Health - Videos

Before You Shovel ...
Behind-The-Counter Relief
Beijing Smog Called 'Misty'
Being A Mom With Breast Cancer
Being Honest With Your Doctor
Belly Dancing Workout 101
Benefits Of Acupuncture
Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery
Benefits Of Hormone Therapy
Benefits Of Nordic Walking
Benefits Of Simple Exercise
Benefits Of Sleep
Benefits Of Sleeping Solo
Benefits Of Superfruits
Best Cereals For Adults
Best Diet For Eyes
Best Health Books
Best Running Shoes For Summer
Best, Worst Cities To Breathe
Better Health = More Wealth
Better Skin With Sex?
Better Treatment For Veterans
Beware Of Pre-Dementia
Beware of Pre-Washed Greens
Beware Unscrupulous Spas
Beware: Lethal Cold Virus
Bextra Health Warnings
Biden Gets Slammed For Gaffe
Biden's Son Has Mild Stroke
Biden: Paying For Health Care
Big Bellies Linked To Death
Big Bellies Linked To Dementia
Big Push For Health Care
Big Risks Of Cutting Gym
Big Stakes In Vioxx Case
Big Three Stand Up To Cancer
Big Tobacco's Legal Defeat
Biggest Crib Recall Ever
Bill Clinton's Bypass
Billboard Liver Plea Works
Binge Drinking Pitfalls
Binge-Drinking On The Rise
Binge-Drinking Teenagers
Bio-Identical Hormones
Biological Clock Ticks For Men
Bipolar Kids Misdiagnosed
Bird Flu Alarm In Indonesia
Bird Flu Alarm Overblown?
Bird Flu Approaching Europe
Bird Flu Coming To Our Shores?
Bird Flu Fears Hit Europe
Bird Flu In England
Bird Flu In The U.S.
Bird Flu Not A Concern
Bird Flu Plan Set For Release
Bird Flu Preparedness
Bird Flu Preparedness
Bird Flu Sets Off Alarms
Bird Flu Vaccine Tested
Bird Flu Virus Crosses Borders
Bird Flu Wake Up Call
Bird Flu Watch
Bird Flu: False Alarm?
Birth By Appointment
Birth Control Concerns
Birth Control For Men?
Birth Control Patch Risks
Birth Control Patch Warning
Birth Control Pill For Men?
Birth Weight Poses Risks
Bittersweet for Uninsured
Black Americans Fighting Fat
Blacks And Colon Cancer
Blacks Challenged To Slim Down
Blind Girl's Miracle Cure
Blind Hope In Ghana
Blind Learn To See With Tongue
Blind Treatment in Sight
Blindness Warning For Viagra?
Blood Pressure & Heart Health
Blood Pressure Awareness
Blood Pressure Testing
Blood Pressure Warning
Blood Supply Health Problems
Blood Thinner Breakthrough
Body By Milk
Body Parts For Sale?
Body Piercing Safety Tips
Bogus Botox
Bogus Plastic Surgery Epidemic
Boomers Aging With Passion
Boomers Delay Retirement Plans
Boomers Get Hip
Booster Seat Safety Tips
Boosting Your Immune System
Boozy Energy Drink Risks
Botox Gets New Use
Bottled Energy Boosts
Bottled H2-No?
Bottled Water Under Fire
Boy or Girl? Decide in Calif.
Boy Survives Decapitation
Boy, 5, Gets Heart Transplant
BP Denies Business Claims
BP Spill Health Hazards
Brain Aerobics
Brain Cancer Facts
Brain Games For Seniors
Brain Injury Prevalent In Army
Brain Surgery Explained
Brainwashed By Junk Food?
Braving The Cold Safely
Breaking Addiction's Grip
Breaking Layoff News To Kids
Breaking Ranks On Stem Cells
Breaking The Cancer Code
Breaking The Cancer Code
Breakthrough For Flu Research
Breakthrough In AIDS Research
Breakthrough In Hearing Loss
Breakthrough In HIV Research
Breakthroughs In Gene Therapy
Breast Cancer And Motherhood
Breast Cancer And MRIs
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Breakthrough?
