Strange - Videos

"DWI" Chair Sold on Ebay
"Make-the-Putt Bra"
"Topless Tobogganing"
$3 Million Diamond Bra
'Bull' Market
'Full Price' Performs Live
'Green' Santas in Copenhagen
'How To Make People Like You'
'I Missed Flight 3407'
'Jihad Jane' Captured
'Missing Pilots' Probed
'Missing' Pilots Case Unfolds
'Missing' Pilots Lose Licenses
'Most Miserable U.S. City'
'Pregnant Man' Gives Birth
'Sage-ing' Shirley MacLaine
'Under The Radar' Stories
(Glug, Glug) Marry Me! (Glug)
12 Days, No Government
1991 Kidnap Victim Found
21st Century Gold Rush
23-Year Coma Confusion
4-Year-Old's Christmas Charity
411 On Octuplets' Father
44-Pound Fat Cat Needs Home
50-Pound Jellyfish Stings 150
79-Year-Old College Graduate
79-Year-Old Gets GED
85-Year-Old Woman Boxing Champ
911 Sandwich Emergency
A Cat's 900 Mile Adventure
A Different Kind Of Leader
A Homemade 747
A Human Billboard
A Little Irish In Everyone
A Really Small World
A Turbulent Decade
A Very 'Early Show' Wedding
Airline Kid Mix-Up
All Smiles
Amanda Knox Goes To Trial
Amanda Knox's Dad Speaks Out
Amy Winehouse Lego Set?
An Enduring Love
An Invisible Breakthrough
Animals with Guardian Angels
Anti-Govt Militia Groups Grow
Anti-Tax Tea Parties
Ayatollah: End Protests
Baby Born At 37,000 Feet
Baby Skates Sensation
Balloon Boy 'Hoax' Pops
Balloon Boy A Hoax?
Banking On The Good Old Days
Banking On Worms
Bear Shot Out Of Tree In N.J.
Bear Stuck In Tree
Bees Dying at Alarming Rates
Behold The 'Miracle Fruit'
Best In Show
Big "Kids" on Big Wheels
Big Boy Fires Big Man
Bikini Baristas Now Online
Billionaires Giving it Away
Birds Travel North For Winter
Blackbird Dive Bombs Passersby
Boy Skates Under Cars
Boy, Locked In Safe, Rescued
Brazilian Custody Battle
Broadway Surprise
Buy A Home For A Dollar
Cabbage Patch Kids Turn 25
Calif. Man Turns In $140Gs
Camper Survives Grizzly Attack
Can Parents Say No To Doctors?
Can The Heart Heal Itself?
Car Crash In Newsroom Studios
Car Slams Into Store....Again
Cashing In on YouTube
Cat Gets Stuck in Window
CBS Exclusive: WH Gatecrasher
Chimp Attack 911 Call
China Capsule Apartments
China's Culinary Curiosities
Chupacabra Found?
Chutes And Ladders
Comic-Con Out Of This World!
Conjoined Twins 'Doing Well'
Couch Potato Olympics?
Crocs: The End of an Era
Dangers Of Teen 'Sex-ting'
Deadly Shooting Spree In N.Y.
Death Threats Over Reform
Deer Lives Like Dog
Did Texans Witness A UFO?
Diner: Name Your Own Price
Diners Key In N.H. Elections?
Dirt And Germs Good For Kids?
Dirty Sock, Museum Masterpiece
Do Kids Really Need Homework?
Do-It Yourself Fashion
Do-It-Yourself DNA Test Kit
Doctor of Yo-Yos
Dog Saved from Storm Drain
Dog-Gone Good Worker
Don't Chuck It! Eat It!
Doodle Jump Is Everywhere
Doorman To The Stars
Double-Murder Shocks Panhandle
Dramatic Video: Man Saves Baby
Drunken Text Messages
Einstein the Pint-Size Pony
Embracing The Good Fat
Eminem Gets Crotch In Face
Ethics And The Octuplets
Every Dog Has Its Day
Exclusive Geek Fashion Show
Extracting Taste Out Of Waste
Fall From Burning Building
Fancy Restaurants Cut Prices
FBI Stops Imminent Threat
Fearless Mice Stand Up To Cats
Feasts Found On Twitter
Feng Shui For Pets
Fertility Clinic Embryo Mix-Up
Firing Squad Execution Set
Following Dabba Walahs
Former Child Pilot Kills Self
Free Tacos with Tattoo Coupon
From Banking To Baking
Fun With Sticky Post-It Notes
Future of Time Wasting
Gate Crashers Safety Breach
Gatecrashers Security Concerns
Gene Simmons On His 'Ladies'
Getting Paid To Learn
Going Green, Peruvian Style
Going Viral
GOP Outburst Sparks Outrage
Gov. Sanford: I Hurt You All
Graffiti Art Makes Bank
Grand Theft Goof
Granny Turismo
Grisly Puzzle At Ill. Cemetery
Group's Beef With Cloned Cows
Growing Old In London
Guinness Record Holders Meet
Hairy Men Compete For Best Do
Haiti Smuggling Case Unfolds
Hazardous Hurricane Waves
Honey Bees Sniff Out Bombs
Hoops Prank Backfires
Hotels Pouring on Perks
Hudson Plane Up Close
Hula Hoop Record Attempt
Human Statues In London
Hungry Gator in Cafeteria
Husband Calling Contest
Husband Wants Kidney Returned
Ice Skating In The Sun
Icy Dip For New Year's Day
Illinois Cemetery Desecration
Investigating Jackson's Death
ISP: Beauty Pageant Prank
ISP: Bill Maher's Meltdown
ISP: Bogus Beauty Queen?
