Caught On Tape - Videos

"This is It" Debuts
'Bull' Market
'Ft. Hood Gunman Still Alive'
'Green' Santas in Copenhagen
'Missing Pilots' Probed
'Missing' Pilots Case Unfolds
'Missing' Pilots Lose Licenses
'Neda', An Internet Icon
'Secret Santas' Present Hope
101st Airborne Fights
18,000 Acres Burn in C.A.
40th Anniversary Of Apollo 11
8th Grader Faces Councilwoman
A Homemade 747
A Turbulent Decade
ACORN Misconduct On Tape
Afghan City's Strong Iran Ties
Afghan Election Crisis
Afghanistan Protects Bombers?
Airbus Jet Crashes Into Hudson
Alleged Robber's Hot Pursuit
Alleged Terror Group Probed
Altercation Costs NFL Player
An Unlikely Suspect
Austin Bandits Caught On Tape
Ayatollah: End Protests
Balloon Boy 'Hoax' Pops
Balloon Boy A Hoax?
Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' Modeling
Bird Bites TV Reporter
Blackbird Dive Bombs Passersby
Blumenthal's Blunder
Bo's Tug Of War With Press
Boardwines Behind The Scenes
Boy Hit By Car, Walks Away
Boy, Locked In Safe, Rescued
BP Admits to Larger Leak
BP Denies Business Claims
Bridal Boutique Brawl
Britain Bloody Sunday Apology
Broadway Surprise
Building Rolls Over
Bull Attacks Crowd During Run
Bumbling Burglar on Tape
California Fears Mudslides
Capitol Bob At Grand Ole Opry
Captured U.S. Soldier on Tape
Car Crashes Into Gas Station
Car Slams Into Store....Again
Car Trapped by Truck
Case of the Open Mic
CBS Doctor Treats Haitian Baby
CBS Exclusive: WH Gatecrasher
Century's Longest Eclipse
Chances Lost in Afghanistan
Chaos In Iran
Chaos Sparks in Kyrgyzstan
Chicago Man Linked to Mumbai
Chicago Teen Tragedy
Child Once Silent Now Can Sing
Chimp Attack 911 Call
Chris Coleman Visits Grave
Civilians Caught in Crossfire
Clinton's Blunt Words
Clues In Craigslist Crimes
CNN Mistakes Drill for Attack
Coast Guard 'BP's Rules'
Computer War Hacking
Conan's Big Gripe with NBC
Connecting the Dots
Cookie Theft Caught on Tape
Cop Punches Woman on Tape
Cop Shootout Caught On Cam
Cop Strikes Bicyclist On Tape
Cop Tasers Great-Grandmother
Cops Scuffle With Ambulance
Corruption in Afghanistan
Court Disorder
Crew Member On Hostage Crisis
Criminal Eats Evidence
Cyndi Lauper Crashes Webcast
Daring Roadside Rescue on Tape
Dave Price Washed Up
Deadly Crash First Since '06
Deadly Plant Explosion
Death Threats Over Reform
Debbie Rowe Loses Her Cool
Disco Rocked by Chile Quake
Dog Risks Life In Rescue
Dog Saved from Storm Drain
Doorman To The Stars
Double-Murder Shocks Panhandle
Dramatic River Rescue
Dramatic Video: Man Saves Baby
Duchess Duped Over Deal
Dump Truck Slams Foot Bridge
Edwards' Child out of Wedlock
Eminem Gets Crotch In Face
ER Deaths Spark Outrage
Ex-Rep. Caught On Tape
Exclusive Iowa Tornado Video
Exclusive: 'La Familia' Bust
Exclusive: Airport Scanners
Exxon-Valdez Revisited
Face Transplant Miracle
Failure To Evacuate
Faking It in the Job Market
Family Escape Caught On Tape
Fans Support Conan In Droves
Fast Food Fury
FBI Launch Urgent Terror Hunt
FBI Stops Imminent Threat
Fed's Security Breach
Feds on Guard for Terror Plot
Fight Outside Heene Home
Fighting Crime With Compassion
Fire Rescue Caught on Tape
Fish Tale Caught On Tape
Fixing The Hubble Telescope
Flight 1549 Passengers Escape
Flight 1549 Redux
Flight 1549 Touches Down
Flight 3407 Tapes Released
Florida Murder Arrests
Frightening Flash Floods
Frigid America
Gate Crashers Safety Breach
Gatecrashers Security Concerns
Georgia P.M. Asked To Resign
Girl Survives Car Collision
Glacier Volcano Erupts on Tape
Goldman Family Reunited
GOP Outburst Sparks Outrage
Gov. Sanford Admits Affair
Gov. Sanford: I Hurt You All
Grand Larceny for 48 Producer
Graphic Texting & Driving PSA
Guinness Record Holders Meet
Hairy High Wire Walk
Harry Smith Goes Country
Hartford Hit and Run
Heated Debate Gets A Cool Down
Helen Thomas Retires
Hero Dad Speaks!