Breast Cancer Chemo Shocker
Breast Cancer Detection
Breast Cancer Drug Approved
Breast Cancer Gene Dilemma
Breast Cancer Genetics
Breast Cancer Numbers Plummet
Breast Cancer Op Nightmare
Breast Cancer Pill Debate
Breast Cancer Progress
Breast Cancer Rate Plummets
Breast Cancer Reconstruction
Breast Cancer Recurrence Test
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screenings
Breast Cancer Treatment Study
Breast Cancer Treatments
Breast Cancer's Young Victim
Breast Cancer-Antibiotic Link?
Breast Feeding Perks
Breast Implant Backlash
Breast Implant Debate
Breast Implants Debated
Breastfeeding Benefits
Breastfeeding Benefits
Brightening Your Smile
Bringing Fitness Back To Class
Bringing Movies To Sick Kids
Bringing Sex Back Into Love
Britain Catches Up To U.S.
Britain's Green Health Club
Broken Heart Syndrome
Bug Spray Health Tips
Build Your Brain For Old Age
Bullied to Death
Bush Lays Out Bird Flu Plan
Bush Lays Out Bird Flu Plan
Bush Pledges To Fight Malaria
Bush Plugs HSA Benefits
Bush Promotes Drug Program
Bush Pushes Medicare Plan
Bush Remarks On World AIDS Day
Bush Signs Medicare Bill
Bush Spends Easter With GIs
Bush Stands Firm
Bush Vetoes New Stem Cell Bill
Bush's 2000 Medicare Promise
Bush: Drug Plan Is A Good Deal
Busting Medical Myths
Busting The Vitamin C Myth
Button Battery Danger
Buy A Million Dollar Smile
Buying Breast Milk
Buzz Over New Alzheimer's Drug
Bystander Syndrome Explained
C-Section Health Dangers
C-Sections On The Rise
Caffeine & Pregnancy: Risky?
Caffeine And Alzheimer's
Caffeine May Boost Memory
Caffeine, Miscarriage Link?
Calcium & Heart Disease
Calcium May Not Help Bones
Calcium, Heart Disease Links
Calif. Bans Trans Fats
Calif. Embraces Stem Cell
Calif. Eyes Right To Die Bill
Calif. For Stem Cell Research
Calif. HMO Rates Skyrocket
Calif. Stem Cell Plan
Calif. Water Crisis
California Bans Trans Fat
California Healthcare Overhaul
Calorie Offenders For Kids
Calorie Restricting Lifestyle
Calories: Who's Counting?
Camp: Losing is for Winners
Camps Struggle with H1N1
Campus Substance Abuse
Can Birth Control End Periods?
Can Botox Kill You?
Can Chores Prolong Life?
Can Defibrillators Save Lives?
Can Exercise Fight Dementia?
Can Exercise Prevent Cancer?
Can Melody Assist Recovery?
Can Money Buy Happiness?
Can Parents Say No To Doctors?
Can Plastics Make You Sick?
Can The Brain Repair Itself?
Can The Heart Heal Itself?
Can Tomatoes Cure Cancer?
Can You Pass A Cold/Flu Quiz?
Canada Drug Export Ban
Cancer 101
Cancer Causes Identified
Cancer Controversy
Cancer Cure In A Cup?
Cancer Dangers For Moms-To-Be
Cancer Death Rates Decrease
Cancer Deaths Drop In U.S.
Cancer Diagnoses Decrease
Cancer Doctors Under Scrutiny
Cancer Drug Created By Chance
Cancer Expert On Treatments
Cancer Fight Goes Purple
Cancer Machine Shows Promise
Cancer Prevention Vaccine
Cancer Research Breakthrough
Cancer Research Funding Cuts
Cancer Research Funds Shrink
Cancer Research Funds Slashed
Cancer Research Setback
Cancer Study To Include Race?
