The Early Show - Videos

"Amazing Racers" Get $1M
"Big Brother" Member Booted
"Big Brother" Secret Scene
"High School Musical" Reunion
"LIVE!" Week 3 Favorite
"Normal Heart" play revived
"The Early Show" Moms Tell All
"The Early Show" Online
$1 Million 'Survivor' Prize
$100,000 'Gold Rush' Winner
$12,000 Lawnmover
$20 Million Wedding Cake
$205M Winnings Unclaimed
$220 Million Lottery Winner
$26 Software Hacked Drones
$340 Million Powerball Jackpot
$340M Powerball Lottery
$365M Winners To Be Revealed
$42 Million Slot Malfunction
$4B Program To Fix Armor
$5 A Gallon For Gas?
$500 Room Makeover
$500K Violin Left in Taxi
$50B Scam Victims Speak
$67M Lawsuit Over Lost Pants
$700B? Not So Fast
$80B Request Boosts Deficit
$87M Bank Heist In U.K.
'04 Battle Under Way
'08 Campaign On YouTube
'09 Wedding For William?
'16 Blocks' Stars On New Movie
'300' Makes Easy Conquest
'300' Strikes It Big On DVD
'48 Hours' Cruise Mystery
'48 Hours' Cruise Mystery
'48 Hours' On Marilyn Monroe
'48 Hours' Preview
'48 Hours: Mystery' Unfolds
'48' Examines Kissel Murders
'60' Crew Remembers Bradley
'80s Fashion Makes Comeback
'9 To 5' Special DVD Is Out
'90210,' 'Melrose' Out On DVD
'A Christmas Story' Museum
'A Life In Smoke'
'A Mighty' Angelina Jolie
'A Million Thanks' For Troops
'A Simple Act Of Murder'
'A-List Workout' Tips
'Access' Heads To Kiwi Country
'Adventure' Giveaway
'African American Lives'
'Alberta Clipper' Grips U.S.
'Alex's Lemonade' Lives On
'All Access' Goes To Carnival
'All Access' Goes To Ecuador
'All Access' Highlights
'All Access' Meets WW II Vets
'All Access' Winners Awarded
'All Night Long'
'All-Access Pass' In Vancouver
'All-Access' Apartheid Lesson
'All-Access' At Oktoberfest
'All-Access' Enjoys Tahiti
'All-Access' Goes On Safari
'All-Access' Goes To Rio
'All-Access' Goes To Tahiti
'All-Access' Heads To Ireland
'All-Access' In Hong Kong
'All-Access' In New Zealand
'All-Access' Off To S. Africa
'All-Access' Pass To London
'All-Access' Recipient Chosen
'All-Access' To Argentina
'All-Access' Tour Of London
'All-Access' Trip To Hong Kong
'All-Access' Trip To Munich
'All-Access': India
'Allure' Winter Accessories
'Alpha' Girls Rule
'Amazing Race' All-Stars
'Amazing Race' Castoffs
'Amazing Race' Castoffs
'Amazing Race' Castoffs
'Amazing Race' Champs Get Paid
'Amazing Race' Couple
'Amazing Race' Cousins Egged
'Amazing Race' Dating Nerds
'Amazing Race' Duo Talks
'Amazing Race' Kicks Off
'Amazing Race' Preview
'Amazing Race' Preview
'Amazing Race' Sisters Chat
'Amazing Race' Sneak Peak
'Amazing Race' Stars Face Off
'Amazing Race' Twins Chat
'Amazing Race,' Bright Future
'Amazing' Beauty Queens Lose
'Amazing' Eldest Couple
'Amazing' Phil On New Book
'Amazing' Wedding Planner
'Amazing' Winners Get Paid
'Amber's Guide For Girls'
'America's Next Top Model'
'American Hero' Refugee
'Apocalypto' Tops Box Office
'Arcadia' Mom Talks About Show
'Around The World' Winner
'Around The World' Winners
'Art Of The Olympians'
'As The World Turns': 50 Years
'Aussie Day' Grilled Shrimp
'Average' Joes Talk Taxes
'Baby 81' Finally With Parents
'Baby Grace' Identified
'Baby Grace' Mom Arrested
'Balloon Boy' Family Charged
'Bama Governor On Ivan
'Barefoot Bandit' Behind Bars
'Barefoot Bandit' was Armed
'Barefoot Bandit's' Defense
'Batworld' Not So Scary
'Beautiful Soprano'
'Beauty And Bravery' Calendar
'Being Perfect' Not So Great
'Belle's Angels' Chopper Mamas
'Benjamin Button''s Henson
'Best Of Best' Head To Aruba
'Beyond The White House'
'Big Bang Theory's 'Sheldon'
'Big Bang' Actor's Emmy Glow
'Big Bang' Star's Theories
'Big Bro' Sex Antics
'Big Brother 10' Cast Revealed
'Big Brother 10' Preview
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Exclusive
'Big Brother 8' Preview
'Big Brother 8' Update
'Big Brother All-Stars' Plea
'Big Brother' All-Stars
'Big Brother' Boots Marcellas
'Big Brother' Castoff
'Big Brother' Castoff
'Big Brother' Evictee Dr. Will
'Big Brother' Eviction
'Big Brother' Eviction
'Big Brother' Evicts Casey
'Big Brother' Exclusive
'Big Brother' Finale Preview
'Big Brother' New Cast
'Big Brother' Preview
'Big Brother' Scene Revealed
'Big Brother' Secret Scene
'Big Brother' Secret Scene
'Big Brother' Twin Gets Booted
'Big Brother' Winner
'Big Brother's Season Of Lies
'Big Brother's' Big Night
'Biker Babes' Shed Pounds
'Bikini Murder' Confession?
