Strange - Videos

$20 Million Wedding Cake
'Bare-Butt Burglar' On Tape
'Crazy' Bratz Doll Cusses?
'Dog-O-Ween' In Seattle
'Idol,' Prison-Style
'Jesus' Nabs Alleged Crook
'Naked' Geezers Calendar
'Orb' Captured On Surveillance
'Shuck And Swallow' Contest
'Spiderman' Climbs Paris Tower
'Star Wars' Goes Postal
(Glug, Glug) Marry Me! (Glug)
100M High-Heel Dash
12-Year-Old In Car Chase
54-Foot Whale Washes Ashore
8-Year-Old Rescued On Tape
911 Tape Of Gay Bar Attack
A Bird? A Plane? No, Just Ice
A Disease-Free Village
A Golf Tournament For Rednecks
A Patent On Your Genes
A Really Big Dose Of Caffeine
Accidental Drive-Thru
Alcohol Sans Liquid
Algerian Camel Races
Alleged Bank Robber Caught
Alligator Lives The Good Life
An Army Of Trash
An Odd Couple In China
An Unusual Deer Rescue
Annual Brat Eating Contest
Armed Robber Caught On Tape
Artistic Elephant
Awash In Crocodiles
Baby Issued A Gun Permit
Barcelona Fans Celebrate, Loot
Basketball Brawl In Belgrade
Bear Goes For A Refreshing Dip
Bear Shot Out Of Tree In N.J.
Bear, Man Face-Off In Ring
Bears Fan Heart, Mind And Body
Beautiful Bulldog Contest
Beaver Hits The Road
Bees Create Buzz At Hospital
Bees Invade Florida Home
Belafonte Calls Bush Terrorist
Berlusconi Faints At Podium
Beyonce Video Goes Viral
Big Rig Chase & Crash
Big Surprise In The Glove Box
Birth Control For Pigeons
Blaine's Underwater Stunt
Bloody Santa Display In N.Y.
Boat Versus Bridge
Body Builder Denies Charges
Bonfire World Record Attempt
Bosnia Presidency Protest
Boy, 9, Attacked On Bus
Brawl Silences Boston Pops
Brazil's Congress Trashed
Breakfast For Everyone
Bridal Gown Frenzy
Bruce Willis Splashed On Tape
Buffalo Herd On Highway
Bull Jumps Into Crowd
Bull Loose In NJ Parking Lot
Bull On The Loose
Bull Tosses Rodeo Clown
Bulldog Beauty
Bus Collides With Dump Truck
Bus Flips, Avoids Tanker Crash
Bus Passenger Attacks Cyclist
Bush's Shoulder Rub Surprise
Calm Amidst A Frantic City
Campaign Scuffle On Tape
Car Barrels Into Home Depot
Car Chase Ends In Fatalities
Car Smashes Through Store
Cat Is Harbinger Of Death
Cat Is Harbinger Of Death
Caught On Tape: Bus Stabbing
Cheating To Win
Cheerleader Survives Fall
China's Panda Kindergarten
China's Red Square On Ice
China's Three-Arm Baby
Clerk Clubs Would-Be Crook
Clerk Fights Robber On Tape
Clerk Shoots At Robbers
Coach Attacks Teen On Tape
Cockatoo Not Afraid Of Heights
Colombia's Bull Festival
Colombians Protest Trade Plan
Cop Assault On Tape
Cop Charged With Assault
Cops Bust Teen Gang On Tape
Cops Chase Nude Suspect
Cops Chase, Taser Suspect
Cops Fired For Excessive Force
Couples Tape Insurance Scam
Court Hearing Turns Into Brawl
Cow Takes Dip In Swimming Pool
Cow Takes Stroll In Florida
Cow's Airlift Rescue
Crook Rams, Robs Store
Crooks Drive Through Store
Czech Leaders Duke It Out
Dashboard Cameras Help Cops
Dead Birds Mystify Austin
Dental Surgery For Elephants
Dirty Dancing Texas Students
Disease Can't Stop Painter
Dog Is Skateboarding Sensation
Dog Kills Cat On Video
Donkey Hoops Hits Kentucky
Dough Spinning Contest
Drag Racer Hits Cameraman
Driver Sets Gas Pump Ablaze
Drunk Driver Taunts Police
Dry Cleaner Drive-Thru
Dwight Gooden In Court
Eating Off The Land
Eek! Snakes In My Bed!
Elephant Gives Birth On Tape
Elephant Rescued From Pond
Elephant Rescued From Well
Elephant Tug Of War
Elephants Enjoy A Day Of Games
Escaped Cow Causes Mayhem
Everyone Loves A Pig Story
Fainting Goats
Fake 911 Call For Love
Fall From Burning Building
Fallen Power Lines Spark Fire
Fan Takes Race Car For Spin
Fat, Lonely And Smelly?