Cancer Treatment Dispute
Candidates On Health Costs
Canine Cancer Drug Approved
Cankle Surgery Tips
Captured In Time
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Carbon Monoxide Warning
Carbs Cut Diabetes Risk?
Cardiac Arrest Hits Home
Careful When Springing To Life
Caregivers Pressed For Cash
Caring For A Chronic Cough
Caring For Sick Kids
Caring For Wounded Veterans
Cars For The Elderly
CAT Scan Accuracy Questioned
CAT Scan Risks
Catching Up With The Sellers
Caution Over Back Surgery
Caution Over Superbug
CBS Doctor Treats Haitian Baby
CBS HealthWatch
CDC Accused Of Misusing Funds
CDC Chief On Flu Shots
CDC Expects More Flu Cases
CDC Implicated In FEMA Scandal
CDC On Flu Vaccines
CDC Preps for H1N1 Vaccine
CDC Races To Find Vaccine
CDC Recommendations
CDC Under Investigation
CDC Warns Flu Shot Waste
CDC Warns Of American Deaths
CDC Warns Of Superbug Surge
CDC's Fat Flip-Flop
CDC's New H1N1 Plan
Celebrating The Baby Belly
Celebrating Weight Loss
Celebrex & Bextra Questioned
Celebrex Heart Dangers
Celebrex Scrutiny
Celebrities March For Autism
Celiac Disease
Cell Phone 'Elbow'
Cell Phone Diet
Cell Phone Health Warning
Cereal Eaters On Campus
Certain Plastics May Be Toxic
Certified Trainers Ungoverned
Cervical Cancer Vaccination
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Cervical Cancer Vaccine OK'd
Change How We Look at Food
Change In Food Pyramid?
Changes For Food Labels
Charging For Dead People?
Charter Bus Crashes
Cheap Ways To Look Young
Checking Baby?s Blood Pressure
Checking Children's Vision
Cheerleader Injuries Sky High
Cheerleading Injuries Rise
Chef Bobo Fights Kids Obesity
Chemo Strides For Lung Cancer
Cheney Victim's Heart Attack
Cheney's Condition Explained
Chicken Pox Vaccine
Chickenpox Party Vs. Vaccine
Child Abuse Numbers Drop
Child Drowning Risks
Child Health Care Program Woes
Child Once Silent Now Can Sing
Child Raised $1M For Cancer
Child Thrives After Transplant
Child Vaccines Recalled
Childhood Allergies
Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Childhood Sports Injuries
Children & Food Allergies
Children And Exercise
Children And Homelessness
Children At Risk For Strokes
Children's Cold Meds Withdrawn
Children's H1N1 Battles
Children's Sleep Disorders
Children's Tamiflu Shortage?
Chilling Heart Attack Patients
Chin Up, You CEO Type
China Battles Web Addiction
China Vows To Police Toys
China's Deadly Pollution
China's H1N1 Measures
China's Milk Scandal Spreads
China's Soaring Cancer Rates
China's Tainted Milk Nightmare
China: Melamine In Pet Food?
Chinese Fix For Infertility?
Chinese Imports Turned Away
Chocolate Spotlight
Chocolate That Is Good For You
Chocolate's Health Benefits
Chocolate's Health Benefits
Cholesterol And Memory
Cholesterol Drug Controversy
Cholesterol Drug Dangers
Cholesterol Problems In Kids
Choosing A Nursing Home
Choosing C-Section
Choosing Healthier Snacks
Choosing Healthy Snacks
Choosing The Healthier Option
Choosing The Right Sunscreen
Christopher Reeve's Crusade
Chronic Fatigue In Women
Chronic Illness Support
Cigarette Sales Slide
Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever?
