Up To The Minute - Videos

"Captive" Author Jer van Dyk
"Jan's Story"
'I Didn't Do It'
20 Years After Marcos
2006: A Legal Review
2008 Election Ads
2008 Election Update
80-Year-Old Steam Pipe Bursts
A Big Day For Islam
A Bigger Troop Surge
A Break 10 Years Later
A British Trash Dump
A Change In Leadership
A Compromise 50 Percent Chance
A Day Of Remembrance
A Deeper Divide
A Dentist's Worst Nightmare
A Devastating Diagnosis
A Diversionary Tactic?
A Divided Palestine
A Dry London?
A Dying Breed?
A Future For Bonds
A Growing Money Problem
A Happy Medium?
A Healthier Lunch
A Language Barrier
A Londoner's Reaction
A Look At Bottled Water
A Look At Falwell
A Look At The Iraq Study Group
A Look At The War
A Look Back At Iwo Jima
A Losing Mentality
A Marathon Campaign?
A Model Child
A Named Enemy
A New Religion
A New Vietnam?
A Royal Breakup
A Safe Summer
A Second Opinion
A Snowless Winter
A Step Up The Career Ladder
A Strategic Reserve
A Violent Anniversary
A Winter Nightmare
Abortion Ban
Accepting Legal Realities
After Isabel: 2M Powerless
AIDS Complacency in America
AIDS In China
Al Qaeda Worldwide
Al Qaeda's Recruits
Al-Qaida In Afghanistan
Alternative Spring Break
Amateur Hour
Ambassador, Humanitarian
America's Youngest Voters
An Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary
An Untrustworthy Government
Analysis Of New Japan PM
Analysis Of Oil Crisis
Anger Over A Symbol
Annan Criticizes Bush
Anthrax Threat?
Apple Turns 30
Assessing Bird Flu Threat
Assessing National Security
Assessing The Shuttle
Astronauts Accomplish A Lot
Atlantis Heading Home?
Attack On U.S. Possible?
Attacks On The Shrine
Autism Legislation
Autism Speaks
Autism: Early Warning Signs
Avoid Sky High Fees
Avoiding An Audit
Baby's First Memories
Baby, Meet Fluffy!
Bachelor Party
Back-to-School Technology
Ban Ki-Moon's Path To The U.N.
Baseball Hall of Fame
Be A Better Dad
Be Sun Smart
Bears Fan Heart, Mind And Body
Being Working Mom Friendly
Betting On Oil
Big Burgers, Big Problems?
Big Day In Space News
Blair v. Blair
Blessed In Boston
Bloody Sunday
Boat Accident Kills 20
Bombing Could Be Copycat
Book Reveals Bonds
BP CEO Grilled
Breaking The Record
Breaking The Record
Bringing Back The Power Nap
Bringing Down Holiday Debt
Britain vs. France, Again
Britain's 'Silly' Gas Prices
Britain's Sailors: A Way Out?
British Alliances
Bug Invasion
Bush And Attorney Firings
Bush Calls For Iran Sanctions
Bush Fields 9/11 Queries
Bush Gives To Abbas
Bush Goes to India
Bush Goes To Mexico
Bush Meets With Putin
Bush Military Expansion
Bush's Latest Press Conference
California Moves Its Primary
Campaign Fundraising
Campaign Fundraising
Can't Buy McCartney Love
Cancer, The Second Time
Candidate Personal Traits
Casey On The Troop Surge
Cash Gets Big Return
Ceasefire Not Enough
Cell Phone Savings
Censor Your Search
Changes In Higher Education
Cheney Takes Aim At Russia
Chertoff's "Gut Feeling"
Child-Safe Surfing
Children Sleeping Soundly
China on the Rise
China's Greenhouse Gases
China's Healthcare Crisis
China's Interest In Taiwan
China's President Visits U.S.
China's Secret To A Long Life
China: Under Construction
Coffee Craze
Comment From London
Construction At A Price
Controversial Justice
Court-Martial In Iraq
Credit Card Tips
Credit Score Tips
Crowd Cheers For Katrina Cops
Currency Exchange Woes
Davis Jr., The Photographer
Deadline For Iraq?
Dealing With Mortgage Meltdown
Dealing With The Pressure
Death Still Possible
Debates And Controversy
Debating Continues
Debating Dems
Debunking Al Jazeera
Deplorable Conditions
Designated Drivers
Diaper Free Babies
Discrimination At Wal-Mart?