Hero Dog Leads Police to Fire
Heroes in the Sky
Heroes of Raging River Rescue
Heroin High
Hillary Snaps At Student
History of Pentagon Gunman
History of U.S. & Afghanistan
Home Video Of Crash Site
Homegrown Threats
Hoops Prank Backfires
Hope for L.A. Wildfire End
House Ethics Probe Exposed
Houston Car Chase
Hudson Crash 'Caught On Tape'
Huge Waves Slam Surf Contest
Hurricane Ike Rescue On Tape
Hydroplane Survivor's Story
Impact of an Oil Disaster
Incredible Survivor Stories
Infrared Over the Oil Spill
Inside US Airways Plane Crash
Iranian Crackdown on Protests
Iraq Car Bombs, Over 100 Dead
Jackson Doc Under Scrutiny
Jailed Baptist Leader Speaks
Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage
Jobs Back On The Job
Kids Escape Drunk Bus Driver
Killer Whale Hunt on Tape
Kite Surfer Catapulted By Fay
L.A. Flames Intensify
Laid-Off GM Employees Fight
Largest Toyota Recall Ever
Law & Disorder in Ukraine
Law and Order in Haitian Camps
Lawmaker's Non-profit Probed
Light My Fire
Lion and Man Embrace, Kiss
Liza Minnelli At The Palace
London's Political Scandals
Losing Bailout Money To Fraud?
Love in the Face of Disaster
Man Takes Flight
Massa's Ticklegate
Mechanic Creates Flying Boat
Mexican Drug Dealers Busted
Monkey See, Monkey Run Away
More Bodies Found in Cleveland
More Bomb Plots Planned
More Threats against Congress
Mother Drops Toddler 40 Feet
Mudslide Concern in Calif.
NASA Confirms Water on Moon
NASA To Crash Rocket into Moon
New Jersey Corruption Arrests
Newark Security Scare on Tape
Nightmare Moving Supplies
Notebook: Rise In Suicide Rate
Notorious Terrorist Killed
Obama Calls for Bipartisanship
Obama Does Brando
Obama Heckler At Palin Event
Obama Overexposure
Obama Pokes Fun At Cheney
Obama Salutes Fallen Troops
Obama Takes Tough Questions
Octopus Steals Camera
Offensive Nixon Tapes Released
Oil Leak Could Be Capped Soon
Oil Spill Wildlife Devastation
Oil-Spill Disaster
Oldest Man's 113th Birthday
Oliver Stone: U.S. Is 'Sick'
Olympic Athlete Dies
Olympics Downsize After Death
Pakistan Bombing Kills 30
Pakistani Sports Event Bombing
Palin's Book Campaign
Pandang Hospitals Overflowing
Parked Car Gets 42 Tickets
Paula Deen Hit with Ham
Person Charged At Pope
Phone Bill Swindlers?
Pilot Flies Ancient Plane
Pilots Under Pressure?
Pirate Attacks Continue
Pirates Hijack U.S. Ship
Plane Crash Caught On Tape
Poker Player on Heist Panic
Poker Tournament Heist on Tape
Polanski, a Fugitive
Police Beating Caught On Tape
Police Car Chew Toy
Political Avatars
Pop-Up Store Phenomenon
Pope Attacked at Vatican
Pope's Security Questioned
Prince Harry Hits Big Apple
Protest Rallies Halted
Protests at Copenhagen Summit
Quake Rattles Border Area
Quake Victims Fight To Live
Questions Surround L.A. Fires
Racism Behind Wilson's Heckle?
