Politics - Videos

Back To Work For Bush
Back To Work On Funding Bill
Back-To-School Pep Talk
Backstage On Election Night
Bad Poll Numbers For Bush
Bad Times At The White House
Bad Weather Halts Spill Relief
Baghdad Backlash?
Baghdad Blasts Kill Dozens
Baghdad Reacts To Bush Speech
Bailed Out Execs Face Pay Cuts
Bailout Bill: Boon Or Bust?
Bailout Bust
Bailout Deal: Yea Or Nay?
Bailout Money Trail
Bailout Paying For Ballparks?
Bailout Talks Continue
Bailouts Scaring Wall Street
Baker Assesses Bush Shake-Up
Baker, Hamilton On Report
Baker, Hamilton On The Hill
Balancing Religion & Politics
Balloon Boy Hoax
Ballot Battle In Wash.
Balz and Rothenberg On Foley
Ban On Partial Birth Abortion
Bank CEOs Get Earful
Bank CEOs Grilled on Meltdowns
Bank Stress Test Hits D.C.
Bankruptcy Bill Passes
Banks to Pay Big Bonuses
Banning Certain Earmarks
Barack Obama Interview
Barack Obama Interviewed
Barack Obama One-On-One
Barack Obama Revs Up Campaign
Barack Obama Talks Memoir
Barack's Running Mate
Barack: From Iowa To Denver
Barnes Bunks Bush
Barney Frank Slams AIG
Barney Frank Strikes Back
Barney's 'Ruff' Time With Fame
Barrymore Behind The Camera
Bartlett: No Longer A Bush Fan
Batter Up On Capitol Hill
Battle For New Hampshire
Battle For The House, Senate
Battle Looms in Afghanistan
Battle Looms Over Alito
Battle Of The Primaries
Battle Of Turnout In Penn.
Battle Of Words Over Iraq
Battle Over CIA Nominee?
Battle Over Free Internet
Battle Over Immigrant I.D.s
Battle Over Iraq Spending
Battle Over Kagan Nomination
Battle Over Plan For Iraq
Battle Over Prop. 8
Battleground Electoral Map
Battleground State Blitz
Battling For Ground
Battling For The Lead
Battling Over Health Care
Bayh Blames Partisanship
Beatty At Odds With Arnold
Beck: McCain Would Be Worse
Beef Buyers Beware
Beefing Up Bankruptcy
Beer Summit
Behind CBS Projections
Behind Iraq's War Of Words
Behind McCain's VP Choice
Behind Spitzer's Downfall
Behind The Dean Scene
Behind The Friendly Dem Debate
Behind The Palin Pick
Behind The Scenes In Denver
Behind The Scenes In Denver
Behind The Schiavo Bill
Belarus Police Storm Protest
Beltway Buzz
Beneficial Clunker Program
Bennett's Comments Draw Fire
Berlusconi Attacked
Bernanke Angry At AIG
Best Of Convention Weeks
Bettering Battered U.S. Image
Betty Ford: Modern First Lady
Beware The Open Mic!
Bhutto's Husband Gains Power
Bickering On The Hill
Biden 'On Life & Politics'
Biden Against Troop Increase
Biden Banks On Iraq Strategy
Biden Bashes McCain
Biden Gets Off On Wrong Foot
Biden Gets Slammed For Gaffe
Biden Grills Roberts
Biden May Run For President
Biden On Chrysler Breakdown
Biden on Congress Reaction
Biden On Iraq Strategy
Biden On Iraq Strategy
Biden On Obama's Economic Plan
Biden On Running For President
Biden On State Of The Union
Biden On The Midterms
Biden One On One
Biden Opposes Troop Surge
Biden Slams Bush's Iraq Plan
Biden Supports Obama Plan
Biden Tours Oil Spill, Day 71
Biden's Controversial Remarks
Biden's Iraq Exit Strategy
Biden, Cheney's War of Words
Biden, Palin On Dick Cheney
Biden, Palin On Past VPs
Biden, Palin Reality Check
Biden: Paying For Health Care
Biden: Rumsfeld Should Go
Big 3 Plead With Lawmakers
Big Brother Online?
Big Brother's Phone Data?
Big Business Administration?
