CBS Evening News: Couric Notebook - Videos

Notebook: Obama in Japan
Notebook: Obama's Address
Notebook: Obama's Ailment
Notebook: Obama's Background
Notebook: Obama's Children
Notebook: Obama's Dream
Notebook: Obama's Nobel Speech
Notebook: Obama's Policies
Notebook: Obama's Team
Notebook: Obama's Win
Notebook: Obesity In America
Notebook: Obesity in the U.S.
Notebook: Ohio
Notebook: Ohio And Texas
Notebook: Oil Dispersants
Notebook: Olympic Unity
Notebook: On Your BlackBerry
Notebook: Online Content
Notebook: Online Dr. Reviews
Notebook: Online Haters
Notebook: Organ Donors
Notebook: Other Issues
Notebook: Overlooked Legacies
Notebook: Pakistan's Truce
Notebook: Palin Nabs Spotlight
Notebook: Palin's Email Hacked
Notebook: Pancreatic Cancer
Notebook: Papers Laid To Waste
Notebook: Parents' Time
Notebook: Party's Over
Notebook: Passwords
Notebook: Pat Tillman
Notebook: Patrick Swayze
Notebook: Paulson
Notebook: Pay it Forward
Notebook: Pay Phones
Notebook: PB & Bailout
Notebook: Peace With Korea?
Notebook: Penmanship
Notebook: Penmanship
Notebook: Pepper Problem
Notebook: Perks For Doctors
Notebook: Pet Food Banks
Notebook: Petraeus On Iraq
Notebook: Pharmacogenomics
Notebook: Photo-Op Faux Pas
Notebook: Pilot Naps
Notebook: Pirate Crisis
Notebook: Placebo
Notebook: Placebos
Notebook: Plump Drivers
Notebook: Polar Melting
Notebook: Political Horse Race
Notebook: Political Humor
Notebook: Political Insults
Notebook: Political Sexism
Notebook: Political Wives
Notebook: Politics & Media
Notebook: Politics & TV
Notebook: Politics And The Web
Notebook: Poll
Notebook: Polls
Notebook: Pope Benedict XVI
Notebook: Post-9/11 Art
Notebook: Power Lunch
Notebook: Predicting The Polls
Notebook: Pregnant On The Job
Notebook: Premature Birth
Notebook: President's Approval
Notebook: President's Day
Notebook: Presidential Debate
Notebook: Presidential Legacy
Notebook: Presidential Names
Notebook: Presidents And War
Notebook: Pricey Tickets
Notebook: Primary Care
Notebook: Primary Questions
Notebook: Priming The Pump
Notebook: Prison Purge
Notebook: Procrastination
Notebook: Project Reconnect
Notebook: PTSD
Notebook: PTSD
Notebook: Putin On The Brink?
Notebook: Race Relations
Notebook: Re-Gifting
Notebook: Reading Habits
Notebook: Record Temperatures
Notebook: Reform Bill
Notebook: Remembering Lantos
Notebook: Report, Then Decide
Notebook: Reporters Captured
Notebook: Republican Debate
Notebook: Resolutions
Notebook: Rewriting History
Notebook: RFK
Notebook: Rhode Island
Notebook: Rise In Suicide Rate
Notebook: Risky Cell Phone Use
Notebook: Road Salt
Notebook: Road Salt
Notebook: Road To Recovery
Notebook: Roe V. Wade
Notebook: SAD
Notebook: Saints Long Road
Notebook: Same-Sex Marriage
Notebook: Santa's Helpers
Notebook: Scandal At The EPA?