'Black Friday' Frenzy
'Black Widow' Held In 5 Deaths
'Blades Of Glory' On DVD
'Blossom' Stars Grown Up
'Bob Schieffer's America'
'Bon Appetit' Fall Menu
'Bone' Appetite
'Boom Dynamite' Kid
'Boomerang' Grads
'Borat' Faces Lawsuits
'Borat' Hits DVD. You Like?
'Boston' Rob To The Rescue
'Bratty Bunch' Parent Styles
'Bride' May Soon Talk
'Bridge To Terabithia' On DVD
'Broadway Debut' Reality Show
'Brokeback' Breaks Barriers
'Brokeback' Spoofs Just Jokes?
'Brood 13,' Yum!
'Brutal' Tells Irish Mob Story
'Bull' Market
'Bushwhacked' New Book
'Bushwhacked' New Book
'Butterball Ladies' On Call
'Calendar Girls'' Dame Mirren
'Calm-A-Sutra Of Tea' Contest
'Capitol Bob' On '08 Campaign
'Capitol Bob' On '08 Race
'Capitol Bob' On 2008 Race
'Capitol Bob' On Blair
'Capitol Bob' On Craig
'Capitol Bob' On Gonzales
'Capitol Bob' On GOP Race
'Capitol Bob' On House Debate
'Capitol Bob' On Iraq Report
'Capitol Bob' On New Congress
'Capitol Bob' On Obama
'Capitol Bob' On Politics
'Capitol Bob' On Sen. Johnson
'Capitol Bob' On Sen. Stevens
'Capitol Bob' On Surge
'Capitol Bob' On The News
'Capitol Bob' On War Funding
'Care & Feeding Of Marriage'
'Carmela' On Divorce
'Casino Royale' Offers New 007
'Cell Phone Bandit' Arrest
'Cell Phones For Soldiers'
'Chic On A Shoestring'
'Chic On A Shoestring' Boots
'Chocolate & Vanilla' Treats
'Chocolate's' Young Stars
'Closer' To Kyra Sedgwick
'Clueless' Hairdresser
'Clunkers' Mad Dash
'Cold Case Squad' Author
'Cold Case' Detective Talks
'Cold Case' Heats Up
'Cold Case' Star In Movie
'Cold Case': 1980 Murder
'Cold Case': Julie Wills
'Cold Case': Missing Student
'Come Early Morning' Stars
'Company' Time
'Conching' Out With Dave
'Cook Island's' Latest Castoff
'Cooking From The Hip'
'Cool Names For Babies'
'Cool' Chevy Drivers
'Craigslist Killer' Indicted
'Craigslist Killer's' Motive
'Craigslist' Victim Details
'Crash' for Clunkers?
