2006: Year In Review - Videos

'Chorus Line' Star's Big Break
2006: A Deadly Year In Iraq
2006: A Legal Review
A Billionaire In A Giving Mood
A Year To Remember In The U.S.
Analyst On Rising Gas Prices
Atlantis Launch Scrubbed
Big Names From '06
Buffett To Give Away Fortune
Bus Collides With Dump Truck
Cast Of 'Mary Poppins'
Cheerleader Survives Fall
Complicated Food Labels
Congress To Lower Drug Prices?
Coping With Housing Costs
Coping With Pump Prices
Corporate Espionage Tactics
Dow Reaches 12,000
Extreme Home Selling
Financial Predictions For '07
Gas Boom Town
Get Into Shape In The New Year
Get Organized This Year
Google Buys YouTube For $1.6B
Housing Market Cools
HP Execs Questioned
Immigration Debate
Internet to Recording Deal
Keeping New Year Resolutions
Kenneth Lay Dies At 64
Martin Short Back On Broadway
Medicare's $50 Million Mistake
Medicare's Unexpected Burden
Mining Accidents
Models Take Spill On Runway
Mountain Lion In Man's Home
New Home Prices Plummet
On Tape: Man Sets Wife On Fire
Panel: Heart Stents Are Safe
Plan B Available Over Counter
Policy Changes in the New Year
President Bush Curses On Tape
Putin, Bush's Odd Moments
Reclassifying Pluto
Remembering 2006's Deceased
Reporter Attacked On Tape
Sony's PS3 Vs. Nintendo's Wii
Stars On 'The Wedding Singer'
Study: FDA Can Improve
The Future Of The Economy
The New Season: Theater
The OPEC Factor
The State Of The Economy
The State Of The Media
Thief Wants Shirt Back
Top Commercials Of 2006
Top Entertainment Stories '06
Top Foreign Stories Of 2006
Wardrobe Must Haves In '07
What's Causing The Heat Wave?