Notebook: SCHIP
Notebook: School Bus Belts
Notebook: School Shootings
Notebook: School Speech
Notebook: Secretary Clinton
Notebook: Sen. Kennedy
Notebook: Senator Bayh
Notebook: Sesame Street
Notebook: Sexting
Notebook: Sexual Harassment
Notebook: Sick At Work
Notebook: Sleep Tight
Notebook: Slydial
Notebook: Small Town USA
Notebook: Smart Phone Monopoly
Notebook: Smirnoff Source
Notebook: Smoking
Notebook: Snacking
Notebook: SNL Gets Political
Notebook: Snow Day
Notebook: Sotomayor
Notebook: Sotomayor
Notebook: Space Age Budget
Notebook: Speedy Games
Notebook: Spitzer's Hubris
Notebook: Sports Genes
Notebook: Stand Up To Cancer
Notebook: Standardized Tests
Notebook: State Budgets
Notebook: State Of The Union
Notebook: Stem Cell Research
Notebook: Stimulus
Notebook: Stop Loss
Notebook: Stress Tests
Notebook: Summer Travel
Notebook: Sunscreens
Notebook: Super Tuesday
Notebook: Supreme Court
Notebook: Susan Boyle's Dream
Notebook: Swine Flu Scare
Notebook: Sydney Pollack
Notebook: Taconic Tragedy
Notebook: Talking To Your Kids
Notebook: Taste
Notebook: Tax Freedom Day
Notebook: Tax Rebate
Notebook: Teacher In Space
Notebook: Teaching Evolution
Notebook: Team McCain
Notebook: Ted Kennedy
Notebook: Ted Stevens
Notebook: Teen Abuse
Notebook: Teen Marriage
Notebook: Teen Pregnancy
Notebook: Teen Shopping
Notebook: Teen Suicide
Notebook: Teens And Sex
Notebook: Teflon & Chemicals
Notebook: Text Message Romance
Notebook: Texting And Driving
Notebook: Thanksgiving
Notebook: Thanksgiving
Notebook: Thanksgiving Day
Notebook: The American Spirit
Notebook: The Cost Of War
Notebook: The Dark Side
Notebook: The Devil's Winds
Notebook: The Feminine Mistake
Notebook: The Glitch Games
Notebook: The Kids
Notebook: The Military Vote
Notebook: The New Congress
Notebook: The Next President
Notebook: The People's Voice
Notebook: The Perfect Gift
Notebook: The Power Of Words
Notebook: The Thin Law
Notebook: The Unfriendly Skies
Notebook: Thrill Ride Safety
Notebook: Tiger Role Model?
Notebook: Tiger's Apology
Notebook: Tillman's Tragedy
Notebook: Times Square
Notebook: Times Square
Notebook: Title IX
Notebook: Tom Snyder
Notebook: Tonight Show
Notebook: Tony Blair's Legacy
Notebook: Tony Snow
Notebook: Tracking Hurricanes
Notebook: Trans Fats
Notebook: Troop Increase
Notebook: Troop Surge
Notebook: Turning 50
Notebook: U.S. Infrastructure
Notebook: U.S. Intelligence
Notebook: Unbalanced Budget
Notebook: Undecided Voters
Notebook: Unmarried Women
Notebook: Up in the Air
Notebook: Va. Tech Massacre
Notebook: Valentine's Day
Notebook: Veteran's Day
Notebook: Veterans' Day
Notebook: Viagra
Notebook: Vice President
Notebook: Violent Crime
Notebook: Virginia Tech
Notebook: Volunteering
Notebook: Voter Turnout
Notebook: Voting
Notebook: Voting Machines
Notebook: VP Debate
Notebook: Walkman
Notebook: Walter Cronkite
Notebook: Washington's Day
Notebook: Watching Wall Street
Notebook: Waterboarding Debate
Notebook: Wave Election
Notebook: What We See
Notebook: When Disaster Hits
Notebook: White House Dinner
Notebook: White House Garden
Notebook: Women
Notebook: Women And Cancer
Notebook: Women And Op-Eds
Notebook: Women At War
Notebook: Women Drivers
Notebook: Women Veterans
Notebook: Women's Insurance
Notebook: Women's Vote
Notebook: Woodstock
Notebook: Words
Notebook: Words Matter
Notebook: Words Matter
Notebook: Workforce Women
Notebook: World Cup
Notebook: World Water Day
Notebook: Wounded War Veterans
Notebook: Wrist Watch
Notebook: WWI Anniversary
Notebook: Year In Review
Notebook: YouTube And Politics
Notebook: Zimbabwe
Obama And The Internet
Pastor Killed In Ill. Shooting
Presidential Questions