's Revolution
A Name Not On The Nam Wall
A Nation Remembers Gerald Ford
A New Approach In Iraq
A New Beginning
A New Chapter
A New Civil Rights Generation
A New Cold War?
A New Day For Democrats
A New Girls' Network
A New GOP Candidate?
A New iPod Coming This Week?
A New Kind Of Christianity?
A New Kind Of Nursing Home
A New Leadership For America
A New Life for Haitian Orphans
A New Manson Mystery
A New Mom at 56
A New Predator
A New Road To The White House?
A New Trial For Andrea Yates
A New Trial For MacDonald?
A New Type Of School 'Click'
A New World Order?
A New Year For The Economy
A Night Of Surprises
A Not-So-Super Tuesday
A One-Minute Guide To L.A.
A Parade For The Ages
A Parade Of Ghouls And Ghosts
A Paramedic's Story
A Parent's Nightmare
A Parent's Worst Nightmare
A Passport For Terror
A Patent On Your Genes
A Perversion Of Science?
A Photo Gallery Of Victims?
A Pilot's Lucky Landing
A Pledge For Mideast Peace
A Poet's Life In Verse
A Poor Infrastructure
A Positive Financial Outlook
A Post-Katrina Mayor
A Primer On Trans Fats
A Pro-Immigration City
A Problem With Petting Zoos
A Professor's Story Of Heroism
A Prop Plane In The Jet Age?
A Putrid Peril
A Question Of Faith
A Quick, But Unlucky, Escape
A Racing Legend, Remembered
A Rallying Cry For Darfur
A Rave Warning
A Real Glass Jaw
A Real Life 'CSI'
A Real Tropical Depression
A Real-Life Fairy Godmother
A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer
A Really Small World
A Relieved Big Sister
A Reluctant Celebrity
A Remarkable Recovery
A Renewed Fear Of Flying
A Right To Know
A Rolling Memorial
A Room With A View
A Roundtable On Race
A Royal Event In New York
A Royal Opinion About New York
A Safe, Clean Food Supply
A School For Autistic Kids
A Scout's Honor
A Sea Of Flags
A Seal's Courageous Story
A Search For Victims Online
A Second Abramoff Victim?
A Second Coal Mine Tragedy
A Secret Source Of Calories
A Sense Of Relief
A Sensual Chocolate Recipe
A Sequence Of Monday's Events
A Serial Killer Resurfaces
A Serial Killer's Profile
A Seven-Year Mystery
A Shifty Safety Past
A Sigh Of Relief
A Similar TB Case As Speaker's
A Sixth Grader Knows Geography
A Slave's Story
A Small Dose of Patriotism
A Small Island's Big Loss
A Small Town Grieves
A Smelly Energy Resource
A Soldier's Courage Awarded
A Soldier's Cry For Help
A Soldier's Inaugural Journey
A Soldier's Sacrifice Rewarded
A Soldier's Song
A Son's Last Day In Iraq
A Soulful Sole Saver
A Spacious Home Can Be Green
A Split-Decision For The Dems
A Sporting Chance
A Sprint To Super Tuesday
A State of Mourning
A Strategic Reserve
A Strife In FEMA City
A Surge In The War On Flu
A Tale Of Two Brothers
A Tale Of Two Economies
A Tale Of Two Factories
A Tale Of Two Falcons
A Tale of Two Tragedies
A Taste Of Home Abroad
A Taste Of Home For Troops
A Taste Of Law And Order
A Taste Of St. Patrick's Day
A Teacher's Teacher
A Test For Dementia
A Texas Farewell To Lady Bird
A Ticket for Tiger
A Timetable For Iraq?
A Town Eyes Shuttle?s Return
A Town In Turmoil
A Town Made For War Training
A Troubled Seafood Industry
A True Military Family
A Turbulent Decade
A Turn In Martha's Favor
A Twist To Steak
A U.S. Town Hit Hard By War
A Unique Senator
A VA Tech Survivor Remembers
A Vermont Christmas In NYC
A Very "Senior" Prom
A Very 'Early Show' Wedding
A Very Special Girl
A Victory For Gays In Calif.
