Travel - Videos

"Climate-Gate" a Hot Debate
'Missing Pilots' Probed
'Missing' Pilots Case Unfolds
'Missing' Pilots Lose Licenses
'No-Fly List' Growing
'Sunday' Getaway: Abruzzi
'Sunday' Getaway: Coney Island
'Tipped Off' With Gas Prices
737 Inspections Stepped Up
A Homemade 747
A Look At Airline Safety
A New Way To Travel With Bags
A One-Minute Guide To L.A.
AA Seeks British Ally
Adventures In Gastronomy
Air Ban Plagues Europe
Air Security Tightens
Air Travel Delays Worsening
Air Travelers Still Stranded
Airline Industry In Tailspin
Airline Report Card
Airline Restrictions Sink In
Airline Scanner Debate
Airline Travel Anguish
Airlines Dogged By Fuel Costs
Airlines Hit Turbulence
Airlines Raising Fees
Airport Suspect Detained
Airport Timeliness
Airports Remain At Risk
Airports Tighten Security
All Pets Can Fly
America's Deadliest Roads
American Airlines Mess
American Fails Safety 3 Times
American Grounds Planes, Again
American To Charge For Bags
American's Woes Persist
Americans Change Travel Habits
An Opinion On Directions
Animals with Guardian Angels
Antarctic Cruise Ship Crashes
Around The World For Free
Around The World For Free
Around The World For Free
Around The World For Free
Around The World For Free
Ash Causes World Travel Chaos
Automakers' Big U-Turn
Backpacking & Camping In Style
Banned Bargains
Behind American Airline's Mess
Best Uses Of Travel Rewards
Big U.S. Airline Cancellations
Biltmore Home Largest In USA
Brave Female Globetrotter
Bush's New Airline Measures
Busy Holiday Roads
Bypass Airport Security
Californians Choosing The Bus
Can GPS Prevent Air Gridlock?
Cancellations Infuriate Flyers
Charge for Carry-on Bags
Charging for Carry-Ons
Cheap Holiday Flight Tickets
Cheap Holiday Getaways
Child Sole Survivor in Crash
Child's Play at JFK Airport
Cleaning Up the Travel Mess
Cockpit Alarm
Cockpit Questions
Cold War Bunker-Come Museum
Coolest Small Towns
Cordon Bleu Chocolate
Cost-Savings For Road Trips
Cruising Under Scrutiny
Danger On The Runway
Dangerous Midwest Storm
Deadly Distracted Driving
Delta Merger: Hope For A Lift
Demand For Mass Transit Spikes
Dialing And Driving Don't Mix
Doing The Big Easy
Dollar Now Is Lowest In Europe
Door-To-Door Luggage Service
Driving Along the Silk Road
Easing Holiday Travel
East Braces for Nasty Weather
Elephant Checks Luggage
Europe Still Grounded
Exclusive: Airport Scanners
Eye On Hudson Jet Crash
FAA Inspectors Cry Foul
FAA Orders Wing Examination
FAA Plans To Cut Delays
FAA Whistleblowers Punished?
FAA's Flight Plan Meldown
Fall Family Travel Deals
Fancy A Pint, Mate?
Fast, Friendly, & Wi-Fi Skies
Flying The Friendly Skies
Ford Accelerates
Fright Flight Lands In Manila
Frightening Runway Overshoot
Galveston's Gradual Return
Gas Dips Below $3
Gay Pride In The Sky
Giant Turtles Make Big Journey
Gifts For Jetsetters
Global Impact of Volcano Ash
Going The Extra Mile
Good Times At The Library
GPS To Relieve Air Congestion
Great Getaway Deals
H1N1 May Rise During Holidays
H1N1 on Planes and Trains
Having A Summer 'Staycation'
Hi-Tech Summer Camping
High Prices For Holiday Travel
Hilary Swank Soars in 'Amelia'
Holiday Gift From The Airlines
Holiday Travel Begins
Holiday Travel Nightmare
Holiday Travel Out Of Gas
Hotels Pouring on Perks
How To Avoid Travel Scams
How To Pack Like A Pro
Hubble Images, 20 Years Later
Hurry To The Gate And Wait
Impact of Aviation Freeze
Is A Weak Dollar Good?
Jet Fuel Price Soars
Karaoke At The Airport?
Largest Toyota Recall Ever
Lost Airline Luggage
Man Muscles Around World
Mass Transit Terror Warning
Mid-Atlantic Snow Storm 'Epic'
Missed Terror Signs
Money Saving Travel Tips
Myth Behind Holiday Travel
N.Y. Subway Hero
NASA Budget Threatened
Near Misses Alarm Air Experts
New Heights For Flight Delays
New Rules for Airplane Delays
New Tarmac Law
New York Gets Tough On Traffic
Not-So-Merry Travel Season
Obama's Off To The Vineyard
One Long Flight
Out Of This World Travel
Packing Basics: Weekend Trip
Paris, City of Darkness
Passenger Bill Revisited
Passengers Describe Flight 253
Passport Travel Tips
Phinda Game Reserve Gives Back
Pilot Arrested Before Flight
Pilot Fatigue Linked To Delays
Pilots Under Pressure?
Plane Crash Triggers Concerns
Plane Makes Emergency Landing
Plane Safety Demonstration
Planes Threatened By Birds?
Planning Your Family Vacation
Poland Mourns After Crash
Potholes Cost Drivers Big
Prices Put Brakes On Travel
Pumping Up MPG
Real Simple's 'Getaway Guide'
Recession Proof Vacations
Reporting from Ethiopia
Rescuing Endangered Species
Return Of The Zeppelin
Rising Prices At The Pump
Romantic Fall Getaways
Runway Relief
Safe Travel With A Pet
Salute to "Sully"
Saving Dough On Vacation
See The World And Do Good Too
Sexy 'Procreation Vacations'
Should Fat Flyers Pay More?
Sky High Airline Fees
Smaller Cars Gain Popularity
South African Cuisine
Spending Wisely On Vacation
Spring Break In Palm Springs
Storm Halts Holiday Travel
Storm Hits Two Thirds of U.S.
Streamlining Airport Security
Stress Caused By Air Travel
Stuck Plane Nightmare
Suitcase Packing 101
Summer Airfare Takes Off
Summer Flying Tips
Summer Tire Pressure
Suspect Not On 'No-Fly List'
Suspect's Background
Terror Plot Hinders Travel
Terror Probe Continues
Thai Protests Close Airports
Thanksgiving Airport Crush
Thanksgiving Pinch At The Pump
Thanksgiving Travel Chaos
Thanksgiving Travel Declines
The Blizzard Continues
The Dangerous 'Lionfish'
The Fight for A Flight Home
The Photo Finish: Sharing Them
The Secure Flight Program
Tightening Security
Tips For Cheaper Air Travel
Tips For Traveling With Kids
Traffic Deaths Decline
Tragedy on the Hudson
Travel Agent Expertise
Travel Emergency Tips
Travel Is Up This Holiday
Travel Light And In Style
Travel Nightmare
Travelers Booking Early
Travelers Head Home
Travelers' Bill of Rights
TSA Searching for Solutions
U.S. Security Tightened
U.S. Tourists Foot The Bill
U.S., Dutch Scanner Squabble
United and Continental Merger
United We Fly
Vacation Tips For 2008
Volcano's Ash Cancels Flights
Ways To Cut Delays
Weather Hinders Holiday Travel
Where America Stands: Aviation
Who is Abdulmutallab?
Wi-Fi In The Sky?
Winnebago Season
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter Weather Nightmare
Winter Woes in Northeast