Don't Forget Your 401(k)
Don't Rush To Judgement
Donate Like A Billionaire
Dow Record High
Downside to Automatic Payment
Dr. Blix on Iran Nukes: Part 1
Dr. Blix On Iran Nukes: Part 2
Drawbacks of Automatic 401(k)s
Dusting Off The 'Road Map'
Dying To Stand Up
Eating Disorders: The Truth
Education for Mothers
Education Is The Key
Education Is The Key
Egypt Could Be Key To Peace
Election Developments
Encouraging More Play
End Of Term Decisions
Endeavour In Orbit
Endless Questions
England's Shaken Identity
English Occult
Enron's Snakes Finally Snared
Every Parent's Fear
Examining Our Three Years
Exchange Rate Worries
Faith-Based Investing
Fantasy Meets Reality
Farewell, Mr. Blair
Fear Factor Affects Gas Prices
Fido's Funeral
File Sharing
Filing Your Taxes Online
Financial Pitfalls
Financial Secrets And Marriage
Financial Spiders
Finding The Right Mutual Fund
Finicky Eaters
Fit For A Queen
Flying With Your Pet
Forbidden Love
Foreign Food Scare
Foreign Minister On Violence
Foreign Nurses
Forgetting To Remember
Fostering A Child
Four Years Later
Friendly Fire
Friends Or Foes
From Doctors To Nurses
Fuel For Thought
G20 Summit Opens In London
Get The Most For Your Home
Getting Telecom Deals
Getting The Best Benefits
Ghazi Killed In Mosque Attack
Ghurkas To The Rescue
Gift Cards and Holiday Tipping
Go Fish!
God Bless This Home
Gonzales To Step Down
Good News And Bad News
Gov. Richardson - Part 1
Gov. Richardson - Part 2
Government Hypocrisy
Government To Blame
Great Time To Pay Off Debt
Green Living, Baby Style
Green Zone Bombing
Guard Training To Be Hurt
Guilty: What's Next? Part 2
Happier Parenting
Happy Summer Travel
Has UN Sec. Council Failed?
Having A Second Child
Hayden: An Independent Thinker
Hear 'The Sound Of Music'?
Heat Shield Repairs
Heat Shield Repairs
Heat Shield Repairs
Heat Shield Repairs
Heat Shield Repairs
Helicopter Attacks In Iraq
Helpful Tax Suggestions
Helping Soldiers Cope
Hennessey: Holiday Shopping
Hezbollah's Mischief Envy
Hidden Credit Card Fees
Hiding Jews In WWII
Hispanics And Voting
History Repeating
Holocaust Survival Story
Hot New Toys Of 2007
How Does Pakistan See It?
How To Handle A Bad Diagnosis
Huge Embarrassment For Boulder
Hussein's Execution
IEDs Making War Harder
Imelda Marcos' New Role
Immigration Agreement
Immigration Bill Halted
Immigration Bill Needed Now
Imus: A Different Opinion
In Hands Of Jury
Inside China
Inside China
Inside China
Interest Rates Hike In Future
International Games
Internet Opening China
Internet to Recording Deal
Invest Wisely During Inflation
Investing In A Volatile Market
Iran Expanding Nuclear Program
Iran Needs To Sit For Talks
Iran Ready To Enter Talks?
Iran Refuses Nuke Compromise
Iran Rejects New Sanctions
Iran To Release Sailors
Iran Using Hezbollah?
Iran's Uranium Program
Iraq Civil War Raging
Iraq Security Sweep
Iraq Strategy
Iraq Violence May Hurt Economy
Iraq's UN Ambassador Reacts
Iraq: Four Years Later
Iraq: Plan C?
Iraqi Ambassador Speaks Out
Iraqi Security
Is College Worth It?
Is Hezbollah A Big Threat?
Is It War For Israel?
Is Mideast Diplomacy Failing?
Is Preschool Worth It?
Islam Does Not Equal Fascism
Israeli P.M. & Queen E. In U.S
It'll Get Worse Before Better
It's Fishy At 10 Downing St.
Japan Vs. North Korea
Japan's Nuclear Neighbor
Japanese Birth Machines
Journal of a Prince
Just In Case
Keeping Pets Cool
Killing Our Fowl Friends
Killing Our Fowl Friends
Kim Jong Il: Party Guy
Know Your Credit Score
LA National Guard Preps
Lady Bird Passes Away
Large-Caps Not Always Best
Latest Tech Gadgets
Laughter As Medicine
Launching A Dream
Lebanon Erupts in Violence
Lebron Chooses Miami
Legal Analysis
Legal Analysis On Big News Day
Legal Analyst Discusses Miers
Legal Questions, Legal Answers
Lessons From Abu Ghraib
Lethal Ties
Letter From Asia
Letter from Asia
Letter from Asia
Letter from Asia
Letter from Asia
Letter From Asia
Levees Need To Be Built Better
Libby Case Goes To Jury
Libby Guilty: What's Next?