Fatal Shooting Caught On Tape
Fifth-Grader Beaten On Bus
Firefighters Vs. Monster Blaze
Fireman Takes Tumble In Dryer
Fireworks: What Not To Do
Florida Gator Captured
Funnel Cloud Caught On Tape
Gas Flare At Power Plant
Georgian Sets World Record
Germany's New Baby Rhino
Giant Baby Born In Mexico
Goose Attacks On Tape
Grannies Accused Of Murder
Grasshoppers Invade City
Great Balls Of Fire
Grilled Cheese Eating Contest
Group's Beef With Cloned Cows
Hairy Men Compete For Best Do
Half-Ton Man Loses 397 Lbs.
Hanging From A Power Line
Healthcare Robot
Herd Of Elks Relocated
High-End Wine Thief
Hillary Heckled During Speech
Hippo Hygiene Day
Hit And Run Caught On Tape
Hole In Jet Causes Scare
Honey Bees Sniff Out Bombs
Hospital Knife Attack On Tape
Hot Dog Queen
Houses Slide Off Cliff
Hungry Sinkhole Swallows Car
Ice Rescue On Tape
Immigration Protest Clash
Injured Dog Takes Self To ER
Inmate Allegedly Beaten
Invasion Of The Giant Squid
Irvin Arrest On Dash Cam Tape
ISP: Astroglide
ISP: Bad Day Down Under
ISP: Birthday Shocker
ISP: China's Filthy Secret
ISP: Crocker-Dile Tears
ISP: Dannielynn's Birthday
ISP: Gitmo Poetry
ISP: High School Musical
ISP: Killer Popcorn?
ISP: Miss Teen USA
ISP: Naked Beer Run
ISP: Naked Priest
ISP: Pentagon Twin Scam
ISP: Pool Party Pooper
ISP: Russian Sex Bomb
ISP: Sex Holiday
ISP: Six Years Later
ISP: Summer Of Rehab
ISP: The Nutty Profaner
ISP: Toiletgate
ISP: Toiletgate the Sequel
ISP: Watermelon Moses
Jack Cafferty Takes A Stand
Jail Beating On Tape
Jail Time For Bathroom Bandit?
James Dungy 911 Call
Japan's Robot Revolution
Jeep Leads Police On Chase
Jesus Climber Takes Tumble
Jesus' Face On A Dog Door?
Jewelry Heist On Tape
Jewish Squatters, Police Clash
Jumbo Ray Spotted In Salem
Kansas Cops Taser Man In Court
Kansas Twisters Caught On Tape
Kenyan Street Vendors Riot
Killer Whale Attacks Trainer
Knot So Simple
Lava Flows In Hawaii
Learning With Smartboards
Lemur Startles TV Crew
Let Them Eat Cake
Liquor Bottle Attack
Literary Shouting Contest
Little Mermaid Doing Well
Loch Ness Monster On Tape?
Longest Tattooing Session
Make Way For Short Ducklings
Making Music Out of Ice
Mall Robbery On Tape
Man Beaten At McDonald's
Man Becomes Walking Inferno
Man Breaks World Record
Man Dies After Taser Shot
Man Drives Car Through Crowd
Man Gasses Fellow Lawmakers
Man Gets Naked In Store
Man Pulls Trucks With Ear
Man Re-Enacts Store Robbery
Man Shot, Robbed
Man Smashes Up Store On Tape
Man Stabbed On Cleveland Bus
Man Stabbed, Robbed On Tape
Man's Slingshot Stunt
Massive Dam Demolished
Mexican Clash Over New Leader
Milk Crate Bandit
Miss Universe Faints On Stage
Missing Boy Napping In Tree
MJ, Meet AJ
Mob Attacks Man On Tape
Mom Gives Birth To Huge Baby
Mom, Tot In High-Speed Chase
Moscow Cat Circus
Mother Bear, Cubs Rescued
Mountain Lion In Man's Home
Mt. Etna Erupts Again
Murder Video Released
Mutts In Matrimony
Naked Man Rescued From Gator
Narrow Escape From Lightning
New Melon Smashing Record
New Orleans Robbery Spree
Newborn Rescued From Toilet
Nightclub Shooting On Tape
NYC Fire Captain Hit By Car
Officer Steals Bundle Of Pot
Officials Catch Wayward Lion
Okie Noodling Contest
On Tape: Bowling Alley Brawl
On Tape: Bull On City Street
On Tape: Burglar Gets Trapped
On Tape: Cop Dodges Bull
On Tape: Man Sets Wife On Fire
On Tape: Police Hunt Hijacker
On Tape: Runaway Speedboat
On Tape: Store Clerk Beaten
On Tape: Truck Crushes Car
On Tape: Vegas Cab Robbery
On Tape: Woman Kicked In Face
On The Heel Of Shoe Thieves
Panda Kindergarten
Panda's Birth Breaks Records
Pandas Keep Cool
Passengers Escape Bus Fire
Penguin Travels 3,100 Miles
Pentagon Victimized By Fraud
Phoenix Sees 'Alien' Lights
Phone Sex Kids' Shirts?