Big Business' Day In Court
Big Changes At The Pentagon
Big Day For Democrats
Big Dem Pitches Party Unity
Big Government
Big Hits, Few Issues In Debate
Big Livin', Inauguration Style
Big New Laws For Big Banks
Big Night For Democrats
Big Night For Obama
Big Push For Health Care
Big Three Make A Big Plea
Big Three Wait For Big Bailout
Big Three's D.C. Connection
Big Wins Boost Hillary
Biggest Influence: Edwards
Biggest Influence: Huckabee
Biggest Influence: Romney
Bilateral Or Multiparty Talks?
Bill And Barack Talk Peace
Bill Boosts Fuel Efficiency
Bill Clinton Leaves Hospital
Bill Clinton On The Bailout
Bill Clinton Speaks At Tulane
Bill Clinton Talks Charity
Bill Clinton: All On Texas
Bill For Illegal Immigrants
Bill Frist Chimes In
Bill Frist On Iraq, Tax Cuts
Bill Key In Hillary's Crusade?
Bill Muddies Hillary's Blunder
Bill Passes, Showdown Begins
Bill Speaks Out Against Barack
Bill To Limit Troops In Iraq
Bill's Tirade On The Trail
Bill, Hil Back Barack
Billboard Plea For Work
Bipartisan Bailout Effort
Bipartisan Economic Stimulus
Bipartisan Support for Roberts
Bipartisan Union On Transcript
Bipartisan War Summit
Bipartisanship Back?
Bittersweet for Uninsured
Bizarre Pirate Standoff
Black Voices on Inauguration
Black Voters Lean Toward...
Blackwater Closely Monitored
Blago Wants To Prove Innocence
Blagojevich Cries Foul
Blagojevich Gets Boot
Blagojevich In Hot Water
Blagojevich Marches On
Blagojevich Meets Lawyer
Blagojevich Questions Linger
Blagojevich Readies For Fight
Blagojevich Resists Resigning
Blagojevich Trial Opens
Blagojevich's Political Links
Blagojevich's Stunning Move
Blagojevich's Trial Begins
Blair And Arnold Talk Green
Blair Leaves Downing Street
Blair Prompts Bush On Mideast
Blair Pushes For Africa Aid
Blair Sets U.K. Drawdown
Blair Stepping Down In June
Blair's Last Visit As PM
Blair: More African Aid
Blix On Disarmament Report
Blix On Iran Nukes
Bloomberg 'Not A Candidate'
Bloomberg Blasts Obama Rumors
Bloomberg On Leaving GOP
Bloomberg On Leaving GOP
Bloomberg Praises Sotomayor
Bloomberg: NYC Still A Target
Bloomberg?s 'Independent' Move
Blumenthal's Blunder
Blunt Warnings
Bo Makes White House Debut
Bob Dole Remembers Ford
Bob Schieffer On Gerald Ford
Bob Schieffer On Historic Win
Bob Schieffer on Obama's Woes
Bob Schieffer On The Elections
Bob Schieffer on Union Address
Bob Schieffer Talks Politics
Bob Woodward And The CIA Leak
Bobby Jindal: The Next Reagan?
Bodies Misplaced at Arlington
Boehner Is New Majority Leader
Boehner On Obama's Speech
Boehner On Victory In Iraq
Boehner: Commitment To Victory
Boiling Down To Debate
Bollinger Crosses Ahmadinejad
Bolten Is New Chief Of Staff
Bolton Ambassador Analysis
Bolton Installment Recap
Bolton Named U.N. Ambassador
Bolton On N. Korea Sanctions
Bolton Skepticism Abounds
Bolton Vote Heads To Senate
Bolton's U.N. Arrival
Bomb Parts Pass TSA Checks
Bomb Plot, Al Qaeda Linked
Book: U.S. Faked Iraq Intel
Boondoggle Bucks For Security
Boos For Gov. Arnold
Boosting McCain's Image
Boris Yeltsin Dead At 76
Boston Remembers 'Teddy'
Both Parties Irate At FBI Raid
Both Parties Opposed Pace
Both Sides Criticize Bush
Bound For New Hampshire
Boxer Admonishes Inhofe
Boxer: Palin Is An Extremist
BP Admits to Larger Leak
BP CEO Grilled by Congress
BP Chose Cost Over Caution?
BP Denies Business Claims
BP Escrow Czar on Claims
BP Hearing Drama
BP Launches Top Kill
BP Oil Spill: Who's to Blame?
