The Early Show: Health - Videos

"Normal Heart" play revived
'Diet Girl' Loses The Weight
'Fat' Cookbook Recipes
'Man-orexia' On The Rise
'Medical' Bankruptcies Common
'Retail Therapy' Reality
'Smoking' Smarties A New Fad
'Super Kid's' Rare Condition
'Survivor' Winner Has Hodgkins
'Tweenorexia' on the Rise
'VBAC' for C-Section Moms
2009 Medical Forecast
A Beach Getaway Workout
A Dr's Hopeful Promise Honored
A Less-Invasive Hysterectomy
A Positive Financial Outlook
Acculift Method on the Rise
Actress On Autism Awareness
Adults Need Vaccines, Too
Allergic To Cell Phones
Allergy Attacks At School
Allergy Survival Guide
Alzheimer's Impact On Family
Alzheimer's: National Crisis
Amputation Desperation
Are Drug Store Clinics Safe?
Are Generic Drugs Effective?
Ask It Early with Dr. Ashton
Ask It Early: Cancer, H1N1
Avoiding Melanoma Risks
Avoiding Skin Cancer In Summer
Baby Formula Recall In China
Back Pain 101
Battling The Winter Blues
Beat Blues on The Job
Beating Back Pain
Biden Gets Slammed For Gaffe
Big Bellies Linked To Death
Body Scanners, Cancer Link?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Recurrence Test
Breastfeeding Or Bust
Britain's Green Health Club
Bug Spray Health Tips
Can You Pass A Cold/Flu Quiz?
Cancer Causes Identified
Cancer Progress Report
Caution Over Back Surgery
CDC on H1N1 Vaccine Shortages
Cell Phone 'Elbow'
Cellulite Busting Machine
Cheerleader Injuries Sky High
Chickenpox Party Vs. Vaccine
Cholesterol Quiz
Choosing The Right Yogurt
Coffee: New Health Benefits
Congress Debates Autism Bill
Contaminated Drywall
Coping With 'Boomeritis'
Coping With Debt Stress
Coping With Holiday Stress
Couple's Double Stomach Staple
Dangerous Moves
Dangerous Online Drugs
Dangers Of Brain Drain
Dangers of Exercise Bulimia
Dealing With Sugar Shock
Debt Stress Making People Sick
Debunking Nutrition Myths
Demi Moore Leech Therapy?
Dems Support New Health Bill
Details Of MJ's Cardiac Arrest
Diabetes Disappointment
Dietary Supplement Risks
Dirt And Germs Good For Kids?
DIY Home Boot Camp
Do-It-Yourself Medical Tests
Doctor on Online Medical Info
Dog Bites 101
Don't Chuck It! Eat It!
Dr. on Cervical Cancer Tests
Drew Lachey's Veggie Challenge
Drs. Now Say Double Vitamin D
Early Scrrening for Diabetes
Eat And Be Merry, Not Fat
Eat Your Belly Off
Edible 'Sunscreen' In Food
Electronic Cigarette Fans Fire
Embryo Custody Battle
Escalator Hazards For Kids
Eureka: Happiness Gene Found
Excessive Heart Surgeries
Exercise Fights Breast Cancer
Face Transplant Worked
Failed Dr/Patient Partnerships
Falling Rates Of Heart Disease
Fashionable Four-Eyes
Fast Food Diet Tips
Fast Food Sales Up
Fats That Make You Thin
FDA Tackles Acetaminophen
FDA Warns Faulty Food Labels
FDA: New Tanning Restrictions?
Feeding Big Athletes
Fertility Drug Link To Cancer
Fewer Heart Attacks in Calif.
Fiber Gets A Makeover
Fighting The H1N1 Virus
Financial News Raises Stress
Finding The Best Workout
Finding The Diet For You
Finding The Right Doctor
Fitting In A Workout
Five Dieting Myths
Flex Your Spending
Flip-Flops Can Be Dangerous
Flu Facts
Flu Fighting Foods
Flying Healthy
Food Dyes Come Under Attack
Food for Memory, Appearance
Food Safety In Jeopardy
Food Trends For 2009
Foods That Help with Vision
Foods That Keep Teeth White
Foods That Make Sunburn Worse
Foods To Avoid With Drugs
Free Healthcare For Kids
Functional Foods Explained
Germany Bans Red Bull Cola
Get Sex Back Into Marriage
Gift of Life
Girl Survives 18min Underwater
Got Post-Election Blues?
Group to Monitor H1N1 Vaccine
Gym Etiquette In Question
H1N1 Death Toll Quadrupled
H1N1 Declining in Some States
H1N1 Hits the Young Hard
H1N1 in Schools and Hospitals
H1N1 Study: Critical Cases
H1N1 Vaccine Delay Explained
H1N1 Worst May Be Over
Head Trauma Risks For Kids
Health Care Family Feud
Health Care Reform Challenge
Health Resolutions for 2010
Healthiest Fast Food Chains
Healthy Cereals For Kids
Healthy Fast Food Options
Healthy Food Donations
Healthy Smile, Healthy Heart
Healthy Vision Secrets
Heart Attacks: Men vs. Women
Heart Stem Cells Show Promise
HIV Vaccine: One Step Closer
Holiday Hazards
Home And Office Health Hazards
Home Births Gaining Popularity
Hot Weather Workouts
Household Hotspots For Germs
How Men Can Age Gracefully
How To Avoid Holiday Stress
How To Catch a Liar
How To Deal With Headaches
How To Do The Heimlich
How To Fix Your Bad Breath
Human Egg Donations Debate
Is Tuna Safe To Eat?