ISP: Boyz II Men!
ISP: Britney Booked
ISP: Brothel Owner On Paul
ISP: Catholic Coloring Book
ISP: Charlie Sheen's Battle
ISP: Christmas Rush
ISP: Chuck And Huck
ISP: Clinton's Chinese Secret?
ISP: CNN's Gay Question
ISP: Crocker-Dile Tears
ISP: Dannielynn's Birthday
ISP: Dick In Dreamland
ISP: Dramatic Fire Videos
ISP: Feminine Mistake
ISP: Gold Spandex Pants
ISP: Horror Show
ISP: Hot For Clinton?
ISP: Jay-Z's Euro Stash
ISP: Joe Torre Walks
ISP: Killer Popcorn?
ISP: Leggo My Leg, Bro
ISP: Less Than Zero
ISP: Master Scambaiting
ISP: Meet the Mormons
ISP: Online Sex Show
ISP: Oprah's Mess
ISP: Oral (Sex) History
ISP: Phantom Pooper
ISP: Pool Party Pooper
ISP: Preacher Comforts
ISP: Prostitutes for Ron Paul?
ISP: Public Pole Dancing
ISP: Real Life "Tom & Jerry"
ISP: Road Kill
ISP: Robotic Boy Toy
ISP: Sex Holiday
ISP: Sex Toy Ban
ISP: Six Years Later
ISP: Space Invaders
ISP: The Devil & Mike Huckabee
ISP: The Nutty Profaner
ISP: The Tongue Stud
ISP: Tiny Corn Gun
ISP: Too Thin
ISP: Turkey of the Year
ISP: UFOs & The White House
ISP: World's Oldest Blogger
It's All About Bacon
Jamming On FAO Schwartz Piano
Jesus in an Iron
Juveniles Detonating Bombs
Kevorkian Runs For Office
Kidnap Victim's Nightmare
Kids' Ideas To Fix Recession
Kite Surfer Catapulted By Fay
Knitters Gone Wild
Knot So Simple
Knox's Parents Speak Out
Last Call for Bartender at 95
Law & Disorder in Ukraine
Legos Not For Child's Play
Levy Murder Suspect Details
Library Book Overdue 99 Years
Light My Fire
Lion and Man Embrace, Kiss
M.J. Death Probe In Texas
Make Your Own Muppet!
Making Music Out of Ice
Man Eats 23,000 Big Macs
Man Marries Nintendo Character
Man Spends 3 Years At Sea
Manure Valentines
Marshmallow Test for Success
Massa's Ticklegate
Mean Green Machines
Mechanic Creates Flying Boat
Meet The Piano Playing Cat
Memory Of Champions
Miracle Donation To Church
Miracle On The Hudson
Mobile Earthquake Simulator
Mom Dupes H.S. As Cheerleader
Monkey Rodeo Star
Murder at a Spiritual Retreat?
Mysterious Pa. Arson Crisis
Mystery Behind Octuplets
Myth Behind Holiday Travel
N.Y. Man Beheads Wife
Nail In Head Out With Hammer
NASA Confirms Water on Moon
NASA To Crash Rocket into Moon
Nazi Gnomes Spark Protests
New Erasable Ink Tattoos
New Melon Smashing Record
New Tricks For An Old Dog
New Year...New Laws
News Stories You Can't Miss!
Notebook: Friday The 13th
NYC Hotel Gets Nudity Rap
Obama Does Brando
Obama In Cuba?
Obama-mania hits Japan
Obama-Mania in China
Ohio Family Lives with Deer
Oldest Dog in the World
Oldest Man's 113th Birthday
Olivia Wilde Gets Her "Fix"
One Wild Pie Fight
Palin's Book Campaign
Paper Wants Marijuana Critic
Parked Car Gets 42 Tickets
Partiers find Drink Loophole
Paula Deen Hit with Ham
Peanut Factory Linked To Rats
Peruvian Punching Festival
Peterson Faces Murder Charges
Phoenix Sees 'Alien' Lights
Phony Pilot Suicide Unfolds
Pilot Arrested Before Flight
Pilot Dies During Flight
Pirates Hijack U.S. Ship
Planes Threatened By Birds?