'Croc Hunter' Laid To Rest
'Croc Hunter's' Dad Speaks Out
'Crocodile Hunter' Dies
'CSI' Behind The Scenes
'CSI' Behind The Scenes
'CSI' Characters Revealed
'CSI' Cliffhanger Finale
'CSI' Creator On 'Senses' Game
'CSI' Crime Scene Miniatures
'CSI' Doctor Talks Role
'CSI' Exclusive Preview
'CSI' Exclusive Sneak Peek
'CSI' Hits Close To Home
'CSI' Lab Whiz Chats
'CSI' Preview
'CSI' Really Filmed In Miami
'CSI' Scripted From Real Life
'CSI' Season 7 Cliffhanger
'CSI' Season Premiere Surprise
'CSI' Season Preview
'CSI' Sneak Peak
'CSI' Sneak Peek
'CSI' Sneak Peek
'CSI' Sneak Preview
'CSI' Star Now Killer's Wife
'CSI' Star Talks Film Role
'CSI' Stars' Driving Anecdotes
'CSI' Week Kicks Off
'CSI': Death By Overeating
'CSI': Suspense On The Set
'CSI's' Caruso & Rodriguez
'CSI's' Seventh Season
'CSI's' Twin Mystery
'CSI: Miami' Cast Talks On Set
'CSI: Miami' Hits 100
'CSI: Miami' Minus One Actor
'CSI: NY' Preview
'Cyber Monday' Under Way
'D.C. Madam' Releases Records
'Da Vinci Code' In Court
'Da Vinci Code' Premiere
'Da Vinci Code' Verdict
'Da Vinci' Author Testifies
'Da Vinci' Author's New Tale
'Da Vinci' Trial Mystery
'Daddy's Girl' Solves Mystery
'Daily Show's' Lewis Black
'Dark Knight' Holds No.1 Perch
'Dark Knight' Stars Hit Gotham
'Dead Man's Chest' On DVD
'Death Of A Dream' Preview
'Deceitful' Marlo Thomas
'Departed' Up For 5 Oscars
'Designer' Guns For Spring?
'Devil Went Down to Georgia'
'Dexter' Back For More Murder
'Dick And Jane' Out On DVD
'Diet Girl' Loses The Weight
'Dirty' Calls
'Disturbia's' Rising Star
'Dog Whistle' For Teens
'Don't Ask, Don't Interrupt'
'Don't Divorce Your Children'
'Down Home With The Neelys'
'Dr. Vegas' Rob Lowe Chats
'Dreamgirl' Beyonce Knowles
'Dude Perfect' on Mid-Air Shot
'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star
'Dumped' Girl Found Alive
'Ear Candling' With Caution
'Early Show' Challenge Winners
'Eloise' Returns To The Plaza
'Enemy Combatant' In Court
'Engaging' David Spade
'ER' Star Hits Broadway
'ET' On LeTourneau Wedding
'ET' Wraps Up Emmy Night
'ET's' Steines On Dannielynn
'Evel' Dick Sweeps 'Brother 8'
'Evening' Stars On The Plaza
'Everybody Has A Story'
'Everybody Has a Story?
'Eye Candy' For Everyday Women
'Fabulous' Sandra Bullock
'Factory Girl' Sienna Miller
'Faith-Based' Investing
'Fallen' Miss USA Speaks
'Fame Becomes' Dave
'Fat Actress' On New Projects
'Fat Man' Tees Off
'Fat' Cookbook Recipes
'Fat' Keeps Flu Fit In Winter
'Feeding Your Family Right'
'Female Chauvinist Pigs'
'Find A Husband After 35'
'First-Time Mom' Guide
'Flying Tomato' On Olympic Win
'Fockers' Meet Success
'Food & Drink Miscellany' Book
'For One More Day'
'Fortunate Son': A Novel
'Forward Pass'
'French Women Don't Get Fat'
'French Women For All Seasons'
'Frenemy' Added to Webster's
'Friends In High Places'
'Frontin' With Pharrell
'Frost/Nixon' Has Surprises
'Frosties' Lose The 'Race'
'Full Price' Performs Live
'Fun' With Jim Carrey
'Gary Unmarried' Has Laughs
'Generation Y' Voters
'Get Smart' Opens Nationwide
'Get Smart' With Spy Gadgets
'Ghost Whisperer' Returns
'Ghost' Star A Cynic?
'Girlfriend's Guide' Improved
'Girlfriends' Fight Depression
'Global Hawk' First Look
'Gold Rush' & America's Pop IQ
'Gold Rush' Finalists Compete
'Gold Rush' Winner's $1M Prize
'Good Luck Chuck'
'Grace Of God' Saves Trooper
'Grandest Ship' QM2 Sets Sail
'Green Armada' Cleans Up Trash
'Green River, Running Red'
'Grindhouse's' Rose McGowan
'Guess Who?' It's Bernie Mac
'Guess Who?' Saldana!