Jon And Kate Breakup Reality
Keep Your Cool In Extreme Heat
Keep Your Weight Resolutions
Keeping Fitness Resolutions
Kids' Cold Meds Ineffective
Kitty Dukakis And ECT
Knowing What Your Kid Watches
Laila Ali Shares Baby Stories
Lance Armstrong In Training
Laws Of Attraction
Learning From Leukemia Twins
Learning More About Trans Fats
Less Invasive Hysterectomies
Lethal Drug Found At MJ Home
Lifetime Flu Vaccine?
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Living Lean and Green
Look Better Naked
Losing Weight With Latin Food
Love Bites
Making Healthy Food Taste Good
Mammogram Guideline Reversal?
Many Meds Not Tested in Kids
Marathon Marriage
Married Couples: Sex or Sleep?
Maximize Middle Age Exercise
Measles Makes A Comeback
Medicare Questions Cleared
Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
Medicine Goes Mobile
Mexico Flu Deaths Rise
Michael Brewer Sent Home
Mobile Kids' Health Care Unit
Mood Foods for Winter Blues
More Swine Flu In The U.S.
Most Important Meal Of The Day
Multitasking Driving You Mad?
Mystery Behind Octuplets
Natural Remedies For Allergies
New 5 Day 'Morning After Pill'
New Figures on Extent of H1N1
New Info: Home Lead Exposure
New Lipo Builds Better Body
New Moms Get Back In Shape
New Pap Smear Guidelines?
New Signs Of Problem Drinking
Newborn Screening Tests
Newton-John On Breast Cancer
Normal Weight Obesity
Nurse Saves Boy From Peanuts
Obama's Cigarette Struggle
Octuplets Born In Calif.
Octuplets Doc Profiled
One Child's Weight Struggle
One Pill Good For The Heart?
Oprah's Weight Gain
Packing A Healthy Lunch
Painful Operation Mix-Ups
Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine
Parasomnia Disorders
Parkinson's, Ibuprofen Link?
Pistachio Recall
Plane Safety Demonstration
Planning Your Party Diet
Playground Perils
Potential Cancer Breakthrough
Pre-Diabetic Warning Signs
Pregnant After 40
Preschoolers' Depression
Preventative Health Care
Preventing Breast Cancer
Preventing Genetic Defects
Prozac Sometimes Ineffective
Rapid Aging Of U.S. Presidents
Reasons For Face Transplant
Recall On Window Blinds
Recognizing Alzheimer's
Recognizing Asthma Symptoms
Red Foods for Heart Health
Reducing Holiday Heartburn
Risky Foods for Small Children
Risky Mixers
Roller Coaster Ears
Salmonella Death Spurs Suit
Seasonal Flu Shot Shortage
Secrets To Easy Exercise
Seeing Yourself Thinner
Senate Health Care Plan
Serious About Slimming Down
Shingles Virus Explained
Should Moms-To-Be Nix Nuts?
Sisters' Rare Heart Disease
Skiing Safety Review
Sleep Tips From A To Zzzz
Smart Brown Bag Lunches
Smart Choices?
Soccer Mom Workout
Soda Fountain Contamination
Soft Addiction Solution
Special Conjoined Twins
Spend Less, Eat Healthy
Staying Fit Through Pregnancy
Staying Fit When On The Road
Staying Healthy Under Stress
Staying Safe Outdoors
Staying Warm In Frigid Temps
Steroid Dietary Supplements
Store-Bought Steroid Scandal
Strong Autism Gene ID'ed
Study Reveals Chicken Safety
Study: Bad Boss Adds To Stress
Studying Purging Disorder
Summer Grilling Safety Tips
Summer Safety
Super Bowl: Deadly Excitement?
Super-Foods To The Rescue!
Supplement Safety
Surgery After Gastric Bypass
Survivor on Tanning, Cancer
Swank, Steinem on The Pill
Swim Diaper Precautions
Swine Flu On Rise In U.S.
Syler Diary: Entry 1
Syler Diary: Entry 2
Syler Diary: Entry 3
Syler Diary: Entry 4
Syler Diary: Entry 5
Syler Diary: Entry 6
Syler Diary: Entry 7
Taking Time To Heal
Teaching Kids How To Share
Teaching Kids With Cancer
Teen Girls May Get 'Plan B'
Teen Goes 4 Mos. Without Heart
Teen Pregnancy On The Rise
Teen Rx Drug Addiction
Teen Sex Increasing in U.S.
The 'ABCD's Of Skin Cancer
The Bald and the Beautiful
The Cancer Gene
The End-Of-Summer Blues
The Euro Bungee Workout
The Impact Of Aerobics
The Key To Happiness
The New Angioplasty
The O2 Diet
The Pill And Gaining Muscle
The Power Of Positive Thinking
The Science of Addiction
The Skinny America
The Top Self-Monitoring Kits
The Truth About Fevers
The Truth About Sex Addiction
The Truth About Vitamins
Third Of Cancers Preventable
Tips for Enrollment Season
Tips For Getting In Shape
Top 5 Heart Disease Myths
Transplants Save Woman's Life
Trash Or Worth Cash?
Truth Behind Memory Enhancers
Tyson Daughter's Death
U.K. Teen Refuses New Heart
U.S. Swine Flu Death Reported
Unemployed? Get Insurance!
Unlikely Health Tips
Vacation: It Does A Body Good
Vaccine, Autism Link Retracted
Video Game Addictions
Warning Labels on Cell Phones?
Watch Out For Those Lemons
Weight, Breast Cancer Risk
What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?
What To Ask Your Mother
What's Eating Your Teeth?
Which Women's Hormones Safe?
WHO: H1N1 Is A Pandemic
Why You May Be Tired
Why Your Head Hurts
Woman's Heart Heals Itself
Women And Sleep Apnea
Wonder Woman's Latest Battle
Working Out: Less is More?