A View From The Fields
A Violent ?Bully?
A Visit To Mount Carmel, Tenn.
A VP And A Good Mom?
A Warning For NCAA Athletes
A Watchful Eye On Volcano
A Way Out For White House
A Weird Winter
A Well-Rounded Diet
A Whale Of A Mystery
A Whale Of A Rescue Effort
A Whole New Life
A Whole New World
A Wife's Solitude
A Wimpy Hero
A Win For Immigrants?
A Winter's Worth Of Woes
A Woman Of Firsts
A Woman Swings For The Fences
A Year After Katrina
A-List Roundtable
A-Rod On 60 Minutes Interview
A-Rod's Steroid Scandal
AA Seeks British Ally
AAA's Holiday Travel Advice
Aaron Passes The Torch
AARP Backlash
Abandoned Girl Graduates
ABC News Chief Reacts
ABCs Of Home Schooling
Abducted Baby Back Home
Abducted Girl Still Missing
Abducted Newborn Found
Abducted While on Cell Phone
Abduction Caught On Tape
Abduction Caught On Tape
Abduction Caught On Tape
Abduction On Tape?
Abduction Suspect Arrested
Abdulmutallab in Yemen
Abdulmutallab on Gov't List?
Abdulmutallab's al Qaeda Ties
Abdulmutallab's Internet Trail
Abdulmutallab: Peaceful?
Abizaid: Not Enough Troops
Abortion & Health Care Reform
Abortion Ban In South Dakota?
Abortion Case Fallout
Abortion Court Controversy
Abortion Debate Rages On
Abortion Debate Rages On
Abortion Divides Republicans
Abortion Doc Killed In Church
Abortion Privacy Battle
Abortion Ruling Stirs Debate
Above Average Temperatures
Abramoff Gets 5 Years
Abramoff Pleads Guilty
Abramoff Pleads Guilty In Fla.
Abu Ghraib Abuse Charges
Abu Ghraib Court-Martial
Abu Ghraib Gen. A Shoplifter?
Abu Ghraib Guard On Trial
Abu Ghraib Hearings
Abuse At Calif. Slaughterhouse
Abuse Blame Goes Higher
Abuse Defense In Murder Trial
Abuse Hearing For Lynndie
Abuse In Afghanistan?
Abuse Memos Released
Abuse Probe Continues
Abuse Probe Latest
Abuse Probe Latest
Abuse Probe Widens
Abuse Sentence Too Lenient?
Abuse Victim Shares Ordeal
Abuse Victims Target The Pope
Abuse: Who's To Blame?
Abused Boys Speak Out
Abused Girl's Tragic Life
Abused POWs In For Pay Day?
Abusive Debt Collectors
Abusive Debt Collectors
Academia Axings
Accident Mars Parade
Accident Snarls L.A. Traffic
Accidental Overdose For Smith
Accused Child Killer's Victory
Accused Court Killer Caught
Accused Duke Student Talks
Accused Fetus Stealer Stuns
Accused GI Speaks
Accused GI's Attorney Speaks
Accused GI's Mom Reacts
Accused Hunter Killer In Court
Accused Killer Cries On Stand
Accused Killer Extradited
Accused Mother In Court
Accused Rapist Captured
Accused Terrorist Seeks Death
Achieving 'Peace on Earth'
ACORN Misconduct On Tape
Acquittals In Sean Bell Case
Acquitted Marine Widow Speaks
Acres Of Farm Underwater
Action Against Dropouts
Action Wanted On Darfur
Activist Plans To Carry Torch
Activists Set Up Beer Blockade
Activists Vow To Keep Fighting
Actor Peter Boyle Dead At 71
Actor Peter Graves Dies
Actors Recall 1979's 'Dallas'
Actress' Sister Gone Missing
Actual Home Toll Unknown
Ad Placement In Neopet Games
Ad Shows 'Evolution Of Beauty'
Ad Spotlights Obama Girls
Ad: Edwards Not First Pick
Adam And Eve Vs. Darwin
Added Vigilance At Airports
Adderall U. Part Two
Addicted To Food?