'Guiding Light' Hits 15,000
'Guiding Light' Lends A Hand
'Guiding Light' Screen Test
'Had Enough?' With Bush
'Happy Days' Cast Reunited
'Happyness' At Home
'Hard to be Any Age' in Haiti
'Harry Potter' Grows Up
'Harry Potter' On DVD
'Harry Potter' Opens In London
'Have a Little Faith'
'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0
'Hero Among Us'
'Hidalgo' Star Mortensen
'Holy Enchilada!'
'Homemade' Biscuit Memory
'Hooked' On 'Peter Pan'
'Hope' For Foster Children
'Hostel' Slays Box Office Foes
'Hot for Words'
'Hot Granny' Tips
'How I Met Your Mother' Stars
'How I Met Your Mother' Stars
'How To Make People Like You'
'Huff's' Paget Brewster
'Human Error' In Baby Deaths
'Hypermiling' To Huge Savings
'I Love The 90s' Scandals
'I Missed Flight 3407'
'I Sold Winning Lotto Ticket'
'I Survived Iran Quake'
'I Survived Plane Crash'
'I Tried To Twist The Knife'
'I'll Fight To The Very End'
'Idol' Chris Daughtry's CD
'Idol' Dad Dropped
'Idol' Fantasia Discusses Book
'Idol' Finalists Perform
'Idol' Heartthrob Got Booted
'Idol' Loser: It Was Fun
'Idol' Star Is 'Over It'
'Idol' Winner In Heaven
'Idol' Winner Performs
'Idol's' Beatboxer Blake
'Idol's' McPhee On Her New CD
'Idol's' Sparks Shines
'Importance Of Being Famous'
'In America'
'In The Heights' Does It Early
'In The Shadow Of Watergate'
'In Too Deep' Sneak Peek
'Injustice' in Miner Death
'Insider' On Trump Wedding
'Insider' Story On Mrs. Trump
'Inspirations' For Cool Drinks
'Irish Traditional Cooking'
'Irreplaceable' Beyonce
'Jackass' Rules Box Office
'JAG' Star Speaks
'Jane Doe' Stumps Police
'Jaws' Author Dies At 65
'Jaws' Makes Waves Again
'Jeopardy' Champ's New Book
'Jeopardy' Giant Killer Chats
'Jeopardy's Final Champs
'Jericho's' Nuclear Aftermath
'Jessie's Girl' Does It Early
'JibJab' At President Bush
'Joan Of Arcadia' Star
'Judging Amy' 100th Episode
'Judging' Tyne Daly
'Juneuary' Weather
'Just In Time For Christmas'
'Katrina Krewe' Cleans Up
'Kids Pick The President' Poll
'Knots Landing' Reunion
'Krank' Curtis On New Film
'Lady in the Pool' Preview
'Legally Blind' Defined
'Lemon Aid' After Katrina
'Lessons' From Tom Sullivan
'Lies At The Altar'
'Life Of Audrey Hepburn'
'Life Shift' For St. James
'Liquid Bomb' Plot Details
'Literacy And Longing In LA'
'Little Bee' Gets Big Buzz
'Live!' 1st Round Finalist
'LIVE!' First Finalist Round
'Live!' Loves Metal Band
'Live!' Second Finalist Round
'Live' Names Ultimate Finalist
'Live': New Contestants
'Living Room ... LIVE!'
'Living Room ... LIVE!'
'Living Room ... LIVE!' Update
'Living Room ... LIVE!' Week 1
'Living Room ? Live!'
'Living Room ? Live!'
'Living Room ? LIVE!' Winner
'Living Room' Artists
'Living Room' Elimination
'Living Room' Enters Round 2
'Living Room' Likes Anthem
'Living Room' Likes Leslie
'Living Room' Loves Ditchwater
'Living Room' Winner Live
'Living Room...' Finalists
'Living Room...LIVE!' Face-Off
'Living Room...LIVE' Round Two
'Living Room?Live!' Finalists
'Living' Without Stewart
'Lois' Remembers Reeve
'Love'ly Foods
'Low Country' Cuisine
'Lunch Lessons'
'Mad Dog' Blasts A-Rod
'Mad Dog' Talks March Madness
'Magic Number' For Retirement
'Magic' Mom Makes The Grade
'Make Over Your Metabolism'
'Making Change For Katrina'
'Mama Bird' Takes Flight
'Man-orexia' On The Rise
'Manhunt' Author On New Book
'Marlboro Marine' Back Home
'Marlboro' G.I. Talks Picture
'Mary Poppins' Cast Performs
'Master Caster' Reels 'Em In
'Mayo' Guide To Healthy Living