Clash Of The Surgeons
Clean Hands, Good Health
Cleaning The Medicine Cabinet
Clearing Up Calcium Confusion
Clinical Trials Go Unchecked
Clinton Announces Soda Deal
Clinton Called A 'Sex Addict'
Clinton On Health
Clinton Tackles Health Care
Clinton Takes On Fat
Clinton To Undergo Surgery
Clinton's Condition Explained
Clinton's Heart Surgery
Clinton's Procedure
Clinton's Quick Recovery
Clinton's Surgeon Kept Cool
Clinton's Surgery A Close Call
Clinton's Surgery Explained
Clinton's Surgical Success
Clinton's Well-Wishers
Clinton, Gates Discuss AIDS
Closer Look At Brain Surgery
Closing in On Health Bill
Clot-Buster Treats Strokes
Clowning Around Helps Kids
Clue Found To SIDS Deaths
Coffee and Uterine Cancer
Coffee Health Perk
Coffee Is OK For Your Heart
Coffee Lowers Stroke Risk
Coffee May Cut Diabetes Risk
Cold Hands Explained
Cold Medicine Controversy
Cold Medicine High
Cold Medicine Overdoses Surge
Cold Medicines Under Review
Cold Meds Under Fire, Again
Cold Pummels Fla. Crops
Cold War Heroes Battle Cancer
Collecting On Insurance Claims
Collecting the Vets' Stories
College Campus Bingefest
College Egg Donors
Colleges Brace For H1N1
Colon Cancer Detection
Colon Cancer Prevention
Colon Cancer Prevention
Colon Cancer Report Card
Colonoscopy Alternative
Colonoscopy Fact vs. Fiction
Colonoscopy Prep for Harry
Combating Cellulite
Combating Elderly Depression
Combating The Stress Of War
Combating West Nile
Comic Relief
Coming Out As Transgender
Common Cold Culprit
Common Cold Or Allergies?
Complete Abs Makeover
Complicated Food Labels
Concern About H1N1 Vaccine
Concern For Young Athletes
Concerns Over Stomach Meds
Concerns Over Zicam
Concierge Medicine
Concussion Danger For Teens
Condiment Health Benefits
Condition Makes Skin 'Crawl'
Conflicting Views On HRT
Congress Debates Autism Bill
Congress Eyes 9/11 Health Czar
Congress Gets Flu Shots
Congress Investigates Vytorin
Congress Slams The FDA
Congress To Lower Drug Prices?
Congress To Question FDA
Congress' Summer Blues
Congress, Health Care Redux
Congressmen Debate SCHIP
Conjoined Twins Doc Updates
Conjoined Twins Face Surgery
Conjoined Twins Separated
Conjoined Twins To Be Separate
Conjoined Twins' Risky Surgery
Connecting Lives Worldwide
Connecting With Your Doctor
Connecting With Your Teen
Conquering Colon Cancer
Conquering Colon Cancer
Conquering Inflammation
Consumer Fraud In Health Care?
Consumer Reports On Health
Consumer Safety With Fireworks
Contact Lens Infection Risk
Contact Lens Solution Recall
Contact Lens Warning
Containing Swine Flu In Mexico
Containing The Flu
Contaminated Drywall
Contaminated Leafy Greens
Contestants Compete For Organs
Controlling Asthma
Controlling Blood Pressure
Controlling Sugar Intake
Controlling The Superbug
Controlling Tot Tempers
Controversial Blue Cross Plan
Controversial Cancer Clinic
Controversial Mad Cow Claim
Controversial Reform Strategy
Coping With 'Boomeritis'
Coping With Ch-Ch-Changes
Coping With Debt Stress
Coping With Fall Allergies
Coping With Fear Of Flying
Coping With Headaches At Work
Coping With Holiday Stress
Coping With Poison Ivy
Coping With Survivor Guilt
Coping With The Crisis
Coping With The Heat
Cord Blood Breakthrough
Coroners For The Living
Corporal Punishment In Schools
Corpsmen: Lifeline To Soldiers
Cost Controls for Reform
Cost of Extended Healthcare
Cost VS Care?
Costly Malpractice Insurance
Costs Of 'Meth Mouth'
Cough Syrup At What Age?
Could A Mole Be Skin Cancer?
Council Bans Home Smokes
Counseling Disturbed Students