Addiction Epidemic?
Addiction To Computer Games
ADHD Drug Risk to Young Teens
Adm. Mullen on Afghan Deadline
Administration Defends War
Administrator Turned Rescuer
Adopted Boy Returned to Russia
Adoption Outrage
Adoption Scam's Emotional Toll
Adoption Scandal Abuse Probe
Ads Warn Of Meth Dangers
Adult Illiteracy In The U.S.
Adult Spam In Kid Inboxes
Adults Brawl At Kid's Game
Advances In Military Medicine
Advertisers Penetrate Brains
Advice For Small Businesses
Advice For Treating Sunburn
Advice For Weekend Travelers
Advice From Financial Expert
Advice To Bush For Wedding
Adviser Defends Iraq Strategy
Advisor: Hillary Won't Concede
Advisors Weigh In On Debates
Advocate On Veterans' Care
Advocating Lower Drinking Age
Aerial Flood Tour
Aerial Footage Of New Orleans
Aerial View Of Flood Damage
Aerials Of Texas Coast
Aerobics Class Massacre
Affordable College For All
Affording the Goods you Want
Afghan Bombing Inside Job?
Afghan Election Eve
Afghan Elections Near
Afghan Front Is Treacherous
Afghan Girls Make A Difference
Afghan Peace Conference Attack
Afghan Presidential Elections
Afghan Strategy Outlined
Afghan Strategy Takes Time
Afghan Troops: Day in the Life
Afghan War Heating Up
Afghan War Strategy Weeks Away
Afghanistan 2.0
Afghanistan Violence Escalates
Afghanistan: Handle With Care
Afghanistan: The Road Ahead
Afghans Prep For Election
African Americans Vs. Latinos
After Hurricane Dennis
After Iraq, It's Health Care
After Isabel: 2M Powerless
After The Mourning
Aftermath Of Deadly Tornado
Aftermath Of Deadly Twisters
Aftermath Of Dean's Rant
Aftermath Of Evacuations
Aftermath Of Refinery Disaster
Aftermath Of Saddam's Death
Aftermath of Sugar Explosion
AG Aide's Senate Appearance
AG Can't Avoid Controversy
AG Nominee Gonzales Grilled
AG On 'Homegrown Terrorists'
Against Their Will
Age Erasers for Men
Age Factor in Autism?
Agent: Tillman A Quiet Hero
Agents On Super Bowl Security
Aggressive Bear Killed In Utah
Aging In Place
Aging In The Shadows
Aging Infrastructures
Agreement On Gun Control
Agreement on Health Bill
Agreement On Terror Bill
Ahmadinejad Center Stage
Ahmadinejad In New York
Ahmadinejad Not Welcome
Ahmadinejad On Nuclear Energy
Ahmadinejad Reacts To 'Insult'
Ahmadinejad To Have His Word
Ahmadinejad Unplugged
Ahmadinejad's Double Standard
Ahmadinejad's Global Fallout
Aide: Attack Would Help McCain
AIDS Epidemic Revisited
AIDS Super Strain
AIDS Survivor Beats The Odds
AIDS Toll Higher Than Thought?
AIG "Professional Losers"
AIG 'Bonus' Outrage
AIG Accused Of Fraud
AIG Asked To Return Bonuses
AIG Caves A Little On Bonuses
AIG CEOs Under Fire
AIG Exec. Avoids Charges
AIG Executive Bonuses Outrage
AIG Flap Derails Obama Message
AIG Gets Bigger Bailout
AIG Outrage Played Out
AIG Pays Millions In Bonuses
AIG Receives Billions More
AIG Woes May Have Big Impact
AIG's Relationship With Obama
AIG: We Own It
Air Ambulance Risks
Air Cargo Is Vulnerable Target
Air Cargo Security
Air Cargo Security Lax
Air Cargo Terrorism Risk
Air Defense Lessons From 9/11
Air Force Gen. New CIA Chief?