Rangel's Dubious Accounting
Rare Audio Of Literary Heroes
Rare Earthquake Hits Haiti
Rare MLK Speech Discovered
Real-Life Karate Kid
Real-Life Spy Thriller
Relentless Rains Hit Southeast
Reporting from Ethiopia
Rescue Caught on Tape
Ric Flair On Life Of Wrestling
Right To Privacy After Death?
River Rescue Caught On Tape
Rockslide Caught on Tape
Runaway Balloon Crash
Santa Shooting Spree 911 Tapes
Sarkozy, Israeli PM Take Cover
Satellite Images of Haiti
Saving Flight 1549
Scare on Southwest Airlines
Scary Crash At Gas Station
Sea Lion Invasion
Secret Nuclear Weapons?
Sen. Barack Obama Votes
Sen. John McCain Votes
Sen. Obama's Birthday Greeting
Shocking Iraq Video Leaks
Skydiving Mt. Everest
Small Town Hate Crime
Something Fishy in the Water
Starbucks Sticks to Its Guns
State School Fight Club
Stolen Auschwitz Sign Found
Storing Bombs Inside Bodies
Strange Sightings in Iowa
Strict Super Bowl Security
Strike Against The Taliban
Stroller Run Over by Train
Student's "Cool" Cruiser
Stunning Nuclear Iran Claim
Stupid Stunts
Suicide Bombs by Women, Teens
Suicide Car Bombing Eyewitness
Surfers Fight for Privacy
Surfing the Web on The Job
Surfs Up at Hawaii Contest
Suspect Admits Terrorism Ties
Suspect Eats Evidence
Suspects Linked to Al Qaeda
SUV Rescue On Tape
Taliban Protection Payments
Teen 'One-up's' LeBron Shot
Teen Prostitutes In The U.S.
Tehran Streets Finally Quiet
Terrorism Training for Kids
Thai Protests Caught on Tape
The 'Hussein' Name Game
The Art of an Art Heist
The Boy and the Balloon
The Hunt for Roadside Bombs
The Next Susan Boyle
The Showbuzz: New Moon
The Smallest Town in the U.S.
The Wildcard, 04.02.09
The Wildcard: Bridal Finger
The Wildcard: Hot For Teacher
The Wildcard: Hot Protest
The Wildcard: Real Spiderman
The Wildcard: Sexy Football
The Wildcard: Starface
Tiger Back, Without the Roar
Tiger Woods Car Crash Mystery
Tightrope Walkers Defy Death
Toddler Nearly Falls Off Cliff
Tough Granny Attacks Robber
Treacherous Battlefield
Troops Sparse in Afghanistan
Trouble in Paradise
TSA Security Breach
U.K. H1N1 Vaccine Plan Praised
U.S. Kabul Security Criticized
U.S. Terror Suspect Charged
U.S. Troops Ambushed
Ukrainian Lawmakers Rumble
Under The Radar, 01.24.09
Under The Radar, 01.31.09
Under The Radar, 02.07.09
Under The Radar, 02.14.09
Under The Radar, 02.21.09
Under The Radar, 02.28.09
Under The Radar, 03.07.09
Under The Radar, 03.14.09
Under The Radar, 03.21.09
Under The Radar, 03.28.09
Under The Radar, 04.04.09
Under The Radar, 04.11.09
Under The Radar, 04.18.09
Under The Radar, 04.25.09
Under The Radar, 05.09.09
Under The Radar, 11.28.09
Underage Prostitution In Vegas
Van der Sloot's Confession
Vegas Shootout Caught on Tape
Video Before Whale Attack
Video from Cruise Ship
W.H. Adviser Sparks Outrage
War Of Words Over Race
Watch Lists Under Fire
Whale Rescue Caught on Tape
White House 'Mole' Sighting
Whitney Houston Angers Fans
Who Are the Taliban?
Wild Winter Storm Slams U.S.
Winter Weather Nightmare
Winter Woes in Northeast
Woman Dragged by Subway Train
Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks
Women's Rights in Afghanistan
Yale Murder Mystery