BP Relief Wells on Track
BP Stirs Up Intl. Backlash
BP's 'Cozy' Connections
BP's 'Culture of Incompetence'
BP's 20 Billion Shakedown
BP's Criminal Past
BP's Next Containment Plan
Brain Cancer Fatalities
Braun Endorses Dean
Brazilian Custody Battle
Breaking Down Bill's Behavior
Breaking Down Bush's Speech
Breaking Down Obama's Speech
Breaking Ranks On Stem Cells
Breaking The Silence
Breeding Terror In Minneapolis
Bremer Quizzed On Iraqi Money
Bremer Remarks Fallout
Bremer Stokes Iraq Debate
Bremer Talks Iraqi Government
Brian Lamb
Bribed Congressman Makes Out
Bridge Champs Stir Controversy
Bright Spots for the Economy
Bring The Troops Home?
Bringing In The Big Guns
Brit MP Blasts U.S. Congress
Britain Bloody Sunday Apology
Britain To Withdraw Troops
Britain's PM Coming To U.S.
Britney, Paris, Obama?
Broadcast Broadside
Brokering A War Funding Deal
Brown Combative
Brown Defends FEMA's Response
Brown Scrutinized Over E-Mails
Brown Wraps Up U.S. Visit
Brown's Basketball Challenge
Brown's Bid for Governor
Brown: 'I Know What I'm Doing'
Buchanan & Podesta On Rumsfeld
Buckley Parting Ways With Bush
Budget Holdup On The Hill
Budgeting The Heartland
Bullet-Lead Analysis Discarded
Burning BP Oil
Burr Wins Senate Seat In N.C.
Burris Accused Of Perjury
Burris Arrives Capitol Hill
Burris Back On Capitol Hill
Burris Bombshell
Burris Defiant On Senate Seat
Burris Hits Capitol Hill
Burris Under Fire
Bush "Whatever It Takes" Ad
Bush & 9/11 Panel
Bush & Kerry Hit Swing States
Bush & Kerry Hit Swing States
Bush & Kerry Zero In
Bush & Maliki Need Each Other
Bush 'Choice' Ad
Bush 'Disgusted' By Messages
Bush 'Med Mal' Ad
Bush 'No Gas Tax Hike For Now'
Bush 'Not Satisfied' On Iraq
Bush 'Pleased' With N. Korea
Bush 'Serious' On Darfur
Bush 'Taken Aback' By Claim
Bush 'The Choice' Ad
Bush 'The Decider' On Rumsfeld
Bush 'Tort Reform' Ad
Bush 41 Recalls His Failed Bid
Bush A 'Lame Duck'?
Bush Accepts Libby Resignation
Bush Ad Attacks Kerry
Bush Ad Bashes Kerry
Bush Ad Responds To Debate
Bush Ad Touts Job Growth
Bush Ad: 'Risk'
Bush Addresses Asian Allies
Bush Addresses Iraq Concerns
Bush Addresses Iraq War Debate
Bush Addresses Mideast At U.N.
Bush Addresses NAACP
Bush Addresses NAACP
Bush Addresses National Guard
Bush Addresses The UN
Bush Addresses U.N.
Bush Addresses U.N.
Bush Addresses U.N.
Bush Admits Bad Iraq Intel
Bush Admits Mistakes In Iraq
Bush Advisor On Campaign
Bush Advisor On Debate
Bush Advisor On Kerry Ads
Bush Ahead In Poll
Bush Aide On War Rhetoric
Bush And Blair Talk Mideast
Bush And Kerry On Osama
Bush And Maliki Discuss Iraq
Bush And Obama's Bad Blood?
Bush And Pelosi Make Nice
Bush And Putin Talk Nukes
Bush Announces Spending Plans
Bush Answers Iraq Critics
Bush Answers War Critics
Bush Appeals For War Support
Bush Approval Rating Slips
Bush Arrives In Israel
Bush Asks For 'Clean' Bill
Bush Asks For Patience On Iraq
Bush At Unity Conference
Bush Attacked On Medicare
Bush Awaits News From Iraq
Bush Backs Attorney General
Bush Backs Border Bill
Bush Backs Intel Director
Bush Backs Rumsfeld
Bush Bailout Plan Analysis
Bush Balks On Jobs
Bush Battles WMD Fallout
Bush Begins Euro Trip
Bush Begins Iraq PR Blitz
Bush Bets On His Iraq Plan
Bush Blasts War Critics
Bush Blocked From Reform
Bush Bounce Bursting?