Libby Trial Loses A Juror
Lieberman Has Uphill Climb
Life The Sweeter Way
Little Freedom of Press
Living With Asperger's
London Comment
London Comment
London Comment
London Comment
London Comment: Tradition
Look Ahead At G8
Looking Ahead To Launch
Looking back on 2005 economy
Losing the Flavor
Losing The Information War
Losing The Old Ways In Japan
Love or Hate Us
Managing Your Debt
Market Fluctuations
McCain To Run
Meeting Goals In Iraq
Mexico's Pres Race Too Close
Milestones, Baby Steps
Military Options In Iraq
Missing Favorite Toys
Mission Diminished
Mom's Best Friends
Moms Returning To Work
Money Down the Drain
More Arrests In U.K.
More Time For Success
More Troops To Afghanistan?
More Troops To Iraq
More Violence To Come
Mortgage Meltdown
Moussaoui Helped Prosecution
Moussaoui Jury Hits The Mark
Moussaoui Trial: Day One
Mr. Bush, What Are You Up To?
MS Increase In Women?
Music for the Environment
Myanmar Video Causes Stir
N. Korea Shuts Down Reactor
N. Korea Wanted Attention
Nagin's Second Inauguration
Naming Baby
NASA Okays Tues Shuttle Launch
Needing To Be Heard
New Orleans Has A Ways To Go
New Ways To Use Toothpaste
New Year's Fitness Resolutions
News Analysis
Next Generation Al Qaeda Iraq
No Plans To Step Down
North Korea Nuclear Analysis
North Korea's Nuclear Threat
Northern Ireland United
Nuclear Reactor Shut Down
Nuclear Security Summit Wrap
Nuclear Weapons And Iran
NYC Mayor On Pipe Explosion
Obstacles In 2008 Race
One Man Crusade
One Pig Of A Heist
Ongoing War In Afghanistan
Online Politics
Opposition Speaks Up
Oprah Winfrey's Network Launch
Outsourcing: The Philippines
Padilla Convicted Of Terrorism
Pakistan Reacts To India Claim
Palestinian Reaction to Gaza
Parking Problems In London
Patrolling The Internet
Paying For College
Peace in the MidEast
Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Playgroup Woes
Plug In and Turn On
Policy Changes in the New Year
Political Happenings
Political Powers
Politico.com On Bush
Possible Nuclear Disarmament
Post Father's Day Gifts
Pot Calling The Kettle Black
Presidential Debates
Presidential Thoughts
Prevent Holiday Identity Theft
Promoting For Free
Protecting Our Journalists
Proudly Showing Their Colors
Pushing The Envelope
Put Your Feet Up
Put Your Money To Work
Quaint English Houses
Queen E. II Visits The U.N.
Questions, But No Answers
Racial Profiling Not Solution
Radio For Women, By Women
Raising Baby, Doing It Right
Ralph Nader - Part One
Ralph Nader - Part Two
Ramadan And The Bali Bombings
Reading Decline In Kids
Reel A Meal
Religious Questions
Relying On The Computer
Remember The Hutongs
Remembering a Princess
Remembering A Soldier
Reporting From Conflict Zones
Republican Debate
Republican YouTube Debate
Republicans Debate
Requesting More Troops
Resistance Stories
Rev. Says Pope Can Mend Fences
Revitalizing New Orleans
Revolution To Come?
Rice Made Good Move In Lebanon
Riots and 'New Racism'
Robot Invasion
Robots, Robots Everywhere
Rove To Step Down
Russia Talks Nukes with Iran
Russian News, English Words
S. Korean Tapped To Head U.N.
Sacrifices For A Future
Saddam And His Legacy
Saddam's Fate
Saddam's Pending Execution
Saint Gordon of Britain
Sales-Tax Holiday Season
Sampling Kosher Foods
Save Money & Save The Earth
Save Money At Pump
Save Money This Summer
Save Sooner, Not Later
Saving For College
Saving On The Grocery Bill
Saving The Dolphins
Saving The Gulf Beaches
Saying Goodbye to Slain Family
Scholarships For Children
Searching For New Pop Song
Security Alerts
Security In Iraq
Showcase of New Technology
Shuttle Mission Space Walk
Small Business Success
Smaller Can Be Better
Snacks For The Brave
Soyuz Launched
Special Needs Children
Spicing Up L.A.
Spotting Bad Bargains
Stability In Iraq
Starting A Small Business
Starting A Small Business
State of the Union
Still At War
Stock Highs And Lows
Stopping Cyber Spying