Pillsbury Doughboy 'Abducted'
Pitcher's Precious Property
Pizza, Beer In A Bottle
Plane Lands On Highway
Play Me, I'm Yours
Plea For Baby Penguin
Plumber Delivers Baby
Police Chase Caught On Tape
Police Chase On Tape
Police Chase Turns To Shootout
Police Chief Assaults Officers
Prehistoric Shark Spotted
President Bush Curses On Tape
President Gets Jiggy With It
Prison Riot On Tape
Protest In Haiti
Protesters Vs. Whalers
Protesting Zarqawi's Death
Puppy Bites Off Baby's Toes
Puppy Theft On Tape
Putin Kisses Boy's Stomach
Putin Protesters Removed
Putting 'Bling' In Your Mouth
Raccoon Makes Himself At Home
Race Car Drivers Fight
Rats Swarm KFC-Taco Bell In NY
Record Implosion On Tape
Renegade Reptile Wrangled
Reporter Attacked On Tape
Riot At Film Icon's Funeral
Robber Beaten On Tape
Robber Gets Clobbered
Robber's Hammer Attack
Robbery Caught On Tape
Rubber Band Ball Sets Record
Rural Mob Riots In Peru
Russian Copter Crashes, Sinks
Russian Vodka Down The Drain
S. Korean Parliament Scuffle
Santa Charged With Kidnapping
Santa Robs A Bank
Security With A Sting
Shark Gets Revenge
Sharks Feast On Whale Carcass
Shoplifting & Organized Crime
Simpsons' Kwik E Mart
Sisters Attack Girl On Bus
Sk8er Dog Carves The Pavement
Skeletons In A Bony Embrace
Skydiver Survives Fall
Skydivers' Fall Caught On Tape
Smash And Grab Foiled
SoCal High-Speed Chase
Soccer Fans Riot In Brazil
South African Train Surfers
Speeders Devoid Of Irish Luck
Spell Me A River
Spider-Man Robs Comic Shop
Squatters Clash With Police
States Exchange Moose, Sheep
Station Clerk Fends Off Robber
Stolen Pups Returned To Owners
Store Clerk Fights Robber
Store Clerk Stabbed 19 Times
Store Owner Beats Up Robber
Street Fights On MySpace
Strongman Contest
Students And Cops Spar
Students Spar With Riot Police
Stunt Car Takes Plunge
Suspect Tries To Outrun Cops
Swan In Love At First Sight
Tacos For Crime Tips
Tallest Man Saves 2 Dolphins
Tape Shows 9 Men Looting Store
Tbilisi Georgia Brawl
Teacher Turned Witch?
Teaching Drivers To Slow Down
Teen Catches 11-Foot Shark
Teen Fights Off 11-Foot Gator
Teen Survives Sledding Scare
Thai Charmer Kisses 19 Cobras
The 'Tale' Of A Dolphin
The Naked Putz Talks Investing
The Zorse
Thief Wants Shirt Back
Tighty-Whiteys Losing Underwar
Tiny Man Meets World's Tallest
Toddler Buys $16,000 Car
Tornado Captured On Tape
Tornado Spins Through London
Trackstar Bambi
Trapped Inside Toy Machine
Trooper Shoots Driver Dead
Truck Slams Into Woman On Tape
Truckload Of 200 Crocs Seized
Trump Look-Alike Contest
Twin Pandas Give Birth
Two-Headed Tortoise
Two-Legged Pup Lives Large
U.K.'s Annual Cheese Roll
Ukraine Parliament Brawl
Under The Radar, 05.09.09
Under the Radar: 5.23.09
Underwater Volcanic Eruption
Unicorn Spotted In New York?
Vegas Casino Robbery On Tape
Victoria's Secret Protest
Violent Store Robberies
Walking The High Wire
Wallstrip Gets Googlie With It
Wallstrip Gets LinkedIn
Wallstrip Gets Lucky?
WallStrip Gets Touchy Feely
Wallstrip: Adaptive Blue
Wallstrip: Art Of The Blog
Wallstrip: Costco's Bounty
Wallstrip: Foreign Investments
Wallstrip: Got Joost?
Wallstrip: Health Care
Wallstrip: Here Comes The Sun
Wallstrip: Lululemon
Wallstrip: Naked Putz
Wallstrip: Set Your Crocs Free
Wallstrip: Stay On Course
Wallstrip: Web Ecosystem
Weiner Dogs Race For The Prize
What's That In The Sky?
When Birds Attack
Whipped Cream On Burgers?
Who's Eating The Queen's Dog?
Why Did the Whale Attack?
Wife-Carrying Contest
Wild Chase In Houston
Woman Attacks News Crew
Woman Busts Lingerie Stalker
Woman Runs Down Husband
Woman Survives SUV Rollover
Woman Swallows Scissors
Woman Whistles With Toes
Woman, 75, Charged In Robbery
World Cup Stacking Competition
World's Biggest Hammock
World's Tallest Man Weds
Wrecking Ball Mayhem
Yes, This Calf Has Two Heads
Your Trash Is His Treasure
Zero-Gravity Surgery