Bush Briefs Senators On Iraq
Bush Brings Bailout Bill Home
Bush Brings In Army's Boss
Bush Brings Message To U.N.
Bush Budget Fuels Debate
Bush Building Line To Voters
Bush Cabinet: Help Wanted
Bush Calls For Bipartisanship
Bush Calls For Economic Rescue
Bush Calls For Kerry Apology
Bush Calls For SS Cuts
Bush Calls On Ex-Presidents
Bush Calls War Critics Naive
Bush Campaign 'Patriot Act' Ad
Bush Campaign Ad 1
Bush Campaign Ad 2
Bush Campaign Ad 3
Bush Campaign Ad 4
Bush Campaign Ad 5
Bush Campaign Boss On Election
Bush Campaign Kick-Off
Bush Campaigns In Pa.
Bush Can't Escape Spy Debate
Bush Casts His Vote
Bush Caught Cursing On Tape
Bush Celebrates Presidents Day
Bush Close To New Iraq Plan
Bush Comments On Investigation
Bush Comments On Miers
Bush Comments On Poverty
Bush Commits To Mideast Peace
Bush Condemns Attacks
Bush Condemns Iran
Bush Condemns N. Korea Test
Bush Confident In Miers
Bush Congratulates Pelosi
Bush Considers Options In Iraq
Bush Continues Defense Of War
Bush Counselor On War Plan
Bush Counterattacks
Bush Courts Swing States
Bush Criticized Over Libby
Bush Cross-Country
Bush Cuts Iraq Tour Lengths
Bush Defends Bolton
Bush Defends Cheney
Bush Defends Domestic Spying
Bush Defends Domestic Spying
Bush Defends Domestic Spying
Bush Defends Domestic Spying
Bush Defends Gonzales
Bush Defends Iraq
Bush Defends Iraq Strategies
Bush Defends Iraq Strategy
Bush Defends Iraq War In Tour
Bush Defends Miers
Bush Defends Nominee Miers
Bush Defends Plan In Tour
Bush Defends Rumsfeld
Bush Defends Rumsfeld
Bush Defends Service Record
Bush Defends Spy Program
Bush Defends War
Bush Defends Wiretapping
Bush Defends Wiretaps
Bush Defiant On War
Bush Delays Iraq Plan
Bush Delivers Hurricane Aid
Bush Delivers On Big Day
Bush Denies Knowing Abramoff
Bush Discusses Baghdad Blast
Bush Discusses Court Nominee
Bush Discusses Foreign Policy
Bush Discusses Foreign Policy
Bush Discusses Guantanamo
Bush Discusses Iraq Policies
Bush Discusses North Korea
Bush Discusses Rita
Bush Discusses Upcoming Speech
Bush Discusses War In Iraq
Bush Dismisses War Timetable
Bush Dodges Syria Question
Bush Embarks On Iraq PR Blitz
Bush Endorses Defense Nominee
Bush Endorses McCain
Bush Erases Libby's Jail Time
Bush Explains Libby Decision
Bush Eyes Keystone State
Bush Faults Kerry On Iraq
Bush Feels Political Heat
Bush Feels Secure On Trail
Bush Fights Back
Bush Fights Explosives Issue
Bush Fires Back
Bush Fires Up At Dems
Bush Firm On Hamas
Bush Firm On Iraq, Spying
Bush Gets Boost In Britain
Bush Gets Bounce, Hits Road
Bush Gets Domestic In Bulgaria
Bush Gets Terror Setback
Bush Gets Tough With Congress
Bush Gets Update On Iraq
Bush Gets Updated On Iraq
Bush Goes Around Congress
Bush Goes On Speaking Tour
Bush Greets 'Rolling Thunder'
Bush Grilled In Virginia
Bush Growing Isolated On Iraq
Bush Guard Duty Scrutinized
Bush Hails Condi Rice
Bush Hails Deficit Drop
Bush Hammers At Security
Bush Harshly Warns Russia
Bush Headed Home
Bush Headed To Pakistan
Bush Heads To G8 Summit
Bush Heads To Miami
Bush Hears Katrina Analysis
Bush Highlights Energy, Iraq