Play Me, I'm Yours
Polanski, a Fugitive
Political Avatars
Pop-Up Store Phenomenon
Pope Attacked at Vatican
Pope's Security Questioned
Praying For Righteous Surf
Provocative Nativity Scene
Put The Pedal To The Metal
Race To Clean Up Tenn. Sludge
Rapid Aging Of U.S. Presidents
Rare Audio Of Literary Heroes
Rare Kangaroo Twins Born
Rats Swarm KFC-Taco Bell In NY
Re-Examining Tylenol Murders
Real Life "Up" Balloon Record
Real-Life Karate Kid
Return Of The Zeppelin
Robo Rodents Top Toy List
Saints Fans Go Drag
Salvation Army Strikes Gold
Sam The Crossing Guard Goose
Samoan Adoption Scandal
Santa Monica's Disputed Steps
Sasha, Malia Need A Stimulus?
Saved By The Bra
School May Fire All Teachers
Scuba-Diving Dog
Sea Lion Invasion
Senior Citizen Football Star
Senior Citizen's Freshman Year
Seniors Use Mexico Health Care
Separating Conjoined Twins
Serial Killer Hunt Continues
Sharp Sandwich Sparks Lawsuit
Should Geithner Go?
Should Senior Year Be Skipped?
Singing Made Easy
Sisters Have Triplets Together
Six-Legged Frog Found
Skeletons In A Bony Embrace
Skiing for Couch Potatoes
Small Town Hit List
Small Town's Healthcare Reform
Smoking Baby is Real
Snow Increases Jobless Rate?
Something Fishy in the Water
Spell Me A River
Spiral Phenomenon Explained
Squatters Clash With Police
Stalking Common In U.S.?
Starbucks Sticks to Its Guns
Storing Bombs Inside Bodies
Stranded Divers Fight Dragon
Strange Sightings in Iowa
Street Pianos Attract NY
Struck By Lightning
Student's "Cool" Cruiser
Suicides At France Telecom
Super Rx Deals At Supermarkets
Super Strength Robot Suit
Supermarket Unlocked all night
Surfing's Gone To The Dogs
Surgery Separates Twins
Suspect Eats Evidence
Swear Off Cussing
Target Targets Criminals
Teachers Sell Ads For Supplies
Teen Makes Capri-Sun Dress
Teen Super Climber
Thank You For Not Smoking
The $70,000 Bed
The 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur
The Age Of 'Econocides'
The Animal Odd Couple
The Art of an Art Heist
The Boy and the Balloon
The Collection Of Collections
The Kings Of Elvis Decorations
The Life-Size Toy Train Set
The Mythbusters Vs. The Sharks
The New Age Of Bartering
The Next Generation of Pets
The Next Susan Boyle
The Oldest Batboy
The Power of Pigeons
The Smallest Town in the U.S.
The Wildcard, 04.02.09
The Wildcard: Bridal Finger
The Wildcard: Hot For Teacher
The Wildcard: Hot Protest
The Wildcard: Real Spiderman
The Wildcard: Starface
Theft at Nazi Death Camp
Thief Gets Stuck in Window
This Is Your Life, On eBay
This Week's Outrageous Stories
Tiger Woods Car Crash Mystery
Tighty-Whiteys Losing Underwar
Timeline Over The Hudson
Tomato Prices Skyrocket
Toni Collette: 'U.S. Of Tara'
Toyota Defect Disputed
Train Crash Investigation
Truth In Old Wives Tales
Tulips in an Unusual Place
Tweeting From The Womb
Two-Headed Tortoise
U.K. Giant Bunny
U.S. At Risk Of 'Cyber Quake'
Under The Radar Headlines
Under The Radar, 01.03.09
Under The Radar, 01.10.09
Under The Radar, 01.17.09
Under The Radar, 01.24.09
Under The Radar, 01.31.09
Under The Radar, 02.07.09
Under The Radar, 02.14.09
Under The Radar, 02.21.09
Under The Radar, 02.28.09
Under The Radar, 03.07.09
Under The Radar, 03.14.09
Under The Radar, 03.21.09
Under The Radar, 04.04.09
Under The Radar, 04.11.09
Under The Radar, 04.25.09
Under The Radar, 05.09.09
Under the Radar, 08.15.09
Under The Radar, 10.11.08
Under The Radar, 10.18.08
Under The Radar, 11.28.09
Under The Radar, 12.06.08
Under The Radar, 12.13.08
Under The Radar, 12.20.08
Under The Radar, 12.27.08
University Of Santa Clause
Urinal Artist Flushes Away
Van der Sloot's Confession
Video Before Whale Attack
Video from Cruise Ship
Virgin Mary in Fountain?
Wedding In The Skies
What Makes A $100 Coffee?
What's Happening To The Bees?
What's In A Name?
Whitney Houston Angers Fans
Who Are The Pirates?
Who Throws A Shoe?
Who Was The Gunman?
Why Did the Whale Attack?
Woman Fights Bear with Pillow
World's Biggest Pipe Organ
Yo-Yo Champ Dazzles The Plaza
Zilok: The eBay For Renters