Air Force Rape Scandal
Air Force Sex Scandal
Air France Plane Crash
Air Guitar Championship
Air Marshal Kills Passenger
Air Marshal Program
Air Marshal Shoots Passenger
Air Marshalls Investigated
Air Marshals Roles Expanding
Air Passenger Bill of Rights
Air Quality Warnings In Calif.
Air Safety Concerns
Air Security Scare
Air Security Tightens
Air Show Disaster
Air Travel Database
Air Travel Delays Climb
Air Travel Delays Worsening
Air Travel Snarls
Air Travel Time Savers
Air Travel Troubles
Air Travelers Still Stranded
Airbus Jet Crashes Into Hudson
Aircraft Collision Remains
Aircraft Hits NYC Building
Aircraft Probe Raises Fears
Airfares Are On The Rise
Airline Aggravation
Airline Bombing Suspect
Airline Industry In Tailspin
Airline Kid Mix-Up
Airline Leg Room As A Science
Airline Molestation Accusation
Airline Nightmare Continues
Airline Report Card
Airline Safety Under Scrutiny
Airline Scanner Debate
Airline Travel Anguish
Airline Travel Frustration
Airline Woes
Airlines Atrophy
Airlines Cashing In
Airlines Dogged By Fuel Costs
Airlines Hit Turbulence
Airlines Pinching Pennies
Airlines Raising Fees
Airlines' Performance Slammed
Airplane Bird Strikes Up
Airplane Missile Defense
Airplane Safety Questioned
Airplane Trip Turns Scary
Airport Bag Screeners Steal?
Airport Chase On Tape
Airport Death Revelations
Airport Getaway
Airport Investigation
Airport Screener Thieves
Airport Screening Gaps
Airport Security '04
Airport Security Analysis
Airport Security Controversy
Airport Security Gets Personal
Airport Security Rules Relaxed
Airport Security Threat
Airport Suspect Detained
Airport Terror Lookout
Airport Terror Targets?
Airport Timeliness
Airport Travel Tips
Airport Workers Not Inspected
Airport X-Ray Device Debuts
Airports Focus on Terror
Airports Land Stimulus Money
Airports On Alert
Airports Remain At Risk
Airports Tighten Security
AK-47s In Florida
Al and Tipper Split Up
Al Gore Energizes DNC
Al Gore on Cap and Trade
Al Gore Visits The White House
Al Gore's Climate Crisis Goals
Al Gore's Son Arrested
Al Gore, Nobel Laureate
Al Gore: "We've Got to Act"
Al Qaeda Behind Terror Plot
Al Qaeda Big Busted
Al Qaeda Big Killed
Al Qaeda Bust In California?
Al Qaeda Claims Rocket Attack
Al Qaeda Expert On Bin Laden
Al Qaeda Head Bars Subway Plot
Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader Dead?
Al Qaeda Leader Killed
Al Qaeda Operative's Tirade
Al Qaeda Probes In Calif.
Al Qaeda Renews Terror Threats
Al Qaeda Speaks
Al Qaeda Threat Serious?
Al Qaeda Videotapes
Al Qaeda's Bin Laden Video
Al Qaeda: Stop The Search
Al Qaeda: We're Still Here
Al Sharpton On Imus Scandal
Al Zarqawi Headed West?
Al-Maliki's Speech Disrupted
Al-Maliki, Zebari On Iraq
Al-Qaeda's Blueprints
Al-Sadr Can Avoid Arrest
Al-Sadr To Army: No Deal
Al-Zarqawi Video Posted On Web
Al-Zarqawi's Possible Death
Ala. Church Fires 'A Joke'
Ala. Reactions to Obama Speech
Ala. Shooting Rampage
Alabama Book Ban Bill
Alabama Church Arson Arrests
Alabama Church Arson Probe
Alabama Church Fires Arson?
Alabama Church Fires Reaction
Alabama Legislature Brawl